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IATV Chapter 6.2

One of the male commentators said that watching the fun was not too big of a problem: “Lichuan, who is the player you are most looking forward to in this competition?”

Zhou Lichuan gave the male commentator a look of “Don’t think I don’t know you are watching the fun”: “Of course it’s Song Qing, the No. 8 player. He has always been a genius in my mind. I believe he will win the final victory.”

The male commentator gave him a clear look and continued to ask: “Sang Jiuchi, the No. 100 player, was once known as a talented boy, and his strength should be not bad.”

Zhou Lichuan pursed his lips and frowned, his beautiful eyebrows were gently raised, and he instantly became arrogant.

But this aloofness was just right, with an awe-inspiring sense of justice, without making people feel that he was too pretentious, and did not have the sense of superiority that rejected people thousands of miles away.

Zhou Lichuan: “I think the so-called talent is secondary, the most important thing is a person’s virtue.”

[Huo Huo, my brother really dared to say that, he almost didn’t read out Sang Jiuchi’s ID number. ]

[Brother deserves to be a clear stream in the entertainment circle, today is another day to love my brother! ]

[Zhou Lichuan is right, character is the most important thing. Why can that scum participate in this competition, is it necessary to let a plagiarising dog participate in the war on behalf of the country? He’s not ashamed, but I’m ashamed, I’m really embarrassed for him. ]

[The person in the front, if you can talk, talk more. ]

[Shh! Be quiet, you will be sued, hahaha! ]

The program team was also very good. The conversation between the male commentator and Zhou Lichuan pushed the live broadcast to a mini climax. The program team took advantage of the situation and cut the scene to Sang Jiuchi and Song Qing at the same time.

In the first ten minutes, all the players were solving problems.

In order to make the audience understand, and to make the live broadcast less boring, the commentary explained the ideas of each question one after another.

This competition was about network security, and the topic must be related to this.

100 questions, some were the most basic to write a piece of code, some were to find system loopholes, and some were to find hacker clues hidden behind the door.

In the picture, Sang Jiuchi and Song Qing occupied both sides of the screen, which is quite tit for tat.

Both of their fingers were pounding on the keyboard so fast that the camera could only capture the afterimages of their fingers pressing on the keys.

[Tsk, if Sang Jiuchi wasn’t a scumbag, I would still like him for his looks. ]

[Don’t say it, it’s true. Although Song Qing is also a handsome guy, he is still a lot worse than Sang Jiuchi. ]

[Sang Jiuchi was recommended by Dai Corp to participate in the competition. Do you think he and Dai Luolin have any secrets? ]

[Hey, Dai Luolin is a famous name. The hero is sad about the beauty pass, he is really blind. ]

Just when the audience was spitting at him, Sang Jiuchi in the picture suddenly stopped typing.

Then, Sang Jiuchi pulled out the chair and stood up slowly, and walked out of the computer desk.

[Hey, why did he leave? Isn’t it stated that you can’t quit halfway at the beginning of the game? Did he forfeit?]

[Confused.jpg, is he just here to show his face and tell the world that he is still alive? ]

[That’s it? Which sister can tell me what he is here for? ]

When everyone was puzzled, the host’s clear and sonorous voice sounded: “Contestant No. 100 has cleared the stage, and the first place has been created. It took 16 minutes and 42 seconds.”

[! ! ! ]

[what happened? ! ]

[This is impossible, isn’t it a full set of problem, how can it be so fast? In previous competitions, even the fastest timing for the first place was an hour! ]

[This is not a question that cannot be penetrated, but it is impossible to directly type the answer so quickly. 16 minutes and 42 seconds, an average of 10 seconds per question, even if he didn’t read the question and answered directly on it, he won’t be able to finish it. ]

[That’s why it’s even weirder! He was very fast just now. He must have practiced many times before. He didn’t need to look at the question and answer it directly, it must be a stolen question. Sure enough, the shit-eating dog can’t change its ways. Last time, he was humiliated and thrown abroad. Now, he is cheating in front of national audience.]

[Cheat, cheat! ]

[Cheat, cheat! ]

With the announcement of Sang Jiuchi’s results, the words [cheating] were scribbled row by row on the barrage.

The host’s voice not only shocked the audience outside the field, but even the players on the field, the commentator on the commentary stage and Zhou Lichuan were a little taken aback.

Someone couldn’t sit still on the contestant stage, and contestant No. 52 stood up and shouted at the host, “This is impossible, he must have cheated.”

A stone stirred up a thousand waves, and with this occurrence, some players began to grow rowdy.

The scene got a little out of control for a while.

The male commentator stared at the farce at the scene and kicked the ball to Zhou Lichuan next to him: “Lichuan, what do you think of this?”

Zhou Lichuan pondered for two seconds before he then sighed softly, “I don’t know, how could he be like this now? Is victory really that important? In order to win, would he do whatever he can, and even abandon the most basic principles of being a human?”

As soon as these words came out, news of the National Safety Network Contest was once again pushed to the forefront.


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