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IATV Chapter 13.3

Sang Jiuchi let out a snort, “You are just an external employee who entered the Song family with the identity of an illegitimate child, what right do you have to recruit so many employees at once? If the promise can’t be fulfilled after the competition, won’t you recruit the Song family to blackmail you?”

Song Qing’s expression changed. The words “illegitimate child” were the biggest humiliation he didn’t want others to mention.

The smiles of the others suddenly faded.

Song Qing: “They are all the best talents. The Song family recruits talents, why not accept them?”

Sang Jiuchi: “What about their salary? There are nearly ten people. Who will be given a little more and who will be given a little less? A scientific researcher is also an offer, and a code farmer is also an offer. Which one would it be? If you can’t give them an answer now, I suspect you’re a liar from the Song family.”

Seven or eight people’s faces were no longer good-looking, including Zhou Liang.

The Song Group was a well-known enterprise in China, and it can be said to be one in a hundred to get an offer from their company.

Between an offer from a big company and the likeliness of losing the competition, of course they know which to choose.

But what if the promise was a hoax?

Song Qing himself said just now that “the soldiers never tire of deceit”, what if it was also his trick?

He coaxed a few of them and took four to participate in the international competition. When they were full of joy and wanted to join the Song Group, the other party said that it was just his game plan.

Damn, they almost fell for it!

Seven or eight people looked at Song Qing in unison, waiting for Song Qing to give them an answer.

Song Qing rubbed his forehead, “It’s inconvenient here, I’ll tell you about this in private.”

He wanted to tell them that he didn’t lie to them.

As long as he can win the international cyber security competition, Song’s resources will definitely be tilted towards him. At that time, he only needed to recruit a few employees, and the Song’s will not say anything.

But he couldn’t say this now. Once his ambitions were exposed to the public, Song’s mother and son will never let him go, let alone put resources into his hands in the future.

Song Qing gave Sang Jiuchi a vicious look, wishing to cut his head off.

“Everyone, don’t be tempted by Sang Jiuchi,” said one of the reasonably rational players, “Let’s get Sang Jiuchi out of the game first, and we’ll talk about the rest later.”

Although the relationship between the 14 people was in jeopardy, Sang Jiuchi was their common enemy. This proposal had been approved by everyone.

Sang Jiuchi watched them regroup, approached him viciously, and sighed softly, “I originally thought, if someone turns back, I’ll let him go. After all, there will be a team match. Now, it seems that it is unnecessary.”

Sang Jiuchi tapped a few times on the keyboard.

Zhou Liang suddenly let out an exclamation. Just one second later, the protective cover outside him suddenly burst, and countless data blocks were blown out. With a flash in front of his eyes, the screen was completely blue.

Immediately afterwards, those virus blocks that were blown out quickly smeared on other players’ source code.

They didn’t know what structure these virus blocks were. Their protective cover had been reinforced outside their source code, but those virus blocks could easily corrode their protective cover and get in.

One after another, the source code was fried into pieces, and exclamations came out of the players’ mouths one after another.

Song Qing wanted to do something, but they were too close.

His own source code was also stuckto the virus block.

Following his computer’s blue screen, the entire data forest fell silent.

Sang Jiuchi was not in a hurry to get out of the encirclement. He half-supported his head and looked at the group of people with pale faces around him, smiling brightly, “Did you really think of me as stupid? My hidden cover is unparalleled in the world especially when group of chickens wants to find me. I already guessed that Zhou Liang was a traitor when our location was first exposed, so I planted a virus on him. But I still gave him a chance. As long as Zhou Liang changed his mind, I would take him to the final victory.”

Sang Jiuchi shook his head regretfully, “Unfortunately, he insisted on betraying me. Even at the last moment, I gave you a chance. If even one of you dared to faceme in an upright confrontation, I would not trigger this string of viruses. But you didn’t catch it after all, it wasn’t me who killed you, it was you who killed yourself.”

Song Qing’s face was gloomy.

Other people’s faces were also blue and purple, especially Zhou Liang.

He lowered his head in shame, his face was burning with pain, as if he had been slapped several times.

“I guessed your guesses. Are you surprised? Are you shocked?”

“In the face of absolute strength, all your conspiracies are jokes.”

“You are not worthy of being my opponents at all. Since you have all lost, get out of here.”

Sang Jiuchi opened the door, dexterously manipulated the code to avoid obstacles and traps, and got into the most central area in full view.

The host announced the result of the game with difficulty: “The final match is over, and player No. 100 wins.”

The faces of the competitors turned green. Participating in international competitions was a team competition. Now that Sang Jiuchi had killed everyone with only one person, how could they get five people to participate in the competition!

The competition side gave Song Qing and the other players a vicious look.

Bunch of trash!

If you are not as skilled as others, you should worry about the competition instead of thinking about victory through crooked means. If you don’t provoke that little ancestor, how could he destroy your group!

It only gave them more problems!

The person in charge of the competition didn’t even want to give them a look, and shouted at the security guard: “Since you have lost, get out of here. Drive them all out!”

Song Qing’s face turned even darker. He wanted to say something but stopped talking. In the end, he didn’t say anything, and left the competition in embarrassment under the escort of the security guard.

After driving away these unsightly guys, the person in charge looked at Sang Jiuchi in a complicated manner, “Five days later, there will be the International Security Network Competition, and the requirements is for 5 people to participate. Now you are the only one to qualify, and we have the remaining four places to fill. There will be another game to choose from the remaining 14.”

Sang Jiuchi shook his head, “No, I don’t want them. They can’t do anything but hold me back and plot against me. I will choose my teammates by myself.”

The person in charge: “Okay, I’ll give you the list of participants now.”

Sang Jiuchi interrupted the person in charge, “I think you misunderstood. None of these 99 people are teammates that I recognize. I want to form my own team.”

The person in charge wiped the sweat from his forehead, “But…”

Sang Jiuchi: “I won’t give my back to someone I don’t recognize or trust. Either I quit or I set up my own team.”

The leader’s cold sweat dripped from his head.

Sang Jiuchi quit?!

How could he quit!

Sang Jiuchi’s performance in these three games had proved his outstanding ability. He was the only ace who could lead China to victory.

Even if everyone didn’t participate, Sang Jiuchi can’t not participate!

On the barrage, the screen has already begun to roll over in waves.

[You must agree!]

[You must agree!]

[You must agree!]

The shouts came one after another and contained so much emotions that the audience could not wait to rush into the screen and grab the collar of the person in charge and tell him to agree to Sang Jiuchi.

When the person in charge was stuck, a phone call came in.

The moment he saw the call, the person in charge changed his expression, and quickly answered the phone, “…Yes…Okay…I understand…Okay, I know.”

Hanging up the phone, the person in charge looked at Sang Jiuchi with a complicated look, “Okay, I agree, but you have to hurry up. You must complete the team within two days, or we will fill the rest on your behalf.”


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