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IATV Chapter 3.2

Sang Jiuchi smiled and did not continue to speak, but turned his bright obsidian eyes to the screen.

The next second, Sang Jiuchi pointed to the computer desktop: “Look, it appears.”

Dai Luolin quickly pressed down his embarrassment and looked at the screen, only to see that the two-dimensional spider web began to expand. New lines were formed outside the lines, and then new connections were established between the lines, and the two-dimensional spider web became a three-dimensional cobweb.

Dai Luolin looked at the time when the two-dimensional spider web was upgraded, at noon a day ago. That is, since then, hackers began to complain that Sang Jiuchi’s firewall was difficult to enter.

Sure enough, a lot of red dots appeared on the screen after that, most of which were drilling for a long time but did not get in, only a few red dots entered the circle.

One of them has him…

Seeing that his photo reappeared in the dialog box on the right, Dai Luolin was almost ashamed.

Disgraced, his face was thrown to the ancestral grave. What was called a “super hacker”, he didn’t even know when the tables had been reversed.

Sang Jiuchi laughed out loud, “I can see that President Dai is quite interested in my firewall.”

Amidst Dai Luolin’s embarrassment, Sang Jiuchi finally shut the computer, staring at Dai Luolin with a pair of bright eyes, “This is the latest firewall I’m showing you, it not only has anti-reconnaissance capabilities, but also evolves and grows. ”

Dai Luolin was stunned, looking at the beautiful fair-skinned youth in front of him in disbelief, “Evolutionary growth?”

Sang Jiuchi’s smile widened, “Game characters can be upgraded by killing monsters, why can’t my firewall do the same? My firewall can accumulate experience by cracking hacker information, and when the experience reaches a certain level, it will complete the evolution just like before and level up.”

Dai Luolin was very surprised. He had never heard of this kind of technology. “Are you saying that this firewall will continue to evolve?”

Sang Jiuchi raised his beautiful eyebrows, “Of course, where does this go. But I don’t know what it will look like after it is fully leveled, I will wait until I fully level it up, so you should hurry up and let your hacker friends come to take care of it.”

Dai Luolin laughed dumbly, and after a long time, their master hackers were just tools to give experience to the firewall.

Who could make sense of this?

If he told this to that group of people, they wouldprobably smash their heads against the computer.

Sang Jiuchi: “It can be officially put into use after it reaches full level. Of course, if there is a computer enthusiast who wants to buy an initial number, I can also give him the most primitive macrophage spider web.”

After thinking about it, Dai Luolin still found the problem: “There is so much information about the hackers just now, and the requirements for the processor are also very high. How much computing power is needed? How many precision chips are needed?”

As he spoke, his excited heart gradually calmed down, feeling even a little dejected.

China has developed rapidly in science and technology in recent years, but it has been left far behind other countries in terms of chips.

Seeing the rapid development of Huaguo’s electronics industry and economy, M country suddenly unilaterally tore up the foreign trade agreement for win-win cooperation and restricted other countries from exporting chips to Huaguo.

[T/n: I’m guessing M country refers to America, since it’s called Mei Guo]

High-end chips were an indispensable core of the high-tech electronics industry. China was caught in a tight situation in an instant, and fell into an embarrassing situation where it was hard to procure chips.

Not only that, M country also joined a group of countries to prohibit the sale of lithography machines to China, trying to prevent China from developing high-end chips on its own.

Sang Jiuchi’s firewall was powerful, but the technology that cannot be used is merely a castle in the air.

It can last three days, but what about thirty days? What about three months? What about three years?

To support such a huge amount of calculation, the pre requisite were too harsh.

They didn’t have chips sophisticated enough to support the technology, and even if they did, it’s all abroad.

But please forgive him for being selfish. Since the foreign countries boycotted China, he had long distrusted them.

If they’re not one’s country men, one will certainly doubt them.

He would rather that this firewall technology not be launched, than cheapen the technology to the greedy hyenas abroad.

Sang Jiuchi raised a finger, “Just a string of codes.”

Dai Luolin laughed dumbly, “A string of codes? Don’t make trouble, a string of codes can’t even be written out of a single spider silk.”

Sang Jiuchi shook his head, “Dai Luolin, what do you think a three-dimensional sphere looks like in the eyes of two-dimensional creatures?”

Dai Luolin was stunned for a while, he didn’t know why Sang Jiuchi asked him this suddenly, but he answered patiently: “In the eyes of two-dimensional creatures, everything is one-dimensional and two-dimensional, one-dimensional is a line, and two-dimensional space is a line. Dimension is just a face.”

