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IATV Chapter 10.2

After going crazy last night, he stayed up all night, took a bath for more than an hour, and smoked for another hour before he managed to suppress the madness in his heart.

After that, he gently brought the small sofa over and watched Sang Jiuchi all night.

He thought about it a lot through the night, thinking about when they would live together, when he would cook for him, what clothes to buy for him, what gifts to give him, where to take their wedding photos, where to get married, where to spend time their honeymoon, where to spend their rest of their lives when they were old…

He fantasized from the beginning to the end, waiting happily for Sang Jiuchi to share all this with him when he woke up.

For the first time ever, the silent man opened his and embraced another without reservation.

As a result, this was it?

No need to take responsibility?

Dai Luolin lowered his head, “You don’t need me to take responsibility, but I need you to take responsibility for me.”

Want to dump him after he’s done?

What the fuck is this guy thinking?


Sang Jiuchi faltered, and the quilt slipped a little further.

He really did not expect that the twenty-seven year old Dai Luolin was still a baby. Although it was also his first time, it wasn’t the same.

He was sealed on the day of his adulthood, and he had no chance to fall in love or kiss. Now that he finally got out of the seal, and met such a man that matched his appetite, he naturally made the first move.

But Dai Luolin was young and handsome, and there should be countless bees and butterflies around him, yet he had never even kissed someone?

Sang Jiuchi frowned and glanced at junior Dai Luolin. He had already experienced its vitality last night, so it wasn’t a problem.

He thought he slept with a playboy, but instead, he slept with a monk?

Seeing Sang Jiuchi’s questionable gaze, Dai Luolin’s face darkened: “I’m not sick.”

Sang Jiuchi sighed, leaning against the soft leather headboard, “I really like you, and I’m also very satisfied with your performance last night. Of course I’d be happy if you want to fall in love with me, but weren’t you very hesitant just now? You should also know about my affairs, my reputation is not very good, promiscuous, thieving and everything I’m not worthy of you at all.”

Hearing Sang Jiuchi belittling himself like this, Dai Luolin’s face has become as dark as the bottom of the pot, “I never cared about this kind of thing, why do you talk about yourself so badly. What I like is you, not your past. No matter how dirty your past is, I am willing to face it with you. Besides, the Sang Jiuchi I know is completely different from the rumored Sang Jiuchi. I don’t believe that you did those things. I was struggling because… …”

Dai Luolin paused for a while, and then coughed slightly shyly: “It’s because I don’t know if I was too rough last night and hurt you. I was thinking about how to restrain myself in the future.”

Sang Jiuchi put away his cynical smile, and looked at Dai Luolin with a pair of deep eyes, “Then what do you want?”

Dai Luolin paused when he was asked, he nervously rubbed his trouser pants with both hands. “I want to be your lover.”

Sang Jiuchi: “Lover? Like Zhou Lichuan? I don’t want it.”

He remembered the humiliation Sang Jiuchi had received from Zhou Lichuan, and his heart suddenly hurt.

He didn’t blame Sang Jiuchi for not wanting to set foot in love again. Four years of company brought him a betrayal. If it were him, it might be even worse.

If Sang Jiuchi was unwilling, he would not force it.

Since he didn’t want to be lovers, he would return to his previous role again, and act as Sang Jiuchi’s protector, so that he will never be hurt again.

Suppressing the loss and discomfort in his eyes, Dai Luolin flattened the corners of his mouth with difficulty: “If that’s the case, then we…”

Sang Jiuchi raised his head, “But I need a knight who can accompany me and never betray me. Even if the world abandons me and attacks me, he will stand by my side to protect me and forever believe in me.”

Dai Luolin regained his composure in a flash, the loss in his eyes was gone in an instant, and the bottomless black pupils in the past were now bright and shining, as clear as the clear pool water outside the window.

He got up from the sofa and walked in front of Sang Jiuchi. He took the other person’s hand gently, and pressed a kiss on the back of his hand reverently. “From today onwards, I will always be by your side, forever. I will never betray you.”

The National Cyber ​​Security Competition lasted for five days in total. After the audition on the first day, there would be no rest time before the second competition.

The first was a solo show, and the second was a team game.

Thirty players, according to the ranking of the first game, would be combined for PK, and the winner would get points.

The game lasted for two days, and each player would play five games. Finally, the top 15 players were selected according to the total ranking of points to enter the final competition.

Sang Jiuchi was late when the second game was about to start.

Since Dai Luolin rolled out the red carpet for him yesterday, it had been out of control.

Today, Dai Luolin not only covered the red carpet, but also sprinkled blue rose petals on it.

Dai Luolin wore the blue rose in his suit on the left, like a responsible guardian, escorting his king into the game step by step.

Thanks to Dai Luolin being the sponsor for the competition, the program team didn’t dare to say anything about the two people’s rampant behavior.

With such a backer that is more solid than a diamond, as long as Sang Jiuchi doesn’t cheat in the next game, even if he overturns the game, the competition side would not dare to do anything to him.

As soon as the second game started, Sang Jiuchi ran into Song Qing.

Oh, this is really enemies meeting on a narrow road.


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