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IATV Chapter 5.1

Zhou Lichuan stared at Sang Jiuchi in front of him with an uncontrollable expression.

He and Sang Jiuchi were together for four years. In his memory, Sang Jiuchi wore white shirts and denim every day, staying in the laboratory all the time.

Stupid and uninteresting, he had no advantage in his body other than hurting him and being rich.

But Sang Jiuchi in front of him was so bright that he couldn’t open his eyes at all.

The face was still the same, but the young man in front of him is completely different.

Now Sang Jiuchi was like a sun, roasting everything around him wildly and fiercely, as if it can burn everything up.

Zhou Lichuan turned his head and glanced at Song Qing, and suddenly felt a “squeak” in his heart.

Song Qing’s eyes were crazy and persistent like he had never seen before. He had been taken away by Sang Jiuchi, and he was greedily licking Sang Jiuchi’s whole body with his eyes.

Zhou Lichuan’s face was cold, and he swept a glance across Sang Jiuchi, and saw another person suddenly beside him.

Only then did he realize that there was another man in the room, and that man was Song Qing’s nemesis, Dai Luolin.

Dai Luo Lin stood in front of Sang Jiuchi with a cold face, and firmly guarded the other party behind him with a protective attitude. He stared at the two of them with a sullen expression, “This is not a place for you to go wild, get out.”

Just being glanced at by Dai Luolin’s sinister gaze, Zhou Lichuan and Song Qing immediately felt a sense of terror like falling into an ice cave.

Song Qing’s originally excited face became a little ugly after seeing Dai Luolin, he turned back and forth between Sang Jiuchi and Dai Luolin’s faces, and finally put on a smile, “I’m sorry Mr. Dai, it’s abrupt. Today I suddenly saw an old friend and was a little excited, isn’t it, Sang Jiuchi?”

Sang Jiuchi: “It is indeed an old friend of ‘life and death’.”

Sang Jiuchi bit the words “life and death” heavily, and his eyes flicked to Zhou Lichuan.

He looked up and down on Zhou Lichuan, and finally locked his eyes on his neck.

Zhou Lichuan felt uncomfortable at the sight of Sang Jiuchi. He grabbed the silk scarf around his neck and tightened it again, and subconsciously pulled at Song Qing’s sleeve, “Song Qing, let’s go.”

He didn’t know why, but the current Sang Jiuchi always gives him a terrible feeling.

Those extra bright eyes seemed to be able to rip his clothes clean and see all his secrets inside and out.

Song Qing glanced at Sang Jiuchi again before leaving, feeling reluctant to leave.

The atmosphere of this rare dinner was spoiled by two uninvited guests. Fortunately, both of them had almost eaten, so the dinner was over quickly.

The two agreed to cooperate and immediately entered an agreement.

Dai Luolin was very efficient. His company already had equipment, and he just needs to assemble it according to Sang Jiuchi’s requirements.

It took only one day for Dai Luolin to build a computer laboratory according to Sang Jiuchi’s request.

Sang Jiuchi entered working mode soon after walking into the laboratory. He first turned on the real-time monitoring of the “Macrophage Spider Web Firewall”, and then began to write code on other computers.

Sang Jiuchi glanced at Dai Luolin while he was busy, and found that Dai Luolin had been standing beside him quietly watching him.

Dai Luolin’s broad body iwa like a lofty peak, as if protecting him under the mountains.

Sang Jiuchi was slightly stunned. That night, Dai Luolin also stood in front of him as a protector.

He was now like a loyal knight, dutifully protecting his king.

Sang Jiuchi’s long eyelashes trembled twice, and he took out a USB flash drive from hisbag and handed it to Dai Luolin, “The source code and writing logic of the four-dimensional code are all inside, take a look, and please help me apply for intellectual property rights.”

The young man’s snow-white cheeks were full of seriousness, and he didn’t mean to joke at all.

Dai Luolin took the USB flash drive and carefully placed it in his innermost pocket, “Okay, I’ll do it right away.”

Dai Luolin was about to turn around, but Sang Jiuchi grabbed his sleeve, “Wait, come and see this first.”

He entered a series of four-dimensional code on the computer, “This is a compressed dynamic code that I just developed. With this code, the data space can be effectively compressed. The data in GB can be instantly compressed into several KB, without damaging the original content. It can also simplify the calculation loops when compressing. The calculation that used to take 1000 steps now only needs one step, which greatly reduces the power consumption and enables the device to achieve a greater degree of battery life.”

Then he kicked his foot on the ground, and the sliding chair under his butt slid in front of another computer, “And this, I call it the supercomputer cloud, it can coordinate and control all programs. With it, the dense array of chips on the motherboard will be completely eliminated and…”

Dai Luolin listened silently to Sang Jiuchi’s introduction one by one, and interrupted him aloud: “Are you planning to…”

The introductions of Sang Jiuchi were sorted in an orderly and progressive order, and it seems that they were being combined into a kind of equipment.

Sang Jiuchi: “In a month’s time, I plan to design a brand-new mobile phone for you. Its battery only needs the size of a button to complete seven days or even longer battery life. It will be thinner and avant-garde, but the cost is very low. Then there will be computers, medical equipment, etc.”

Sang Jiuchi paused, “Of course, the premise is that you believe me and are willing to support me.”

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