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IATV Chapter 13.1

Sang Jiuchi and Zhou Lichuan practising Tai Chi made the people on Weibo lively.

*meaning that they pushed the blame onto each other

[Can I translate their words into “Sang Jiuchi: I have never slept with Zhou Lichuan!”, “Zhou Lichuan: Yes, he used money to blackmail me, but I didn’t compromise!”? ]

[One hundred marks for your reading comprehension, bro. I see it too. Sang Jiuchi is still licking Zhou Lichuan. How much does he like Zhou Lichuan? ]

[Our Lichuan deserves to be the epitome of the entertainment industry’s moral character, and Lichuan is not called that for nothing. ]

[Since this is the case, I really don’t know how Zhou Lichuan is wronged. Zhou Lichuan’s ability to get to the present is not the result of Sang Jiuchi’s money. For four full years, if Sang Jiuchi really wanted to do something, he would have done it. He gave Zhou Lichuan the greatest respect, and he never attack him after breaking up. On the contrary, Zhou Lichuan was always beating around the bush and crying miserably. ]

[Then maybe there is something wrong with Sang Jiuchi? ]

[No, he still went for a 3s*me? Aren’t you contradicting yourself? Doesn’t that really prove that he was framed? ]

[In any case, it was wrong for Sang Jiuchi to engage in a 3S*me from the beginning. ]

[Whether it’s really that remains to be seen! Sang Jiuchi has clarified on Weibo that everything is a rumor. ]

[Sang Jiuchi is loved by everyone from his black hair to the scum in his stomach, why? ]

[Because he is good-looking, he is better than Zhou Lichuan and has no shadow. I like him and I am happy. ]

[With his talent and his ability to lead China to win in the world championships with his excellence. Look at what’s in your mouth, you can do what you want, but if you are not as good as other people, keep your mouth shut. Do you even look at what you are, do you think you are worthy of scolding Sang Jiuchi?]

[Just because he never did anything dirty, you can’t count his merits. ]

In just a few days, Sang Jiuchi, who was once kicked down into the sewers, already had a firm backing.

He conquered many people with his charisma. He was no longer the loser who was beaten down for everything he did, but a warrior who could stand against Zhou Lichuan.

Dai Luolin watched Sang Jiuchi finish posting on Weibo, his face did not show much expression. He was just curious, “What are you going to do?”

He wouldn’t be stupid enough to think that Sang Jiuchi was still thinking of his old flame, like the unknown netizens and narcissistic Zhou Lichuan.

If the wolf turns back, there must be a reason, either to repay his gratitude or to take revenge.

Gratitude? Impossible.

That leaves only revenge.

Seeing Zhou Lichuan’s response, Sang Jiuchi just smiled and threw the phone aside, “revenge.”

Certainly not just revenge.

Dai Luolin showed him the greatest love and sincerity, and he would not let himself become a stain on Dai Luolin. He will remove all the stigma surrounding him at the right time and stand beside Dai Luolin openly.

Just like how the name Dai Luolin had become Sang Jiuchi’s shield and spear, the three characters of Sang Jiuchi’s name can only be Dai Luolin’s glory.

Sang Jiuchi leaned against Dai Luolin, and began to touch his clothes.

Dai Luolin held Sang Jiuchi’s waist that was as thin as a willow with both hands, his eyes darkened, “If you want revenge, I have 10,000 ways to destroy him.”

Thinking that the protagonist halo on the son of god might hurt Dai Luolin, Sang Jiuchi waved his hand, “No, I’ll do it myself.”

Sang Jiuchi’s eyes became moist, and Dai Luolin’s hand had already reached into Sang Jiuchi’s shirt.

Sliding his hands from his waist to his thigh, Dai Luolin lowered his hoarse voice and said, “Okay, then I’ll do the rest.”

Sang Jiuchi couldn’t hear what Dai Luolin was saying, so he casually agreed: “Okay, you can come if you want.”

The corners of Sang Jiuchi’s eyes were stained with tears, and the rosy and soft lips were coated with a charming halo under the warm light.

There were already turbulent waves in Dai Luolin’s eyes.

Sang Jiuchi lay on Dai Luolin’s shoulder and saw the swimming pool in the distance.

His heart jumped and he murmured in a low voice beside Dai Luolin’s ear, “Going to the pool this time.”

In one sentence, all of Dai Luolin’s reason was cut off.

Dai Luolin got up and picked up Sang Jiuchi, who was already limp, and strode to the pool.

At noon in early summer, the sun was strong, and the crystal clear water in the swimming pool was warmed by the sun.

Dai Luolin first tested the water temperature before taking Sang Jiuchi in.

As soon as the two entered the water, the calm swimming pool rippled, and the blue mirror sparkled brilliantly under the sun.

The water bobbed around them, wrapping the two of them like water lilies one after another.

The dreamy and beautiful water lilies had endless vitality, and they continued to expand wildly, tirelessly and wantonly.

When Sang Jiuchi woke up again, it was already night. He was wearing clean pajamas that Dai Luolin had changed for him.

Dai Luolin was not around, and through the floor-to-ceiling glass window, Sang Jiuchi could vaguely see a spot of light moving outside the window.

Sang Jiuchi walked to the balcony and found that the light spot was actually Dai Luolin smoking.

Dai Luolin was a little addicted to smoking, but because he couldn’t stand the smell of smoke, Dai Luolin has not smoked for a long time.

Looks like something bad happened to him.

The evening breeze was blowing, and there were occasionally a few cicadas that sounded clear but were not noisy not far away.

Sang Jiuchi sat on the bamboo chair, leaning over and staring at Dai Luolin with his hands on the balcony railing.

A pale white mist emerged from his mouth.

Dai Luolin was very masculine when he smoked. At this time he was just like old wine that had been aged for decades, thick and sweet.

He casually put on a shirt, leaving the collar wide open to reveal tight pecs. His whole body exuded a wild and untamed bohemian vibe, emitting wild male hormones.

Sang Jiuchi squinted and licked his lips sensually, about to make his move.

Dai Luolin did not notice the quiet appearance of Sang Jiuchi. He was frowning and staring at the starry water.

The Song group has been making a lot of moves recently and was frequently in contact with X Technology.

The two of them had already begun to jointly suppress Dai’s stock market overseas. It seems that they had formed an alliance with the purpose of bringing down the Dai group.

The domestic economy was relatively stable, but the foreign financial turmoil had swept the world.

The Dai group looked solid on the surface, but in fact the insides were about to be hollowed out.

In order to meet the rigid demand of the market, he previously purchased several batches of chips from abroad at a high price, and then sold them at the original price after processing the electronic products. One high and one flat in the middle, he did not earn much profit.

Song’s and X Technology had been in a state of misery and aggressiveness. In the past two years, Dai’s income has actually been hovering below the deficit.

Sang Jiuchi’s four-dimensional code had already completed the intellectual property registration, and Sang Jiuchi was now doing research in the laboratory apart from going home every day.

Dai Luolin sighed, not knowing how long he could protect him.

Even if Mr. Dai was really on the verge of bankruptcy, he would definitely find a way out for Sang Jiuchi in advance.

He just didn’t know if he still had the qualifications to be his knight at that time.

No matter what the future holds, at least for now, he would clear all the thorns for the little guy first.

T/n: This chapter is more than double the usual length….


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