“In the eyes of high-dimensional space creatures, low-dimensional objects can be seen at a glance, but low-dimensional space creatures cannot understand high-dimensional space. When a three-dimensional sphere slowly appears in front of two-dimensional space creatures, what they see is a point slowly. The process of enlarging into a circle, and then slowly shrinking into a point. What they see is the change of the point and surface, but they don’t understand the specific structure of the sphere.”

Sang Jiuchi nodded, “Yes, in the eyes of two-dimensional space creatures, an infinitely huge three-dimensional space object may be just a point. What if you look at four-dimensional space objects in the eyes of three-dimensional space creatures? Similarly, a wireless huge four-dimensional space object may also be just a point in the eyes of a living being in three-dimensional space.”

Sang Jiuchi turned on the computer, opened the running program and typed out a piece of code that Dai Luolin couldn’t understand at all, and then lightly pressed Enter, and a three-dimensional spherical grid pattern appeared on the screen.

Sang Jiuchi pointed to the spherical grid on the screen, “So I developed a four-dimensional code calculation formula. What you see is just a string of symbols, but behind this string, there is a vast ocean.”

Dai Luolin’s hands were already shaking. He looked at the young man with clear eyes in shock, “Four-dimensional algorithm?!”

They are still using two-dimensional code tables.

It had been a hundred years since the start of the programming language, and countless scientists have spent their entire lives in the past hundred years, and have not spied a corner of the three-dimensional code world, let alone four-dimensional code.

But now, Sang Jiuchi told him that he was using a four-dimensional code calculation formula, which means that he directly crossed the three-dimensional code from the two-dimensional code and entered the four-dimensional code world.

What he broke through was not one dimension, but two whole dimensions!

Dai Luolin quickly calmed down.”A four-dimensional object does appear as a point in some specific environments in three-dimensional space, but this does not mean that the part that did not appear disappears. Two-dimensional creatures only see the sphere’s surface as a point, but there is a huge body where it can’t see. In principle, a four-dimensional object should have more memory than a three-dimensional object. Can a string of codes really solve it?”

(Author’s Note: Zuohua has a popular science about dimensional time and space. Because it is too long, it is placed in Zuohua. I hope to take a look. There is the source of Sang Jiuchi in the back.)

The author has something to say:

Some popular science about dimensional space (there is the source of Sang Jiuchi later):

①Dimensional space: No matter how many dimensions it is, it is actually a mathematical space problem. In one dimension, only one line can be drawn from a point. Two-dimensional, two perpendicular lines can be made from a point, that is, a plane. Three-dimensional, three mutually perpendicular lines can be made from one point, that is, the three-dimensional space in our life. And so on, the fourth dimension is able to make four perpendicular lines, the fifth dimension is to make five perpendicular lines and so on…

②Dimensional space-time: Dimensional space is just a concept of space. But why do people think of three-dimensional space plus a time axis when they talk about four-dimensional space? In fact, what we are talking about here is four-dimensional space-time, which is not the same concept as space.

It was first proposed by German mathematician Hermann Minkowski, and Einstein also mentioned the concept of “four-dimensional space-time” in “General Theory of Relativity” and “Special Theory of Relativity”.

According to the infinite deduction, the dimensional space-time can extend to about the tenth dimension to the eleventh dimension (the universe is composed of three space dimensions and one time dimension, plus six small space dimensions).

Four-dimensional space-time: You can see your past, present and future from one coordinate point.

Five-dimensional space-time: Under the same coordinate point, it is possible to travel between parallel universes.

Six-dimensional space-time: on the basis of five-dimensional, free shuttle without time limit.

Seven-dimensional space-time: no longer limited by coordinates, realize travel between parallel universes.

Eight-dimensional space-time: On the basis of seven-dimensional, it is not limited by coordinates or time to complete any shuttle.

Nine-dimensional space-time: can understand the true meaning of the formation of the universe, and even do anything.

Ten-dimensional space-time: possessing all of the above, the limit of dimensional space-time – nothingness.

In the text, Dabai mentioned many times that Sang Jiuchi is a demon species, born in chaos and growing in nothingness. (If you don’t read this popular science setting, you may not get this.)

He is the highest level of life intelligence, so these low-level things are completely trivial to him, so he will learn books and then deduce them to create high-dimensional codes.

T/n: Wow this is quite cool


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