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IATV Chapter 4.1

Sang Jiuchi raised his eyebrows with appreciation in his eyes. Dai Luolin was worthy of being the villain BOSS. He found the most crucial part so quickly.

Sang Jiuchi: “Of course it’s not really just a string of code. Compared with low-end two-dimensional code tables, four-dimensional code are definitely more advanced.”

Sang Jiuchi quickly tapped his fingers on the keyboard a few times, and the screen on the computer disappeared, returning to the previous string of code that looked like garbled characters.

“I have defined each character here using a four-dimensional code in advance, then I defined the characters after logical combination and finally carried out the cocompression algorithm. This is what it looks like.” Sang Jiuchi said while tapping on the laptop’s touchscreen.

The code, which was still a string of garbled characters just now, bent and changed a few times on the screen, and many three-dimensional multi-faceted grid graphics connected to each other appeared on the big screen.

Where each grid line meets, there was another string of code.

The code string were each connected in turn, which seemed to be irregular, but they followed a certain trajectory and achieved the final perfect curve.

Dai Luolin stared greedily at the constantly jumping characters on the table, and didn’t want to take his eyes away for a moment.

So amazing, this is the four-dimensional code!

The foreign X technology company suing Sang Jiuchi for stealing the core technology of their firewall was just like how a giant whale would scramble for food with shrimps.

Sang Jiuchi: “Because of the compression calculation, the capacity of this string of code only needs to be tens of K or even a few K. The requirements for the carrier cannot just be said to be very low, it can be said that there is none at all, which can also fundamentally solve the chip problem. And once the four-dimensional code is patented, it will benefit many fields, medical, AI, aviation, etc.”

“I would love to teach this technology to my compatriots and allies. With this four-dimensional code technology, we will no longer be controlled by others. Aren’t they just bullying us for a lack of chips?! Then we will push the world into a coreless era. See who they can sell their chips to, and who they can dominate!”

Sang Jiuchi’s face showed firmness, and there was sonorous power in his gentle voice.

When he spoke, his whole body was in high spirits, exuding a dazzling brilliance.

Sang Jiuchi suddenly made outrageous remarks, but Dai Luolin didn’t find it ridiculous at all. Instead, he felt a heavy sense of mission and honor in it.

Fantasies were not funny, only dreams and motivation can be imagined.

When they were suppressed, how many people had countless fantasies about one day breaking free from the shackles of humiliation imposed on them, straightening their backs and attacking those hateful hyenas and jackals?

The coreless age, oh, a beautiful and mysterious fantasy.

He was actually infected by Sang Jiuchi and wanted to accompany him into this fantastic dream.

And what did Sang Jiuchi say just now? He said he would teach the technology to others.

The advent of a new technology has condensed the efforts of the founder.

Many people first thought of monopoly, not sharing, but Sang Jiuchi planned to share this technology in the near future.

Dai Luolin looked at Sang Jiuchi and found that Sang Jiuchi was also looking at him.

Those bright and dazzling eyes contained determination and madness, and the vast stars in the sky were instantly eclipsed by them.

Dai Luolin’s heart skipped half a beat, and he lost his mind for a moment.

He never judged others by appearance, and he has seen many beautiful and charming people.

Even if these people were not as good-looking as Sang Jiuchi, they are already considered excellent. But when those beauties were present, he only felt bored and didn’t feel any charm at all.

But now, he felt attracted by Sang Jiuchi’s unparalleled charm. The charm was not from the superficial beauty of his appearance, but the purity of his soul. He was a person who would spare no effort for the nation’s science and technology.

Thud, thud.

A heartbeat suddenly came from the always cold chest. The sound was soft like a bell, knocking hard on the door of his rusted heart.

Dai Luolin felt that his eyes were slightly swollen, he took a deep breath, and tried to restrain himself from wanting to cover his throbbing chest.

Sang Jiuchi noticed Dai Luolin’s abnormality, thinking that the other party was about to be moved to tears, “The current problem is solved, and the rest is the problem is in long-term development. Let the smartest people learn first, and the rest will learn. If you can’t learn in one year, then two years. If you can’t learn in two years, it will take four years. There will always be time to learn. If you can’t do it, you should start with the younger students.”

Dai Luolin’s heart was still beating wildly, he was really thinking about how to teach this technique!

Sang Jiuchi’s voice was soft and shallow from beginning to end, as if saying “the weather is so nice today”.

But every word of his was like a warm ray of sunshine to Dai Luolin, scrambling to squeeze into the rusted door to his heart that was just pushed open, filling his empty heart, making his once cold heart instantly warm.

After Sang Jiuchi finished speaking, he paused for a while, and then rubbed his nose embarrassedly: “I seemed to have gone too far, this is for the firewall. Is Mr. Dai still satisfied with my firewall?”

Dai Luolin doesn’t want to do anything but nod his head: “It’s not just the firewall, you just showed me the coreless era, and I’m interested in the publicizingf four-dimensional code. I’m willing to do my best to support you!”

Evolutionary firewall, four-dimensional code, a coreless era.

Whichever one was taken out would be regarded as talk of a madman, but he was willing to accompany him to be crazy.

Losing was just a loss to his Dai Corporation, but winning meant success for the whole country and even the whole world.

He was willing to bet Dai once.

If he loses, it’s his loss.

If they win, it’s for the world.

How many years had he not had this drive to do whatever he wanted?

Thanks to this handsome young man in front of him, he allowed him to find his original intention and rekindle his faith.

Sang Jiuchi was stunned for a moment, “The coreless era and four-dimensional promotion are still just concepts, but thank you for your support, you will not regret your choice today in the future.”

Sang Jiuchi paused, “Besides, I have an abrupt request.”

Dai Luolin: “Speak.”

Sang Jiuchi: “I would like to ask you to recommend me to participate in the National Cyber ​​Security Competition. If you wish, I think we can cooperate very happily in the future.”

The National Network Security Attack and Defense Competition was held every four years. In the end, five players would be selected to represent Huaguo in the International Offense and Defense Competition, which was a very important international competition in this plane.

It was the original owner’s dream to represent China in the International Offense and Defense Competition.

Since he occupied the original host’s body, he would replace the original owner and have the three words “Sang Jiuchi” become the most impressive name in this competition.


  1. M1zushi says:

    thank you for the chapter!

    I love reading “love china” novels, it’s very funny to see how other countries are big baddies and China is the underdog that will overthrow everyone

    it’s like those american movies with the weak poor boy and the evil chinese/japanese/russian rich guy XD

    1. ducky says:

      Yeah the Chinese have a very strong sense of patriotism

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