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IATV Chapter 2.1

Sang Jiuchi’s eyes fell on the letter. [Wherever you fall, you will have to get up. The original owner was a technological genius, and his stage should be in the field of technology, not the entertainment industry. Of course, I want to strengthen the country with science and technology, and block Zhou Lichuan across all areas.]

F001 was a little guilty: [But I’m only the lowest D-level system, and I haven’t developed a technological plug-in yet.]

Sang Jiuchi: [How many levels do you have?]

F001 explained: [Our system has a total of 7 levels, from low to high, D, C, B, A, S, SS, SSS. The higher the level, the more privileges and abilities obtained after evolution. I can only send you some information and repair your body right now, nothing else can be done.]

Sang Jiuchi: [Then do I also have a grade?]

F001: [The taskers are also divided into these seven levels. After the initial system test, your overall strength is temporarily D-level.]

Sang Jiuchi’s expression changed.

F001 hurriedly said: [Of course, all of them can be upgraded, and they will gradually increase later. Lord host, let’s work hard together!]

Suppressing the shock that he was now a waste, Sang Jiuchi carried the ladder to the bookshelf, “Since you can’t help me, then I have to do it by myself.]

These were all books collected by the original owner from all over the world. There were various foreign language reference books, as well as countless electronic information technology books.

Sang Jiuchi had the memory of the original host, as well as the life and technological skills of the original host, but these technological skills were far from enough to fill the gaps in knowledge.

He picked up the first book on the top and started to read it. He read it very quickly, and the book was put back on the shelf after only a short passage of time in his hand.

Then he picked up the second, third…

By the time the last book was read, it was already three days later.

After closing the last book, Sang Jiuchi stretched and walked to the computer that had been dormant.

Turning on the computer, he quickly found a folder with “Hidden Talent” in the upper left corner of the desktop.

[T/n: Not sure what it means]

Opening the first file, the computer screen went black, and a dense line of code appeared.

Ten slender fingers buckled on the computer keyboard, and in the next second, the ten fingers flew like a hummingbird’s wings, with speed so fast the naked eye could hardly catch it.

F001 was dumbfounded, [Master host, can you write code?!]

Sang Jiuchi stared at the screen, the code on the computer appeared like a waterfall, [Just learned.]

F001 immediately realized that Sang Jiuchi had learned from the books on these two walls.

It always thought that Sang Jiuchi was looking for something, but instead of looking for something, he integrated everything into his mind?


While Sang Jiuchi was busy, F001 secretly extracted the villain’s illustrated book from the system that only it could see.

The villain’s illustration is described as follows:

Sang Jiuchi, an extraterritorial demon, a chaotic body.

Cunning, good-natured, prone to backlash, bloodthirsty, and ruthless.

Comprehensive grade: D grade (upgradeable)

F001 hesitated for a while and made a small note at the end.

[It can still be controlled at present, so there is no need to obliterate it for the time being.]

After secretly putting the villain’s illustration book back into his own system, F001 remembered that Sang Jiuchi had not eaten for three days, and couldn’t help but remind: [Master host, why don’t you eat something? This body is an ordinary human being’s, incomparable to your own body. If you don’t eat, you will die.]

Sang Jiuchi’s beautiful brows wrinkled, rejection written all over his face: [Food? I refuse.]

The system’s head rang suddenly. The real body of his host really didn’t seem to need to eat, nor did he ever eat.

What should I do if I bind a host who doesn’t eat, do I have to rely on plane points to survive?

Plane points, dangerous!

In the depths of the secret network, there was a fierce battle going on, which was a competition and carnival between hackers who were attacking Sang Jiuchi’s firewall.

Just three days ago, when everyone thought that Sang Jiuchi had disappeared, he suddenly appeared on Weibo and issued a reward order.

[Bounty Order: In the latest firewall test, hackers are welcome to assist in the test. I put 10,000 star coins in the room, whoever comes first takes it.]

Star coin was an online virtual currency, and one star coin was equivalent to 10,000 yuan of Chinese national currency. Ten thousand star coins was equivalent to one hundred million yuan of Chinese national currency.

This attracted the attention of coders, and also attracted a group of Internet hackers. This news had just been released, and the sunspots occupied his comment area in an instant.

[Isn’t he already bankrupt, how can there be 10,000 stars. Are you ready to come out and make a gimmick? Whose technology was stolen this time? ]

[Sang Jiuchi, Shuangfei promiscuous with dogs, you must have AIDS, you won’t live long! ]

[Is Sang Jiuchi taking drugs? He’s crazy, when will the police arrest him? ]

Just one hour after Sang Jiuchi’s reward order was released, the following comments had already exceeded hundreds of thousands.

#Sangjiuchi 10,000 Star Coin Bounty Order# also instantly topped the Weibo hot search list.

Soon, Sang Jiuchi released another message.

[Declaration: I have never done anything in violation of legal ethics and morality from beginning to end. All rumors on the Internet are malicious slander. I have the right to use legal means to protect my legitimate rights and interests.]

Immediately afterwards, Sang Jiuchi posted the court case filing.

The plaintiff, Sang Jiuchi, and the defendant are those who sprayed Sang Jiuchi the most on the Internet some time ago.

One by one, there are thirty or forty.

After finishing the post, Sang Jiuchi posted another post: [The next one is you.]

Seeing that Sang Jiuchi was really moving, the arrogant sunspots immediately paused.

Some of them were just high school students, some were successful businessmen, and some were loving and gentle mothers. They were just a group of hyenas hiding behind the Internet, and they moved when they smelt corruption. No matter what the truth is and whether it was rumors, it’s just right to scold them.

But once Sang Jiuchi sued them, it would not be a virtual network, but a real three-dimensional case.


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