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IATV Chapter 12.1

A drop of cold sweat rolled off Song Qing’s forehead.

He had been stuck with Sang Jiuchi in this virtual room for more than ten minutes.

On the barrage, the audience seemed to have not found a clue:

[Why hasn’t Song Qing transported the marker out, what is he doing? ]

[Song Qing’s expression seems very solemn, what’s going on? Can anyone come out and explain, didn’t Song Qing have the upper hand just now? ]

The male commentator murmured, “Huh”: “Player No. 100 finally realized that something was wrong and started to fight back. It’s just that he can’t win yet. Let’s see how the audience votes.”

The female commentator said: “Song Qing’s odds are now 1.2 and Sang Jiuchi’s 3.1. The voting ratio between the two is 10:1. It seems that everyone is not optimistic about Sang Jiuchi. Although the odds are very high, there are still a small number of people who bet on him. After all, a sign of Sang Jiuchi has been put down in Song Qing’s virtual space, but why hasn’t Song Qing left?”

Of course Song Qing wanted to leave.

But he couldn’t.

He didn’t know what Sang Jiuchi did to block his connection with the outside world.

Song Qing tried everything he could, but he couldn’t leave. If he forcibly disconnected, his computer would turn to a blue screen, and Sang Jiuchi could take over all his permissions and invade his room easily.

He would lose, and lose terribly.

But he could never concede defeat, and would never lose.

So even though he knew that he had fallen into Sang Jiuchi’s trap, Song Qing insisted on dodging in embarrassment.

The firewall built by Sang Jiuchi was like a city built by a giant body, indestructible.

Sang Jiuchi was the giant monster in this fortress, drawing the ground as a prison to encircle him, and unscrupulously mocking himself.

How he played with Sang Jiuchi in the past, was how Sang Jiuchi is playing with him in front of everyone’s eyes.

The black worms named Unwillingness and Humiliation began to climb up from the bottom of his heart, slowly and heavily entrenched in his heart.

Song Qing looked at the time, 20 minutes had passed.

Song Qing embarrassedly avoided another search. 22 minutes had passed.

Hold on a little longer, hold on for another 68 minutes and it’s all over.

Suddenly, Song Qing heard a low laugh from the opposite side.

Sang Jiuchi stretched over the computer, “I’m bored, stop playing.”

Sang Jiuchi said and pressed the Enter key.

Immediately afterwards, the data blocks scattered all around collapsed in an instant, flying towards Song Qing as if they were alive.

Before he could do anything, these data blocks surrounded him and turned into a cage.

In Song Qing’s room not far away, an accident happened suddenly.

The protective wall outside Song Qing’s virtual room collapsed suddenly! There was no response from the person inside, and the once copper walls and iron walls suddenly turned into a pile of rotten wood!

Strings of viruses viciously gnawed at his firewall, and without the protection of the firewall in the room, it was as if the internal organs were directly exposed to bacteria.

Sang Jiuchi walked into Song Qing’s room so casually and swept away the five markers.

Song Qing suddenly thought of the sign that he had taken from the room at first.

That’s not a marker at all! It was Sang Jiuchi who disguised the virus as a marker.

Sang Jiuchi didn’t do anything, he just created a string of viruses and waited for him to come and bring it back to his room.

Song Qing was powerless now, and could only watch Sang Jiuchi take away his spoils under his own eyes.

He was blatantly humiliating himself, just as he had humiliated the other person in the first place.

The camera was turned to Sang Jiuchi, who casually supported his beautiful and delicate chin with one hand, and tapped the computer desktop with the other hand, “Song Qing, I hope you can become stronger soon, and I look forward to the next showdown with you. .”

The accident happened too quickly. When Sang Jiuchi stood up and left the computer, the male commentator took a second to announce: “In the first game, player No. 100 won. It took 22 minutes and 23 seconds.”

[!God Chi! He actually dismantled the firewall on the other side. Is he a devil?!]

[At 22 minutes, the other groups have just started sparring, why did No. 1 lose? I don’t understand. ]

[I see, the first marker was a virus in disguise. Sang Jiuchi didn’t think about cracking the loophole at all. It was Song Qing who sent the virus into his room. After the virus entered, it began to quickly replicate the virus string from inside to infect the firewall. ]

[Sang Jiuchi: Song Qing, I predicted your prediction. ]

[Then Song Qing didn’t want to be angry, he sold himself. ]

[Song Qing is so stupid, I guess he must be crying stupidly now? ]

[Sisters, I made a profit. I just pressed all the light sticks for Sang Jiuchi. Tripled, it’s exactly tripled. ]

[Jealousy makes me unrecognizable.jpg]

[How fragrant.jpg]

Song Qing was unwilling, but still endured his anger and stood up and politely stepped down.

He was tricked and played by Sang Jiuchi from the very beginning.

Sang Jiuchi had been provoking him since the first game. He was declaring war.

A slight tremor came from the end of his fingers. He actually felt a trace of fear.

Sang Jiuchi came prepared this time. If this was revenge, it must have just begun.

This game was his biggest springboard. As long as he could become famous in this international competition, the Song family would be in his pocket. He must not let Sang Jiuchi interfere with his plan, and Sang Jiuchi must not qualify for the final.

Song Qing’s heart moved slightly, and he soon had a plan.

The rest of the match went on quickly, and Sang Jiuchi won all five games.

In the next four matches, Sang Jiuchi never met Song Qing again, and the number of people in his room was always the largest.

Not only had Sang Jiuchi’s face become pleasing to the eye, even his skills had become more convincing.

The four matches after Sang Jiuchi also ended quickly, and each game took about 20 minutes.

His odds also got lower and lower as the game progressed, from 3.1 at the beginning to 2.5 later to 1.1 at the end.

From the audience’s doubt in the beginning to their current state of kneeling and licking, it was a large-scale turnover.

In contrast, Song Qing’s room was much more bleak. There were only some Zhou Lichuan and his diehard fans in his room.

The most optimistic player before the competition has long since faded under the brilliance of Sang Jiuchi.

The two-day competition ended quickly, and the results were expected. Sang Jiuchi still qualified for first place with good results.

Because Song Qing lost a match, he could only enter the finals in fifth place.

There would be a day of rest after the second game in order to allow the players to perform in their best possible condition for the finals.

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