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IATV Chapter 14.1

“Mr. Dai, the International Association for Science and Technology has issued an economic sanction against Dai corp. Now, companies from more than 20 countries in the world have refused to cooperate with our Dai Group and the previously signed projects have also been cancelled.” The secretary was desperate as he Looked at the report in his hand, “Dai’s stock has fallen one after another, and 100 billion has evaporated in just one week.”

After reporting, the secretary’s voice trembled slightly, “Mr. Dai, if this goes on…”

Dai Luolin frowned. He didn’t know how long Dai Corp could last.

He stood on top of the towering buildings, looking down through the windows as the crowds flowed through the busy streets.

After a long time, he gritted his teeth and made a difficult decision, “Tonight , therewill be a shareholders’ meeting. I will liquidate the assets and divide it.”

(Not great with business terms, not sure what it meant)

The secretary looked at Dai Luolin in surprise.

Using asset division to protect oneself was tantamount to drinking poison to quench thirst.

But now there is no other way.

The secretary was very sad. He joined Dai Corporation as soon as he graduated. He put too much affection into Dai Corporation. He watched Mr. Dai develop Dai Corporation step by step. Dai Corporation used to be the leader of many enterprises in China..

But now, such a top company was suppressed by a group of jackals abroad that it couldn’t lift its head.

He was not reconciled, he was sad, and there was too much resentment in his heart. Dai Corp clearly still has so many beautiful visions that had not been realized, how could he have reached such a desperate situation now? Who could save Dai, and could a miracle happen?

The secretary choked, “Okay, I’ll contact the shareholders now.”

When the secretary was about to leave the room, he was stopped by Dai Luolin, “How’s the matter I asked you to investigate?”

The secretary was stunned for a second, before he remembered that it was about Sang Jiuchi.

He didn’t know what kind of drug Sang Jiuchi fed Mr. Dai, but Mr. Dai actually did all this for him.

First, a computer laboratory was set up for him, and no one was allowed to approach it.

Then, he asked people to investigate the black material of Sang Jiuchi.

In the end, he gave up the meeting with foreign companies and missed the opportunity to negotiate for the final benefit.

Now that Dai Corp was on the verge of bankruptcy, Mr. Dai still thought about Sang Jiuchi.

The secretary was reluctant to take out the report, “All the sites containing black material on Sang Jiuchi has been found, and we have already contacted the parties.”

Dai Luolin: “Tell them that at 8 o’clock tonight at the latest, I want to see their clarification and apology online, or I will send them all to jail.”

Although the secretary was reluctant, he still agreed, “Okay, I’ll do it right away.”

Just as he opened the door and was about to go out, he met a tall and handsome young man who was as sturdy as a mountain.

The secretary froze for a moment.

Sang Jiuchi looked a little anxious. He greeted Dai Luolin from a distance, “Come on, I said a surprise for you.”

The secretary turned and looked over, and saw that his BOSS, who had a sad face just earlier, was now looking like a spring breeze.

Hey, even the hero can’t resist the temptation of beauty. Even a wise man like Dai couldn’t be safe.

The secretary pursed his lips and looked gloomy, “Mr. Dai, Mr. Sang, I have matters to attend to. I’ll leave first.”

Dai Corp was about to go bankrupt, so what other surprises were there?

“Secretary Zhou, please wait a moment,” Sang Jiuchi stopped him, “please come here too.”

The secretary looked at his boss hesitantly. He had a lot of things to do, and he didn’t have time to play Sang Jiuchi’s love game. Unexpectedly, Dai Luolin nodded, “Come here then.”

Secretary Zhou: “…”

Mr. Dai, calm down! Don’t be carried away by puppy love!!!

The secretary had pasted the three words “Fox Spirit” on Sang Jiuchi’s forehead, but once Mr. Dai said something, he could only follow behind and walked into the experiment lab that Mr. Dai had never let anyone in before.

As soon as he walked into the science and technology laboratory, the secretary was stunned.

In this small laboratory, there were densely packed computers and equipment, all of which were the world’s top instruments.

The cost of these instruments alone was as high as tens of billions, and these instruments were only used by Sang Jiuchi.

It’s just a waste of money!

The secretary stood silently in a corner, watching with a cold eye. He watched Sang Jiuchi lead the fascinated Mr. Dai to a huge white table.

There were a few things on the table.

There were bracelets, small square sheets he had never seen before, mini phones, and even… rings?

The secretary frowned, this little fox was still planning to trap their great President Dai? !

Damn it!

Dai Luolin looked at the things on the table in a daze, and noticed the ring at a glance.

He didn’t know what the ring was made of, but it exuded a simple silver transparency.

“Pick one,” Sang Jiuchi pointed to the items on the table, “Which one do you like?”

Without saying a word, Dai Luolin picked up the smallest ring and handed it to Sang Jiuchi.

Sang Jiuchi took the ring and glanced at Dai Luolin narrowly, “Why?”

Dai Luolin’s wheat-colored cheeks flushed slightly, “Put it on for me.”

Sang Jiuchi’s clear eyes were shining with stars. He smiled, took Dai Luo Lin’s left hand and put the ring on his ring finger.

The knuckles of this fingers were dyed with a cold silver glow, and the size was just right, as if they were tailor-made.

The moment Dai Luolin put on the ring, his expression suddenly froze, and he looked at Sang Jiuchi in disbelief.

He heard a sentence in his mind: [Hello master, I am your exclusive mobile phone, please name me.]

Sang Jiuchi’s eyes narrowed further: “I said that I will make the newest mobile phone for you within a month. After compression processing, the smallest it can be is in the shape of a ring, but I was worried about public’s acceptance, so I made several styles.”

Dai Luolin’s voice trembled, “I heard it, I heard the voice in my mind.”

Sang Jiuchi’s smile reached the corners of his eyes, “Don’t look at its small size, it has many functions. I added brain wave reading and recognition functions to it. By touching your skin, the mobile phone will transmit signals through the body’s surface and connect to nerve fibers. It is then connected to the brain through the nerve veins of the human body. You don’t need to say what you think in your mind. As long as you have a conversation with the mobile phone in your mind, the mobile phone can work through recognition of brain waves.”

The secretary was stunned for a moment, not knowing what they were talking about.

Cell phone?

Was this thing a cell phone?

Were they cheating? !

This must be a lie

This was a living slap in the face!

Brain waves? Nerve fibers? You’ve read too much science fiction!

Sang Jiuchi also beckoned to the secretary, “You are the most trusted person around Dai Luolin, so come and try it.”

The secretary stepped forward suspiciously, picked up the silver bracelet and fastened it on his wrist.

Immediately afterwards, his face also showed the same expression as Mr. Dai.

No, it should be more than that.

[Hello, honorable gentleman. I am your mobile phone, please give me a name.]

“This, this, it, it, it, it, I, I, I…” The secretary’s eyes were wide open, and shock was written in his big eyes, “Yes, there is a ruffian’s voice talking in my head!! !”

“Ahem,” Sang Jiuchi coughed dryly, “the mobile phone will automatically identify the user’s preferences, and then generate the attributes of the little housekeeper that match the user’s preferences.”

The secretary’s head exploded.


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