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IATV Chapter 12.2


In the secluded and dark room, the sound of whips piercing the flesh could be heard clearly.

Amidst with crack of the whip, there was a low and seductive moan that overshadowed the sound.

After a long time, the whipping sound stopped.

Song Qing walked out of the dark room with a gloomy face, followed by Zhou Lichuan with a charming look.

Zhou Lichuan hugged Song Qing from behind, “What about Hope Primary School?”

Song Qing pursed his lips. Although Zhou Lichuan was very good at earning money, all the money he earned was stuffed into his pocket.

Not only could he not gain a penny from Zhou Lichuan, but he also kept pouring money into him in order to gain resources for him.

Originally, he was a nominal young master in the Song family. Apart for the pocket money he received, the Song family would never give him anything more.

Zhou Lichuan even asked him for money to build Hope Primary School.

All his money had gone to him, where would he have any money!

“Wait,” Song Qing’s voice was helpless, “Didn’t I just invest 100 million in your movie a while ago?”

Zhou Lichuan frowned, “It’s only 100 million, so you won’t be out of money, right? I said all this during the live broadcast. If we don’t settle this matter, the audience will pick up on itin the future.”

Then why did you say it?!

Hey, don’t you want money?!

Song Qing’s head hurt with anger, “How much does it cost to build Hope Primary School?”

Zhou Lichuan: “It’s not just about building a campus, but also funding teachers, equipment, school uniforms, school books, meals, etc. Since we have to do what we want, we must do our best, and Hope Primary School will be our signature in the future. We only need to go to this place from time to time in the future. If you look at it as an elementary school, you would have a steady stream of favorability. Why won’t we do this sort of low-cost but profitable thing?”

Song Qing’s head hurt even more: “You are very good at doing business, so how much does it cost?”

After all, didn’t he spend money to buy favorability for Zhou Lichuan in the end?

Zhou Lichuan did the math, “At least 50 million. My agent has already made the connection, and I’m just waiting for your capital injection. Hurry up.”

Song Qing: “I don’t have so much money right now. What about you? Use your money first.”

Zhou Lichuan was stunned for a moment, “No, all my money is used to invest in real estate, and I don’t have so much cash. You are a young master of the Song family, and your father has money, so ask your father for it. This is a good thing, your father would definitely agree.”

Song Qing looked at Zhou Lichuan, who was inexorable in front of him, and couldn’t help but sighed, “When Sang jiuchi’s Firewall was sold, Company X sent 30 million M dollars to your overseas account.”

Zhou Lichuan was overjoyed when he heard it, “30 million M dollars, isn’t that 200 million Chinese yuan? So what are you waiting for? Right now, the agent is waiting for money.”

Song Qing glanced at Zhou Lichuan, but still took out his computer.

Zhou Lichuan didn’t understand computers, so he was bored by the side. He picked up his mobile phone and scrolled Weibo.

He gained a lot of popularity through the National Internet Security Competition, and his popularity had also successfully occupied the position of the first male star.

Zhou Lichuan was delighted to see this gratifying result, and was once again glad that he found Song Qing as his backer after dumping Sang Jiuchi.

Sang Jiuchi had some money, but it was far from the Song family’s connections.

Although when he was with Song Qing, his resources had not improved a little bit, the actor who used to be beyond his reach had taken the initiative to show affection to him and even proposed cooperation.

He clicked on the hot search, and suddenly found that #sangjiuchi statement# occupied the first place on the hot search list.

A trace of disgust flashed in his heart, what the hell was this person doing?

Sang Jiuchi was with him for four years, during which Sang Jiuchi helped him a lot.

But when it comes to Sang Jiuchi, he had no feelings of gratitude at all, only contempt and ridicule.

Zhou Lichuan clicked on the hot search, and the hot search was directly linked to Sang Jiuchi’s Weibo.

Sang Jiuchi only said one sentence: [I hereby declare that I have always respected Mr. Zhou Lichuan for the past four years, and have never crossed any boundaries. Please stop your unreasonable speculations, and don’t affect Mr. Zhou’s reputation. @周丽川]

Zhou Lichuan handed the phone to Song Qing suspiciously: “What song is this guy singing now?”

“I don’t know what kind of spell you put on him – you belittle him every day, yet he still misses you. He wouldn’t be a masochist like you, would he? Now that he has cleaned up a lot, do you want to go back and find him?”

Zhou Lichuan’s usually cold face showed undisguised disgust and rejection, “Disgusting, don’t mention him to me.”

There wasn’t a more suitable partner than Song Qing. When he was with Sang Jiuchi before, he paid too much to obtain good resources. He did not want to go back to those times.

Zhou Lichuan thought for a while, and typed a line on his Weibo: [Yes, from the beginning to the present, I have never compromised anything, including my “ex”. @Sang Jiuchi]

Want to whitewash yourself? Dream on.

He also wanted to increase his exposure a little more. Just as he had nowhere to go, Sang Jiuchi brought this opportunity to his door.

As a licking dog, he wanted to come over to show his favor, and asked him if he was worthy.

Sang Jiuchi was nothing but an animal whose company had long since shut down and was stained by black material. Why should he think that he can have him with a few nice words?

Lao Tzu is the man you can never get.

Song Qing’s eyes were mocking, “Never compromised? You really dare to say it.”

Zhou Lichuan didn’t take it seriously: “Didn’t you wipe out all my black stuff? I don’t believe in myself, I believe in your strength.”

The exchanges between the two people completely exploded the pot on Weibo.

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