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IATV Chapter 3.1

Dai’s Group Headquarters, President’s Office.

Dai Luolin and Sang Jiuchi sat face to face on the sofa with the black tea freshly brewed in front of them.

Dai Luolin couldn’t help but look at Sang Jiuchi some more.

The young man in front of him looked only twenty-one or two years old, and he was just about 1.75 meters tall.

His facial features were exquisite and handsome, and what made people unable to take their eyes off of him was his pair of crystal clear eyes, like the vast sky wrapped in thousands of stars.

The young man sat on the sofa casually, giving people a sense of contradiction that was both distant and seductive, which was really wonderful.

While Dai Luolin was observing Sang Jiuchi, Sang Jiuchi was also looking at Dai Luolin.

Dai Luolin was strong and tall, more than 1.9 meters tall.

The man’s solemn and cold facial features were as handsome as sharp edges, and his body exuded a cold aura, warning strangers to not approach along with a natural sense of oppression.

His falcon-like eyes were filled with deep scrutiny, and he could faintly see his firm and beautiful chest muscles through the black shirt that had been unbuttoned.

If Sang Jiuchi was just a cannon fodder villain in this plane, then Dai Luolin was the villain BOSS.

In the world plot, Dai Luolin and Song Qing were enemies everywhere. Dai’s Group had always been the overlord of the electronic technology industry. After the transformation of the Song Group, it began to have many business conflicts with Dai’s enterprises.

In order to stabilize his position in the group, Dai Luolin did everything possible. At every critical moment, Song Qing would always turn evil into good with the help of Zhou Lichuan.

Dai Luolin also treated Zhou Lichuan differently because of his stubbornness, and wanted to recruit him to his own company.

Song Qing was the world’s top hacker. In order to protect Zhou Lichuan, Song Qing took offense as defense and hacked away Dai Luolin’s business secrets. Dai Luolin suffered heavy losses. After knowing the truth, he wanted to kill Song Qing, but he was killed by Song Qing in self-defense.

After Dai Luo died, Song Qing quickly annexed the Dai Group. Since then, his business had flourished and he quickly built his own electronic technology empire.

At this point in time, it should be noted that Dai Luolin has already revealed that he likes Zhou Lichuan, and Song and Dai have changed from concealed hatred to open hatred.

Sang Jiuchi asked Dai Luolin curiously, “Do you like Zhou Lichuan?”

Dai Luolin frowned and carefully searched his memory, “Who is Zhou Lichuan?”

Sang Jiuchi sighed softly and shook his head, “An irrelevant person.”

Sure enough, not a single punctuation mark in the world plot can be trusted.

“You are looking for me for…” “I am looking for you for…”

Almost at the same time, the two spoke in unison, and then cut off the next sentence in each other’s words.

In the end, Sang Jiuchi was the first to speak, “I probably know why you’re looking for me, it’s because of my firewall.”

Dai Luolin was noncommittal.

It’s no secret that he was looking in the industry for stronger firewalls.

Sang Jiuchi took out the laptop in his backpack, opened it and turned to Dai Luolin, “Congratulations, you found the right person. Next, I would like to solemnly recommend this firewall to Mr. Dai, the macrophage spider web.”

“The macrophage spider web is still in the upgrade stage. I will show you the feedback results I have collected in the past three days.”

In order to facilitate the demonstration, Sang Jiuchi walked to Dai Luolin and sat down next to him.

Feeling the sunken sofa beside him, Dai Luolin was stunned for a moment.

He had always been gloomy and cold, and no one has ever dared to get so close to him. But this young man he met for the first time was not afraid of him.

The computer screen was a black background.

On the left side of the screen, there were countless green two-dimensional curves. Two-dimensional curves intersected, forming a two-dimensional grid shaped like a spider web.

On the right side of the screen, there was a very streamlined rectangular dialog box.

Sang Jiuchi clicked to accelerate, and the time in the upper right corner moved forward several times faster.

Before long, a few small reds appeared on the outer edge of the spider web. These red dots were like worms, they took a bite on the outermost spider web and burrowed into it.

The spider web swayed a few times as they got in, and then, their corresponding IP addresses appeared above each red dot.

At the same time, text began to scroll out of the dialog box on the far right of the screen.

[Captured the intruder, the user has jumped three times, the IP address is 1**.***.***, the real address is located: No. 12, Building 3, ** Road** Community, * Province * City * District, Huaguo, screenshots have been taken . ]

Immediately below the text, a screenshot appeared, which was a photo of a young man giggling at the computer.

He was excited because he got into the firewall but he didn’t know that the mantis was behind the cicada while the oriole watched. He was caught long ago.

Soon, more and more red dots began to appear, and the dialog box on the right scrolled faster and faster.

Dai Luolin watched intently, he had never seen such a firewall.

Firewalls were only used for protection, but Sang Jiuchi’s firewall could also be used for anti-investigation and reverse capture of hacker information.

Suddenly he remembered something, and hurriedly interrupted Sang Jiuchi embarrassedly: “It’s very good, I’m very satisfied, it’s alright.”

Sang Jiuchi glanced at Dai Luolin with a smile, “Don’t worry, a good show has just begun, and the next thing is the highlight that I want to show you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, another small red dot easily got into the circle.

With the appearance of the red dot, a man’s face rolled across on the right. The man’s facial features were handsome and firm, and he looked exactly the same as Dai Luolin.

Sang Jiuchi’s smile widened and he looked at Dai Luolin teasingly.

His bright eyes curled up like a moon on the horizon, “This hacker looks just like you.”

Dai Luolin was a little embarrassed, but he didn’t get angry, “It seems like it’s me.”


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