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IATV Chapter 5.2

Dai Luolin held his forehead and smiled dumbly, “You gave me the opportunity to touch the high-dimensional space and let me see what the future planet will look like in a thousand years in my lifetime. Why won’t I believe you?”

Dai Luolin pointed to the programs running on the desktop: “Do I need to apply for intellectual property rights for these?”

Sang Jiuchi’s two slender legs swayed on the sliding chair, “Don’t use it for now. These programs were made by me just last night. They haven’t been debugged or tested yet. How is the safety here?”

Dai Luolin collapsed slightly, “There are high-end shielding devices on all sides, macrophage spider webs for firewalls. The outside is the experimental production bench, and the inside is the central area that only you and I can enter.”

Sang Jiuchi: “Then give me a few more days to debug, it will not be too late to apply after debugging is complete.”

Dai Luo Lin just made a “hmm” when he saw Sang Jiuchi swinging his sliding chair like a swing and came to him. He hooked his index finger towards him with a posture of looking up.

The fingers like suet and white jade were as slender as green onions, and when looking up, a pair of mysterious eyes shone even brighter than the sea of ​​​​stars. Under the illumination of the light, Sang Jiuchi’s face was as delicate as fat.

Dai Luolin stayed for a second, then he blushed and half squatted down with his knees on his hands.

Sang Jiuchi: “Go and come back quickly. We’re going to that Chinese restaurant tonight. I’m hungry.”

Dai Luolin’s invisible big tail wagged excitedly, and the eyes that usually looked sullen were now as soft as a domesticated Samoyed, “Okay, I’ll be right back!”

After sending Dai Luolin away, Sang Jiuchi quickly tapped on the computer while asking F001 in his mind: [F001, help me check if Song Qing has a murder case.]

[Okay, Master Host.] F001’s voice didn’t sound for a long time, just when Sang Jiuchi thought F001 was dead, it hesitantly replied: [Ding! Search done! Master host, Song Qing really has a murder case, and he has two lives in his hands! How did you know?]

Hearing F001’s answer, Sang Jiuchi didn’t seem too surprised, [When we met that day, I smelled death on him. Who did he kill?]

[The first one was when he was seven years old, he tortured and killed his neighbor’s five-year-old brother. Because of the Juvenile Protection Act, no sentence was imposed. The second is…] F001 paused for a moment before continuing: [It was when he was fifteen years old that he forced his mother to death. He mentally tortured his mother and forced her to commit suicide by jumping off a building. Later, Song Qing was taken back to the Song family by his father, and he has not killed anyone since then.]

Sang Jiuchi pursed his lips: [It’s not that he hasn’t killed anyone, it’s that he doesn’t personally do anything anymore. The original owner of this body is not the first victim, nor will he be the last to be humiliated to death by Song Qing. He is very smart, has a strong learning ability, and is a criminal with a high IQ. He enjoys the pained expression on his prey’s tormented expression, his blood is stained with demonic factors, and he is a complete pervert.]

Sang Jiuchi was silent for a while, then suddenly laughed, [This turned out to be the lover of the son of god, and he will succeed in the future and become an overseas-renowned entrepreneur. Do you think about how many ghosts are hidden behind this successful entrepreneur? It’s scary to think about it. When Zhou Lichuan is with this kind of person, it’s akin to dancing with wolves.]

F001 hesitated for a while, but decided to tell Sang Jiuchi the truth: [Actually, there is a little problem with this plane. At the beginning of the birth of the universe, there were tens of thousands of planes, large and small, each governed by twelve main gods. But 100 million years ago, there was a battle of the twelve main gods, and the eleven main gods united to kill my master, the god of war. That war was called Ragnarok, and eight main gods, including my master, fell, so now there are only four main gods left in charge of all planes.]

F001 said with a cry: [This plane is the plane that my master used to be in. If my master is still here, the son of god could never be someone like Zhou Lichuan.]

Sang Jiuchi stared at the table in a trance, no one knew if he was thinking or in a daze. After a while, Sang Jiuchi asked: [Since your master is dead, what is the purpose of your task?]

F001: [As long as I collect the power that was taken away by the son of god, I can wake my master. Master, he is the immortal god of war, he is definitely not dead, just sleeping somewhere.]

Sang Jiuchi’s voice unconsciously softened a lot: [So stopping Zhou Lichuan can get the power that should belong to your master?]

F001: [Hmm, yes.]

Sang Jiuchi: [Have you collected power before?]

F001 was a little guilty: [No. Host, in fact, you are the first tasker I bound to, and I lied to you before.]

Contrary to F001’s expectation, Sang Jiuchi was not angry because of his deception, but remained silent for a long time.

After a while, he laughed.

God of War, he seems to have heard this name somewhere.

But it was too long ago, so long that he had forgotten.


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