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IATV Chapter 13.2

Dai Luolin stared at the calm lake, and the madness from today’s afternoon reappeared in his mind. His breathing suddenly went out of control, and the smoke he inhaled into his lungs suddenly choked him, causing Dai Luolin to cough a few times.

A soft and seductive laugh suddenly came from above his head, “Little smoker, you’re choking.”

Dai Luolin turned around when he heard the words and saw Sang Jiuchi sitting on the balcony under the moonlight.

The warm and soft moonlight fell on the young man, causing a halo of ethereal dreams.

The jade-white legs stretched out from the fence and swayed gently in mid-air.

The ten rounded toes were like polished jade stones, each of which is full, translucent and shiny.

Under the hazy moonlight, Sang Jiuchi tilted his head and looked at himself, like a night elf that only appeared in a fairy tale forest.

Dai Luolin was stunned for a while.

“Are you worried about the Dai Group?” Sang Jiuchi’s voice brought back Dai Luolin’s reason.

Dai Luolin hesitated for a while before he nodded. “Yes.”

He didn’t want to let Sang Jiuchi know about this matter, but someone as smart as him, how could he not see it?

Sang Jiuchi playfully swayed his two slender and fair legs against the night sky, and his lazy voice contained a scratchiness he had woken up with. “Don’t worry, the night before dawn is about to end. Not only Dai group, but many companies in China that are hindered by this will also usher in the dawn, trust me.”

Sang Jiuchi yawned, “I have a match tomorrow, I’m sleepy, come up and sleep with me, I have a surprise for you when the competition is over.”

The young man’s voice carried some authority, but Dai Luolin not only didn’t feel disgusted, he was also happy.

He walked into the lobby on the first floor to put out the cigarette in the ashtray, and after smelling the odor of cigarette smoke, he walked up to the second floor.

Sang Jiuchi was right, China will not remain in the night forever.

The darkness will be dispelled, and the dawn will come.

On the fifth and final day of the China Internet Security Competition, the competition came to an end, and it was at its most intense.

The final match was a brawl where 15 players were thrown together into a huge database of stats.

Not only were there various virus blocks just around the corner, there are also countless traps and mazes waiting for them.

Each player only had a string of source code, and all they had to do is to use this source code to enter the most central area of ​​the information database. During the competition, they could attack all players except themselves. The first five entrants would be the top five places.

Because it was a 15-player fight, the final was also called “Battle Royale”.

In order not to become the target of sieges from the beginning, players usually formed alliances quickly before the game.

This was also the reason why the team took a day off.

Fifteen computers formed a large circle, and all the players sat outside the circle.

“Sang Jiuchi.”

Sang Jiuchi was called when he entered the arena. He followed the voice and saw a boy who looked only eighteen or nineteen years old hiding in the corner behind the gate and waved to him timidly.

Sang Jiuchi knew this person. He was his opponent in the third round of the second match. His name seemed to be Zhou Liang.

Sang Jiuchi walked over, and Zhou Liang looked around to see that there was no one else and whispered to him, “Sang Jiuchi, be careful, they have all formed an alliance.”

Sang Jiuchi glanced at him intensely. This made Zhou Liang a little embarrassed: “They also came to me yesterday afternoon, and the leader is Song Qing. He gathered everyone together and wanted to surround and suppress you.”

Sang Jiuchi played with the royal blue bow tie on his shirt: “You didn’t participate?”

Zhou Liang waved his hand, “No, I refused. You are my idol, how could I do such a thing.”

Sang Jiuchi: “You said ‘they’ just now? How many are there?”

Zhou Liang: “It’s just 13 people other than me and you. I’m here to remind you that you must be careful later.”

Sang Jiuchi stopped playing with the bow tie slightly, “Then what will you do?”

Zhou Liang: “I have just made it to the finals. It is impossible for me to qualify for the top five. The ending is no longer important to me.”

Sang Jiuchi patted the boy on the shoulder: “Follow me later, I’ll take you to fly.”

Zhou Liang’s eyes suddenly lit up, “Thank you, Brother Chi!”

Sang Jiuchi led Zhou Liang into the competition hall, and sure enough, the other 13 people had already gathered together.

The burly man standing beside Song Qing glared at Zhou Liang. Zhou Liang shrank his neck in fright, and hid behind Sang Jiuchi.

Song Qing also gave Sang Jiuchi a provocative look that suggested their victory was inevitable.

