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IATV Chapter 2.2

Their personal information would be exposed immediately, and the vicious words they once said would also be leaked. All their relatives and friends would definitely see them in a different light.

The scolding on the Internet came to an abrupt end, and some people began to secretly delete comments.

On the firewall of Sang Jiuchi, there must be a brave man under the heavy reward. At first, the curious hackers followed the address provided by Sang Jiuchi and attacked, and soon found a loophole in the firewall.

While laughing at Sang Jiuchi’s ability, these hackers swaggered into the virtual space following the loophole.

And then, they suddenly found themselves falling into the labyrinth world carefully prepared by Sang Jiuchi.

There were traps everywhere in the maze, and they were locked in a box and thrown out after a while.

One hacker was like this, so were two hackers. After more and more hackers began to touch porcelain, the bounty was hung in the hacker-specific communication circle.

[T/n: Touch porcelain: getting scammed]

In the face of Sang Jiuchi’s provocation, in just three days, the world hackers who were aroused by the desire to fight joined the siege.

However, after three days, no one had entered the center of Sang Jiuchi’s virtual space, let alone seen the 10,000 star coins.

White hat: [The firewall in Sang Jiuchi is too perverted, I was thrown out again. ]

Cook: [Boss, have you been thrown out? I was different, I didn’t even touch the door. Do you mean the door is easy to get in? ]

It’s an encrypted chat room tucked away in the internet, where a group of like-minded hackers gather.

Shaman: [Idiot, it was Sang Jiuchi before, but now he has upgraded his protection, unless he is a top hacker, he can’t get in at all. Stinky boy, you are still young. ]

Super hacker: [It’s really better than before. ]

Black Hat: [Big hacker, have you been kicked out too? ]

Super Hacker: [Yeah, got caught not long after entering. A person’s character can be seen in his code. I think Sang Jiuchi is like a player in the game world, and the things that are on the Internet don’t seem to be his style. ]

Super hackers are the masters of offensive and defensive games in their circle. They rarely go online at ordinary times. They were always the idols of many hackers.

[I don’t think so,] Seeing the emergence of super hackers who were rarely online, the black hat quickly shared the anecdotes of the past two days: [Big hacker, your record in the attack and kill game has been broken. ]

[Two days ago, there was a rookie with a strong momentum in the attack and kill game. He passed all the levels in 15 hours and took away 3,000 star coins. After that, he played several more games. His goal was very clear, he was going for the stars coins. ]

White Hat: [15 hours? The hacker’s 31-hour clearance record has been stagnant for two whole years. ]

Super hacker: [The back waves of the Yangtze River have pushed forward the front waves, I can’t do it in 15 hours. If it is him, he might be able to break through the firewall. With the 10,000 star coins, he would definitely go. ]

White Hat: [No, he didn’t go. After earning 10,000 star coins, he stopped, leaving only one sentence “the reward is collected”, then he went offline and never came online again. ]

The room suddenly fell silent.

Black Hat: [10,000 star coins, it can’t be so coincidental? ]

Sharman: [Impossible? ]

Super Hacker: […]

Cook: [What happened to the big guys? ]

Shaman: [Idiot, that newcomer appeared three days ago and withdrew after earning 10,000 Star Coins, leaving behind a sentence “The reward has been collected”. Don’t you think it’s a coincidence that Sang Jiuchi’s reward was released the day before yesterday, and the reward is also 10,000 stars? ]

Cook: [God, that newcomer can’t be Sang Jiuchi? ! ]

Sharman: [Even if it’s not him, he can’t get rid of him. ]


Dai Luolin left the hacker chat room and stared at the computer desktop.

He was the “super hacker” in the hacker chat room just now. After graduating with a computer science degree, he took over the family business, and his only entertainment was playing games in the hacker circle.

He only played hacking games and has never hacked other people’s systems. He only participated in the firewall game after Sang Jiuchi issued a reward order.

A burning cigarette was sandwiched between his knuckled fingers. Dai Luolin took a puff of the cigarette and spit it out gently. The hazy smoke lingered in front of him, covering his dignified and sharp eyes.

The newcomer who broke his record in 15 hours was Sang Jiuchi?

The Dai Group had been frequently attacked on the network recently. Although he was a hacker, the ability of the other party was superior. He couldn’t catch the other party at all.

If he could apply this firewall to his own company, he wonders if it can resist those malicious network attacks.

After thinking for a moment, Dai Luolin put out the cigarette and called his assistant: “Xiao Zhou, help me contact Sang Jiuchi, I want to see him.”

At the same time, Sang Jiuchi was carrying his laptop, sitting in the cafe opposite the Dai Group building, patiently taking care of his hair against the reflective glass wall.

He was wearing a simple white shirt today, his half-length curly hair was softly hanging behind his ears, and a slight smile hung on his delicate face, as holy as the angel statue on the colorful glass in the church.

Pedestrians passing by couldn’t help looking sideways, peeking at him several times, then blushing and quickly leaving.

A photographer who was framing the scene happened to pass by, and when he saw this scene, he couldn’t help but press the shutter in his hand.

In the back of Sang Jiuchi’s mind, F001 was tirelessly playing “A Bite of China” for him on a loop.

In the past seven days, apart from drinking some water, he didn’t eat a single bite. 1000 plane points could only maintain his health for seven days in addition to repairing his body.

Seeing that the points were exhausted, F001 was more anxious than anyone else. If the host continued to not eat, the 1000 plane points used for repair will really disappear with the northwest wind.

If you don’t eat, you will become sick and need to be cured!

After the last episode of “A Bite of China”, Sang Jiuchi still had no intention of eating.

F001 Evil is timid: [Sir host, Dai’s reception just said that we cannot meet without an appointment. You are just a poor social animal now. The other party is the high-ranking president of the Dai Group. Even if you sit here, he will not see you. With this kung fu dreaming, it is better to eat something.]

Sang Jiuchi’s phone rang before the system’s lament was over.

The caller ID was an unfamiliar number. When he answered the phone, the man on the other end said in a very respectful tone, “Hello, is this Mr. Sang Jiuchi?”

Sang Jiuchi: “I am.”

Assistant Zhou: “I’m the assistant to the president of Dai’s Group. Our President Dai wants to see you. Do you have some time to meet?”

Sang Jiuchi smoothed the last playful hair, and then showed a satisfied smile, “Of course. I have some time now.”

F001: …Damn, it turns out that the clown is actually me!


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