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IATV Chapter 14.2

He has always been rigorous and dignified, but he really liked ruffian men. This was his little secret.

Sang Jiuchi put his hands on the table, sat on the table with his butt slightly raised, and then looked at the two of them with a burning gaze, “Try it now, and tell me about the user experience.”

“Now, the mobile phones on the market have all the functions this mobile phone has, and the mobile phones on the market do not have the functions of this mobile phone. This mobile phone retains the user’s greatest privacy, and the user’s identity will be recognized after the user is bound for the first time. Even if it is accidentally taken by two people, the mobile phone will not be activated. The sound you hear in your mind is transmitted to your mind by the simulated brain waves of the mobile phone. In your mind, you can directly use brain waves to talk to the mobile phone. Only the users themselves know its character attributes. When you call the little housekeeper, you only need to shout in your mind, you don’t need to make a sound at all.”

“The phone is solar-powered, and it lasts five days on a five-minute charge, and a month on a full charge. If you want to watch a movie or do other things, you can do it all in your brain. Of course, the phone also has a projection function, if you want to feel the visual impact, you can also let the little housekeeper project the picture.”

The secretary was already trying it.

He secretly named his little housekeeper “Stinky hooligan”, and then the voice in his head paused for two seconds.

【Ding! Mobile and user are bound! My most honorable little baby, and now, this “stinky hooligan” will accompany the beautiful you. From today onwards, I will let you experience a new pleasure. 】

Ooh, ooh, even the tone of voice is so ruffian-like, it really catches his heart!

After the mobile phone was bound, a mobile phone interface suddenly appeared in his mind. Several must-have apps had been installed in it, including their Dai’s user mall.

The secretary took a closer look, and found their Dai’s label in the lower left corner of the interface.

At that moment, only one thought flashed in his mind: Dai Corp is saved!

Not only was it saved, but it will soar into the sky!

“I also have a security detection function on my mobile phone,” Sang Jiuchi continued. “The user’s body temperature, blood pressure, etc. will be detected by the mobile phone immediately and real-time statistics will be carried out every day. Once the mobile phone detects that there is a problem with the user’s body, It will remind the user immediately. If there is a more serious situation, such as sudden coma, cardiac arrest, etc., the mobile phone will make an emergency call and send the user’s coordinates. With this function, it will save many lives.”

“By the way, there is another function. Technology products change rapidly, and even this mobile phone will be obsolet in a few years. But some users may have a certain dependence and affection for their mobile phone housekeeper. The backup function can transfer the memory data of the little housekeeper to the database and then load it into the new mobile phone. If the user wants to change to another housekeeper, this function can also be canceled.”

While listening to Sang Jiuchi’s explanation, the secretary quickly browsed the mobile phone interface in his mind.

In the past, he needed to read the news word by word with his eyes, but now his reading speed has improved significantly after it is directly presented in the brain in the form of brain waves.

He also tried to play a game. In his mind, he could manipulate the box at will, and the game sound was even more realistic and shocking.

The secretary also wanted to try the call function. He clicked the dial button and found that there were no numbers in it.

There was the sound of the little housekeeper in his head: [Little beauty, it has been detected that you do not have a mailing list stored. Do you need to begin syncing?]

Secretary: [Stinky hooligan, of course.]

Little housekeeper: [Please take out your last communicator, turn on the Bluetooth mode, and enter 4384 on the receiving interface.]

The secretary was stunned. He took out the mobile phone in his pocket, turned on Bluetooth, and entered 4384.

He heard a “ding!” sound in his mind, [Begin synchronizing the communication records below.]

[Little beauty, do you need to synchronize other records together? 】

Secretary: [Need. 】

【Ding! Now start syncing your phone content, please wait a moment. 】

【Ding! The mobile phone has been synchronized, and the SIM card has been uploaded to the terminal. The mobile phone does not need to be inserted, please use it with confidence. 】

The secretary opened it again in his mind and found that his previous call records, including memos, APP, WeChat records, etc., had all been synchronized to this phone.

Suddenly, the little housekeeper reminded: [Ding! Little beauty, a handsome guy is calling you, do you accept?]

Following the little housekeeper’s prompt, the call interface also opened, and the word “Mr. Dai” came to mind.

The secretary glanced at Dai Luolin and heard Dai Luolin say, “Connect.”

The secretary quickly said something in his mind: [Connect.]

Without the phone by his ear, the secretary looked awkwardly at Mr. Dai.

This, this, there is no microphone, how could sound pass through?

President Dai ignored the embarrassment of the secretary. He walked to the innermost cubicle in the laboratory and closed the door.

Then the secretary heard Dai Luolin’s voice in his head: “Can you hear it?”

More than just being able to hear it, it’s as if it’s right next to your ear! very clear!

