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IATV Chapter 11.1

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The second double up match lasted 90 minutes each, and the five matches were divided into five time slots. Morning, afternoon and evening on the first day, morning and afternoon on the second day.

Compared with the boring problem-solving match of the first stage, the second stage was more interesting.

In order to increase the interaction and fun of watching the competition, the organizers had opened a quiz function.

Spectators get glow sticks by watching the match, and used glow sticks to guess the match outcome, and each player had their own odds for each match.

Each match had its own independent live broadcast room, and the audience could switch the live broadcast to watch any match at any time. Each live broadcast room had its own commentary, and the lens covered the room 360-degree without any blind spots. The scene and the screen could also be seamlessly switched.

In addition, the live broadcast also had a playback function, and all matches could be saved and played back after the match.

Two commentators were in charge of each matches, and there were a total of 30 commentators on site, waiting for the players to start their matches in their respective rooms.

The most attention were on Sang Jiuchi and Song Qing. Everyone thought they would meet at the end, not expecting them to meet as soon as they started.

Before the start of the match, the footage of the 15 live broadcast rooms had been given to the host stage of the studio. Zhou Lichuan, as a special guest of the whole match, would watch the matches in these 15 live broadcast rooms together with the host.

The host interviewed the special guest Zhou Lichuan as usual: “Lichuan, which group of players are you most looking forward to seeing in today’s match?”

Zhou Lichuan’s answer was airtight: “In my opinion, all the players who can enter the second match are strong. I look forward to their performance.”

The host didn’t want to let him go, “Lichuan is right, we have great expectations for all  players. Lichuan, if the match starts, which live room will you open first?”

There was a trace of annoyance in Zhou Lichuan’s eyes, but he still replied in his usual cold voice with a good temper: “The first match I will open is  live broadcast room No. 1, with the most powerful hacker in it.”

The host smiled, “Let me take a blind guess, is it Song Qing, the No. 8 player?”

Zhou Lichuan: “Who else is there beside him?”

The host finally grasped the breaking point: “Yesterday’s No. 100 player’s performance was also very good, what do you think, Lichuan?”

Zhou Lichuan’s displeasure appeared on his face, which was always as cold as a pine crane.

The host smiled and said, “To get Lichuan’s appreciation, Song Qing must be very virtuous.”

Zhou Lichuan loosened his brows, “He is the best person I have ever met. Song Qing is very low-key and has done a lot of great things in private. He often goes to the orphanage to visit the lonely elderly, and he also sponsors several poor students. Some time ago, he discussed building a Hope Primary School with me, and now he has put it on his agenda. He has done a lot of things, but he never thought about making them public.”

Host: “No wonder Song Qing is favored by you. Song Qing is dignified and handsome. I thought you were also a member of the Appearance Association.”

Zhou Lichuan: “Then you really misunderstood me. I never valued appearance. In my opinion, a beautiful appearance is all the same, but a noble soul is one in a thousand.”

Now was the time for a full blowout.

Song Qing had always been ignored by the Song family. He used this live broadcast to establish the image of this “top ten noble youth” for Song Qing. In the future, Song Qing will only be grateful to him when he has the opportunity to compete with the Song family.

Song Qing was relying on him now, and he could only get better.

Sang Jiuchi became famous in the first battle, and his popularity instantly climbed to the first place in the entire network.

And his opponent was the current boyfriend of his ex. Before the live broadcast started, the live broadcast room with their names was already full of people.

After yesterday’s battle, Sang Jiuchi gained a lot of fans who had come to watch his match.

And Zhou Lichuan’s die-hard fans were also part of Song Qing’s audience.

[Come on, Sang Jiuchi, continue pushing today, sister is optimistic about you. ]

[Looking forward to today, Emperor Chi will continue his massacre! ]

[Everyone likes the piece of plagarizing trash, are you here to pick up trash? ]

[Song Qing is a true gentleman when he does good deeds without leaving his name, Song Qing, come on! ]

[Only won one match, what is there to boast? Song Qing is an all-rounded player, just wait to be abused, rookie. ]

[You guys are so shameless, what’s wrong with us liking Sang Jiuchi? At least our Sang Jiuchi never rubbed off on your Zhou Lichuan’s popularity. It was Zhou Lichuan who brought out Sang Jiuchi at every turn to get popular, why? Trying to use our Sang Jiuchi to get some heat? ]

[Song Qing did not leave his name after doing good deeds, so why did Zhou Lichuan say it in front of so many people? Disgusting.]

[Sang Jiuchi has clarified on Weibo that everything is a rumor. Do you know that it is illegal to slander others? Be careful or uncle police will come to you.]

[Also, the competition is a comparison of strength, and the archway is established at every turn. After boasting so much, he will still be beaten up by our Jiuchi later. With such a high profile, is he not afraid of falling to his death?]

The people outside the arena were already fighting, but the people inside were very calm.

Sang Jiuchi and Song Qing sat facing each other, with two computers in the middle.

With the “start” from the host, the timer in the upper right corner of the screen started to roll, and the match officially began.


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