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IATV Chapter 4.2

In the original plot, Song Qing changed his fate through this competition.

Song Qing was the illegitimate son of the Song Group, and the Song family took Song Qing back after his mother died.

Before Song Qing, the Song family already had an eldest young master. The Song family’s central industry has always been inclined to the eldest son of the Song family. Song Qing has always been a marginal figure in the Song family.

In the main storyline, Song Qing and four other team members represented China in the International Offense and Defense Competition.

In this International Offense and Defense Competition that attracted global attention, Song Qing performed well, and was appointed as the captain at the most critical juncture, completely defeating the players from M country team and winning the final championship.

Song Qing became famous in the first battle.

The resources behind him swelled rapidly, and the Song family’s industry began to tilt towards him, which opened his path to the pinnacle of his life.

The registration time for the International Offense and Defense Competition was March, and it was now May. Sang Jiuchi had long missed the registration time, and the only person in the whole country who had the right to make an exceptional recommendation was the Dai Luolin in front of him.

Dai’s chaebol had always supported China’s network security cause. The equipment and other resources used in each offensive and defensive competition were donated by the Dai family for free. In order to thank the Dai family for their contribution, the competition party gave the Dai family the privilege of recommending players.

What he wanted from Dai Luolin now was this “exceptional recommendation right”.

Dai Luolin was a shrewd and successful businessman, he knew how to maximize his profits.

A place in the International Offense and Defense Competitiocompared with a brand-new technology with great profits, he would know which to choose.

The human heart is unpredictable, but also is easy to calculate.

Just when Sang Jiuchi was confident and waiting for the other person to nod, Dai Luolin frowned and looked at the dark sky outside, and then looked down at his watch.

Then, Sang Jiuchi heard Dai Luolin say: “It’s getting late, you haven’t had dinner yet. Let’s talk about this while we were eating, what do you want to eat? Are there anything you don’t eat? I know there is a family Good Chinese restaurant, do you want to try it?”

Sang Jiuchi: “…”


Sorry, I don’t eat.

Department F001, who had been pretending to be dead, immediately stood up: [Sir, please promise him! Don’t let your machinations go to waste just because of one meal.]

Sang Jiuchi: What the hell is this conspiracy?


Chinese restaurant, second floor, VIP6 private room.

“Try this.” Dai Luolin pushed a plate of delicate soup in front of Sang Jiuchi, staring at Sang Jiuchi without blinking.

Sang Jiuchi felt like he was facing an enemy, frowning at the pale pink sticky soup in the small bowl in front of him. The soup exuded a delicate and elegant taste, its color like the peach blossoms in early spring. There are a few delicate matcha leaves on the soup surface.

Dai Luolin looked at Sang Jiuchi nervously: “This pre-dinner dessert is the signature of this Chinese restaurant, called ‘Peach Color Manyuan’, it is made of peach petals and peaches, is it not to your taste?”

Sang Jiuchi shook his head, but he didn’t feel uncomfortable when he smelled it.

Dai Luolin’s lost eyes suddenly lit up, “Then do you want to give it a try? Just give it a try.”

Dai Luolin’s tone was too sincere, Sang Jiuchi was in a trance for two seconds, and when he came back to his senses, he found that the soup had been put into his mouth with a small spoon.

Dai Luolin’s eyes were full of anticipation: “How does it taste?”

The sweetness had the unique sourness of fruit pulp, there wansn’t the fishy smell in his imagination, but there was a sweet and lingering fragrance that gently teases his taste buds.

Sang Jiuchi’s eyes widened slightly, as if he had opened the door to a new world.

He scooped another mouthful with a spoon and stuffed it into his mouth, and the faint fragrance in his mouth was magnified a bit. The smell rushed to his nerves along with his taste buds, and then flowed all over the body.

Sang Jiuchi held a spoon in one hand and sighed silently while covering his fair and smooth cheeks with the other.


Seeing Sang Jiuchi’s expression, Dai Luolin already knew the answer he wanted, and he pushed another plate of delicate food in front of Sang Jiuchi, “Try this again, this is not bad. This dish is called ‘Fishes playing in lotus leaves, it is made of fish meat and lotus flowers.”