Ho ho!

Provocation? Who didn’t know how to?

Without saying a word, Sang Jiuchi made a fist with his right hand and stretched out his thumb to swipe his neck. Finally, he pointed to the ground with his thumb down.

Courting death, I will send you to the gates of the underworld.

Sang Jiuchi’s movements were done in one go, and after finishing, regardless of the expression on the other side, he sat directly at the computer desk with his serial number and name written on it. “Come, let’s fight quickly!”

At the beginning of the game, all players’ computer screens appeared in a huge data forest after a brief blue screen.

And all they could manipulate was a small piece of code at hand. At the beginning of the game, as Zhou Liang said, the other 13 players quickly gathered together, looking like they were planning something.

Zhou Liang followed carefully beside Sang Jiuchi, who kept tapping on the computer desktop with his index finger.

The player next to him turned sideways and wanted to peek at what he was tapping, but when he looked over, only a phantom was spread out, and nothing else could be seen.

The contestant suppressed the shock in his heart and shook his head at Song Qing when no one was paying attention.

Sang Jiuchi was building a small protective cover. After he finished the construction, he also built a small protective cover for Zhou Liang who was following him.

This string of source code was very fragile, and once it encounters the virus source code, it is likely to be swallowed by the other party.

Immediately afterwards, Sang Jiuchi put an invisibility mask on himself and Zhou Liang to hide their figures.

Under the leadership of Sang Jiuchi, the two carefully passed through the trapped perimeter and began to attack the inside.

However, they didn’t know when they had been caught by the 13 people.

13 strings of codes were loaded with attack mode, and they kept attacking the two of them. The two codes were beaten down under their airtight attack.

Sang Jiuchi made a fake clone for himself and Zhou Liang again, and finally escaped from the encirclement and suppression of the 13 people.

No one knew where the problem was, no matter where Sang Jiuchi went, the thirteen people could always find them. quickly. By the end, Sang Jiuchi could hardly breathe, and the attack that came wave after wave, caused the protective cover on the two of them to be shaky.

Seeing another wave of attacks approaching, Zhou Liang suddenly shouted, “Brother Chi, come here, there is a door!”

Without any hesitation, Sang Jiuchi went through the door that Zhou Liang opened.

And the moment he got into the door, all the attacks abruptly stopped.

Zhou Liang slowly closed the door from the outside, and indifferently controlled the code to join Song Qing’s 13-member group.

In front of the computer, Song Qing slowly took his hands off the keyboard and covered his face.

He first hid his face in his hands and laughed softly, and then his laughter became louder and louder until his face could no longer be hidden. Song Qing simply took his hands away and raised his head with both hands on the table, laughing loudly.

Song Qing laughed so hard that he almost fell over, “Hahahaha, Sang Jiuchi, the art of war is clear, the soldiers never tire of deceit. You have always been alone, Zhou Liang has been on our side from the beginning. Surprise, surprise.”

Infected by Song Qing’s cheerful exaggerated smile, the thirteen people around also laughed together. Especially Zhou Liang smiled happily, he patted the table excitedly, “Brother Chi, I’m sorry, you are too strong, I just want to win against you too much.”

Sang Jiuchi looked coldly at the group of opponents who seemed to think they have won the final victory, “Isn’t there only five people who can qualify for the final? I’m very curious about what you promised them to make them willing to help you in this way.”

Song Qing stopped laughing when he had enough. “Sang Jiuchi, do you really think you were given a rest on the fourth day? You are too naive. That day was to give you plenty of time to mobilize the team. Your strength is good, but you are only one person after all. What this competition needs is a team of five who can work together, not heroic individualism. I promise them, I will take the four best players to the competition. For the others who do not qualify, Song’s door will be open to them at any time.”

The audience in front of the barrage was a little uneasy, and even Song Qing’s fans felt very complicated.

[It’s true that soldiers never tire of deceit, but shouldn’t the competition choose the best player? Sang Jiuchi is the best. ]

[Using the kindness of Sang Jiuchi, he kept exposing Sang Jiuchi’s coordinates and finally tricked him. This approach by Song Qing is really not like any good youth. ]

[Sang Jiuchi was tricked to death this time, just such a bunch of shameless people went to participate in international competitions, it would be strange if they could win. ]

Song Qing’s fans did not speak for the first time but quietly waited for the final victory.

14-to-1, it truly was a really disgraceful victory.


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