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IATV Chapter 11.2

In the match, the two sides were in separate camps, each had their own Internet room, and there are many markers in the room. Whoever grabbed all their opponent’s tokens first, wins. In that 90 minutes, if neither side finished the match, the player with the most tokens, wins.

The match sounds simple, but it was difficult to operate.

The match was divided into 5 matches in total. All the match tables had the same title, but the firewall loopholes between their opponents and the markers in the room were not the same.

Therefore, players could not penetrate their opponent’s room according to their own firewall loopholes, nor can they find the markers in the opponent’s room according to the layout of the markers in their own room.

During the competition, players must not only add firewalls, but also find ways to find loopholes in the opponent’s firewall, and enter the room to find the tokens.

A non-stop pattern of attacking and defending at the same time would make many players stressed.

The first aspect it tested was the players’ foundation, and the second was their coordination ability.

There were many players who performed well in the first match but fell one after another in the second match, missing the final step.

At the beginning of the match, Sang Jiuchi was not in a hurry to attack and began to repair the system loopholes.

His hand speed was still as fast as lightning, and the speed of reading characters on the computer screen was even more than ten lines at a glance.

Song Qing over on the other side was strengthening the firewall.

He suppressed his displeasure and anger and looked at the computer screen, thinking about how to torture Sang Jiuchi later.

He had hacked all the topics of this national online competition three days ago.

Yesterday’s exam results were completed and he was well prepared. He originally wanted to be a black horse, but he didn’t expect that Sang Jiuchi would appear and steal the limelight.

He has been studying today’s firewall for two days, and he even found the loopholes after three times of hiding.

The former Sang Jiuchi was like a sloppy wild dog in front of him, who he would collapse when they met. He will no longer be able to make a comeback once they meet!

Does he want to save himself?

He wanted to find Dai Luolin as his backer?

Then I will shatter his confidence again, and send Dai Luolin, his backer, to hell!

At that time, the despair on their faces must be very beautiful.

Song Qing, who had been well prepared for a long time, quickly fortified the firewall into a solid copper wall, and then began to look for loopholes in Sang Jiuchi’s firewall and attacked.

The firewall vulnerabilities on both sides were different, but Song Qing was the one who read the test papers in advance.

He quickly found a hidden loophole in Sang Jiuchi’s firewall, but Sang Jiuchi did not find this loophole.

Song Qing created a string of disguised viruses and drilled into the loophole.

In the live broadcast room, the male commentator shook his head again and again, “Song Qing has sneaked into Sang Jiuchi’s virtual room, but Sang Jiuchi is still patching the loopholes.”

The female commentator who was cooperating with him sighed: “He’s a little off. It seems that Sang Jiuchi is still far worse than Song Qing. I just started to like him a little bit.”

The male commentator said, “You’re still too young.”

In the live broadcast room, Song Qing had already obtained a marker, and returned using his original route and transported it to his room.

There were five markers in total, and each person could only take one at a time.

After getting one, Song Qing had begun to relax, but he still did not underestimate his enemy.

Over the years, he had been able to torture others for fun without being discovered, all thanks to his rigor and vigilance.

He never despised his opponent, and only reaped their heads and felt joy when his opponent was completely destroyed.

Wary, he entered the room through the hole again and picked up the second token.

In the live broadcast room, there was already an uproar, and the commentator sighed.

But Sang Jiuchi didn’t seem to notice at all, and even put his hands away from the keyboard to support himself and yawned.

[He still has the mind to stretch, how carefree he must be. ]

[This match is so boring, I thought it was an evenly matched confrontation, but I didn’t expect it to be a unilateral abuse. Song Qing is very powerful, and he is indeed the man Zhou Lichuan likes. ]

[Go away, so boring. Brothers, go to the live broadcast room 2. Both players are fighting with viruses. It’s too exciting. ]

[Sang Jiuchi, don’t be lazy, stand up quickly, come on! ]

[Come on, Sang Jiuchi, I believe in you! ]

Song Qing was sitting opposite Sang Jiuchi. Seeing Sang Jiuchi’s nonchalance, his heart that was still vigilant was instantly occupied by anger.

He enjoyed the fun of teasing and abusing his opponent with all his heart, but the other party was ignoring him.

This was tantamount to provoking him!

Sang Jiuchi, you are very good, you have completely angered me.

Song Qing’s eyes were stained with madness, the corners of his mouth twitched unconsciously, and he quickly took away the second marker.

But just as he wanted to transmit the data of the marker back the same way, he found that the loophole had been filled at some point.

Song Qing was not flustered. It was difficult to break through the firewall from the outside, but once inside, it was easy to get out.

He tried to break through, but the firewall didn’t budge.

He used brute force again, but the firewall remained motionless.

An ominous premonition began to slowly climb up from his pores to his fingertips. Instead of waiting at this hole, he looked for the next hole.

Soon, he found a second loophole.

Sang Jiuchi had not found this loophole, and it was still open.

Song Qing relaxed a little and began to transmit the markers outward.

But just when the transmission was about to reach 100%, a huge moat suddenly fell, cutting off his connection with the outside world.

The transmission of the marker became 0% again, and Song Qing was still trapped in Sang Jiuchi’s room.

Immediately after, Song Qing began to look for the second, third, and fourth loopholes, but every time the loopholes were about to be transmitted, Sang Jiuchi would always stop him in a timely manner.


Song Qing’s scalp was numb, and cold sweat began to flow from his forehead.

It wasn’t just timely, but on purpose!

He was like an eagle overlooking his prey, and he had long been staring at his prey!

He had now become Sang Jiuchi’s plate of Chinese food, but Sang Jiuchi was not in a hurry to enjoy it, but wanted to tease him before devouring him.

An unprecedented sense of crisis and anger rose from his heart.

From childhood to adulthood, he had always been playing tricks on others, and there was no one in this world who could toy with him.

If he wanted to play, he must have the ability.

He must win this match!

Even if he couldn’t get out, he will never let Sang Jiuchi leave this room.

The rules of the match were very clear. When the time is up, whoever gets the most tokens would win.

Sang Jiuchi’s token was already in his room, but he didn’t see any sign of his in Sang Jiuchi’s room.

As long as he sticks it out for 90 minutes, he could win the match!


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