Sang Jiuchi no longer had his previous rejection, he first smelled it, this time it was a faint lotus fragrance. The food was a very small portion – on the plate was a lotus flower-shaped food, which looked delicate and delicious.

Under Dai Luolin’s expectating gaze, Sang Jiuchi took another bite.

The moment he put it in his mouth, the soft and delicate taste instantly conquered his taste buds. The aroma of meat wrapped in the aroma of flowers collided in the mouth, and the aftertaste was endless.

Sang Jiuchi didn’t need Dai Luolin’s urging this time, he just took another petal and stuffed it into his mouth.

It was delicious.

Dai Luolin finally let go of his worry, and gradually relaxed his tense body, “This is the signature series of this Chinese restaurant, called ‘Hundred Flowers Banquet’, and the taste is delicate and elegant. I don’t know what you like to eat, If you like it, we can come again next time.”

Sang Jiuchi nodded with a high degree of acceptance, and then picked up the peony-shaped food on the left hand side, “Okay, let’s try another series next time. What is this called?”

Hearing Sang Jiuchi say “next time”, Dai Luolin’s heart skipped a beat, “This is called ‘The fragrance of the country’s colors’, and it is made of peony flowers and beef.”

[T/n: I made that up. I’m bad at interpreting phrases but the name was made of the words: Country, color, sky, fragrance – and I couldn’t come up with anything better]

Sang Jiuchi squeezed it into his mouth, and the firm meaty taste instantly made him narrow his eyes with satisfaction, “Don’t just look at me, you can eat too.”

Dai Luolin picked up the chopsticks under Sang Jiuchi’s smile, and quickly ate it up.

Sang Jiuchi enjoyed the meal very happily, but he couldn’t forget business: “Mr. Dai, how about my request from before?”

Dai Luolin pushed another snack in front of Sang Jiuchi, “Accompany me to finish this meal, and I will tell the competition team tomorrow.”

Finish the meal?

Sang Jiuchi picked up the dish and put a chopstick into his mouth, feeling the comfort of the food hitting his taste buds.

Eating was obviously enjoyable, right? Was it that difficult a request?

The two were eating in relish when the door of their private room was suddenly pushed open from the outside.

Sang Jiuchi looked up and saw a handsome man in his twenties standing outside the door.

Seeing the man’s face clearly, Sang Jiuchi raised his brows.

The waiter behind him apologized in a low voice: “I’m sorry sir, you went to the wrong room. Your private room is No. 9, and this is private room No. 6.”

The man probably didn’t expect that there were still people inside, he was obviously stunned for a moment.

But when the man’s eyes swept across the room and fell on Sang Jiuchi, his lazy eyes suddenly lit up, “Sang Jiuchi!”

His eyes fell unscrupulously on Sang Jiuchi’s body, a flash of surprise appeared in his eyes, with the excitement of a hunter on his face, “It’s you.”

The last time he saw Sang Jiuchi, the other party was clearly tortured by himself.

But now it became radiant again, even more beautiful and charming than before.

Such a tenacious vitality, it’s good, he can continue to torture him again.

Sang Jiuchi narrowed his eyes, “Long time no see, Song Qing.”

“Song Qing, what are you doing, they are all waiting… Sang, Sang Jiuchi? Why are you here?” A well-dressed young man walked in while talking.

Halfway through his words, he suddenly widened his eyes and looked at Sang Jiuchi in front of him like a ghost.

This young man’s facial features were cold but soft, and he wore a pair of gold wire frames glasses on his face. He looked about twenty-four and was wearing a pure white suit with a silk scarf tied around the bow tie at his neck. A red mark could be vaguely seen under his collar.

Who else could it be if it wasn’t Zhou Lichuan?

Oh, enemies on a narrow road would meet quite often. He actually saw two at once.

Just wait, I will send you back to the west sooner or later. Just patiently queue by the naihe bridge, it’ll be your turn soon.

[T/n: Naihe bridge is the legendary bridge in chinese folklore where the dead have to cross in the afterlife before reincarnation.]


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