Without the interference of the current sound, Dai Luolin’s voice seemed to be spoken in front of him.

The little housekeeper reminded intimately, [Are you stupid, beauty, just talk as usual.]

Although he knew that Sang Jiuchi couldn’t hear his little housekeeper, the secretary blushed embarrassedly, “Yes, I can hear it clearly, very clearly.”

Dai Luolin hung up the phone and walked out of the back room, “I can hear it clearly, and there is no noise.”

The secretary put the huge and cumbersome mobile phone aside and stroked the silver bracelet on his hand.


This is the miracle!

Mr. Dai is wise how could he be carried away by love.

This was obviously because love saved his whole family.

Sang Jiuchi was not a vixen, he is a miracle and the savior of their Dai family.

Ah, this phone is so amazing!

Sang Jiuchi looked at the time, walked over to Dai Luolin and grabbed his sleeve, “Secretary Zhou, you can go back and study the rest of the functions yourself. They are coming soon, you go meet them with me.”

If Sang Jiuchi chased him away and ordered Mr. Dai around previously, the secretary would be the first to stand up and be unhappy.

But the current secretary just wants to say, God Chi, please boldly order Mr. Dai! He is your dog! Me too, if you ask me to go, I will never stay.

The secretary took two steps back. “Then I’ll leave first, Mr. Dai, Mr. Sang.”

The secretary just took two steps when Sang Jiuchi stopped him, “Secretary Zhou, your phone.”

The secretary quickly covered his wristband, “Isn’t this already bound?”

Sang Jiuchi pointed at the bulky mobile phone on the table and smiled, “I mean this phone, don’t forget to take it.”

“Woof,” the secretary hurriedly stuffed the phone into his pocket.

I’ll lock it in the closet later and let it gather dust. With such a good phone, who else would use this.

The secretary took two steps before being stopped again.

This time it was Dai Luolin, “Don’t forget what I asked you to do. Tonight’s shareholders’ meeting will be held as usual. But the theme has changed, it will be called “the fifth technological revolution.”

The secretary’s eyes suddenly turned red, and he replied, “Okay, I’ll prepare it now!”

After seeing off the secretary, Sang Jiuchi walked to the reception room side by side with Dai Luolin.

Dai Luolin, who has always been sullen, has a smile on his face at this moment, and occasionally lowered his head and stroked the ring on his ring finger.

Sang Jiuchi wanted to laugh, “So happy?”

Dai Luolin: “Of course, this is the ring you put on me.”

He remembered something and quickly asked, “Have you done this for others?”

A ripple flashed in Sang Jiuchi’s eyes: “No, I only made one of this, and I gave it to you.”

Dai Luolin’s heart was instantly delighted.

When they entered the reception room, there were already 4 people sitting in the reception room, but they did not know why they were invited over.

They didn’t know each other and could only play with their mobile phones in a daze. The awkwardness in the reception room almost spilled out of the window.

Sang Jiuchi and Dai Luolin pushed the door and walked into the reception room.

When the four people who were in a daze saw Sang Jiuchi, almost at the same time, their eyes burst into indescribable excitement.

These 4 people had nothing in common, three males and one female.

The ages are also different, and the oldest man had gray hair.

The youngest looked only thirteen or fourteen years old, and his dark features and light brown hair showed that he was a mixed race.

The only handsome young man was calm, but he had a cane beside him.

The girl looked only in her early twenties, and her big beautiful eyes were filled with doubt and admiration.

Sang Jiuchi and Dai Luolin looked at each other and walked in front of the four.

Dai Luolin: “It’s a pleasure to meet you. Let me introduce myself.”

The girl rolled her eyes.

Who doesn’t know that you are Dai Luolin, the president of Dai Corp?

Go away, we’re not interested in you.

Dai Luolin glanced at the girl, “I’m Super Hacker, nice to meet you, Shaman.”

The girl’s eyes widened suddenly, and her eyeballs almost popped out from her eyes, “You, you, who did you say you are?!”

The shock to the other three was no less than that of the girl, and Dai Luolin swept over them one by one.

He looked at the eldest one, “Hello, White Hat.”

Then he looked at the handsome young man. “Hello, black hat.”

Finally, he fixed his eyes on the excited young man. “Hello, Cook.”

Sharman: ! ! !

White hat: ! ! !

Black Hat: ! ! !

Cook: ! ! !

Hackers still had offline meetups? What the hell!

Sang Jiuchi was very happy watching from the side, “The main purpose of inviting everyone today is that I hope you can join my team and participate in the international competition with me on behalf of China in four days.”

Sharman: ! ! !

White hat: ! ! !

Black Hat: ! ! !

Cook: ! ! !

So the purpose of this hacker offline meeting was actually to participate in a cybersecurity challenge. This was simply…



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