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IATV Chapter 6.1

On the soft and comfortable big bed laid a cold-looking man.

White velvet covered the man’s body loosely, but it couldn’t hide the madness and messiness of last night.

A leather whip was thrown on the ground not far away, and there was a hemp rope as thick as an index finger next to the whip. Candles, clips, everything.

On the wall, there were also photos of a man. If any fans saw the man’s current appearance, they would scream and rush over.

But Song Qing didn’t even give him a single look. He walked silently to the window and stared at the distant sunrise. A bright figure appeared in his mind.

It had been a long time since he has encountered such an appetite for prey. Since he couldn’t kill people, he had also found other means of pleasure. Although it was not as refreshing as doing it directly, he could slowly destroy one after another, and take appreciation in their drowning. Despair was also very pleasing to him.

After thinking that he could torture Sang Jiuchi again, Song Qing’s mood slowly improved.

Zhou Lichuan, who was lying on the bed, turned over, revealing mottled marks on his body.

Zhou Lichuan, who was asleep, frowned, his eyes twitched under his lids, and he didn’t know what nightmare he had.

Song Qing glanced at Zhou Lichuan’s body, disgust flashing through his eyes.

This Zhou Lichuan was a masochist, and torture would not only make Zhou Lichuan suffer, but excited.

This made Song Qing very disgusted, he liked the desperation of his victims struggling, not their enjoyment.

But later he found that as long as he was by Zhou Lichuan’s side, luck would continue to shine on him.

Zhou Lichuan was his lucky star, even if he doesn’t like him, he would stay with Zhou Lichuan.

In his sleep, Zhou Lichuan snorted softly.

Song Qing knew that Zhou Lichuan was about to wake up, so he strode to the bedside, grabbed Zhou Lichuan’s hair mercilessly, pulled him up, and kissed him fiercely.

Zhou Lichuan was woken up by the kiss, “Song Qing?”

Song Qing was affectionate, and the infatuation in his eyes made Zhou Lichuan sink a little.

Song Qing smiled brightly: “Get up, little slacker. Seeing the sweat on your forehead, are you having a nightmare?”

Zhou Lichuan shuddered when he remembered that terrifying dream.

In the dream, Song Qing stabbed a sharp steel knife into his body with indifferent eyes, and then chopped his body into pieces. This dream was not the first time. There was obviously no pain in his dream, but it felt so real, he could even clearly feel the pain of the knife piercing his flesh and his desperation as his blood slowly drained out.

Zhou Lichuan looked at Song Qing’s gentle face and nodded seriously.

Yes, that was just a nightmare. Song Qing would not do anything to really hurt him. He loves himself very much, and was just like his own licking dog.

He loved himself enough to accept his peculiar interests and do whatever it takes to make him happy.

How can a dog think of hurting its owner?

Under Song Qing’s infatuated gaze, Zhou Lichuan finally let down his guard and put his body into Song Qing’s arms, “Song Qing, thank you for being with me all the time, why are you so kind to me?”

Song Qing endured his nausea, “Of course it’s because I love you.”

Of course it’s because you are my lucky star.

Zhou Lichuan: “Will you always love me?”

Song Qing: “Of course.” No.

Once you have no luck, I will definitely kill you first.

Zhou Lichuan was still immersed in his own fantasy: “You are so nice!”


Today was the official launch day of the National Cyber ​​Security Competition.

As the most watched competition in the country, the organizers invited Zhou Lichuan, the most popular celebrity in China, as a special guest to comment on the live broadcast.

When Zhou Lichuan and the two official commentators appeared in the camera, the originally noisy barrage rolled over with support for Zhou Lichuan in an instant.

Then, when Sang Jiuchi and Song Qing appeared on the live broadcast of the National Cyber ​​Security Competition as contestants at the same time, the barrage area exploded like hot oil poured into cold water.

The new lover and the old lover appeared together, what kind of waves was this going to make?

Are they really not going to fight?

Just putting the names of these three people together is enough to make people think about it, not to mention that these three people appeared in the same picture now!

It’s official, right?!

The news of Zhou Lichuan’s new and old lovers competing on the same stage quickly spread all over the Internet. After a while, the number of people in the official live broadcast room soared to 100 million, and the growth rate showed no signs of fading.

The duration of this competition was not long, only five days.

100 contestants who had gone through the audition were invited to participate in the preliminary test on the first day.

100 contestants took their seats one by one, and with the ring of the bell, the first stage officially began.

The first test was an individual performance competition, each person had a computer with a total of 100 questions, and the success rate was 30%. Among the 100 people, the first 30 people who solved the problem could enter the second day’s test.

The second day’s test was a single-player competition. The system would randomly match players with three opponents based on their performance in the first round. Each game would be given points based on the performance and results of the PK process.

The top 15 players in terms of total points ranking will enter the three trials. If there are tied points, there will be extra games until 15 players were screened.

The competition after the third trial was the real highlight of the National Cyber ​​Security Competition.

The first scene was generally nothing to watch, all the topics were the same, it’s just who was faster and who was slower.

But this time, with the addition of Sang Jiuchi and Song Qing, it would be different.


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