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IATV Chapter 1

【Ding! The invasion of the elementary D-level plane is successful, and soul fusion has begun! 10%, 30%, 70%, 100%! 】

【Ding! Congratulations to the host, the soul fusion is successful! Starting transmission of the world story!】

Sang Jiuchi woke up from the weightlessness of soul fusion and found himself in a dark room. The room was dark and cramped, and there was a faint musty smell that only appeared from a long time of disrepair.

He rubbed his aching forehead, and felt an accompanying of wave of nausea.

【Ding! Warning! The system has detected that the body has swallowed a large amount of sleeping pills and is in a state of overd*se. The system has activated emergency measures and conducted forced detoxification!】

As soon as the system’s voice fell, Sang Jiuchi felt a stinging pain like an electric current rushing through his body.

The stinging pain flowed from his chest cavity through his limbs and bones, and every pore where it went through was as painful as being stabbed by a thousand needles.

A lot of sticky and smelly black fluid seeped out from his pores and emerged on the surface of his skin. After a while, Sang Jiuchi was wrapped into a black ball.

However, the discomfort on his body also disappeared along with the discharge of the toxins. After the black fluid was completely discharged, Sang Jiuchi got up and walked into the bathroom following his memory.

He was now a tasker and was bound by a quick transmigration system called the “Villain Self-Saving System” not long ago. The system told him that as long as he completed ten tasks and passed the final system evaluation, he could return to his real world.

Now was his first mission plane, a D-class modern plane.

The original owner of this body had the same name as himself, Sang Jiuchi.

He actually had two memories in his mind now, one was the world plot given to him by the system, and the other was the original host’s own memory.

The world plot present in his mind in the form of words was from the perspective of the son of god. If he really had to define it, the world plot was more like a script in progress.

In the world plot, the original owner was a complete cannon fodder villain. Not only did he threaten Zhou Lichuan, the son of god, to be his lover, he also stole the core technology of foreign companies, and finally committed suicide after the incident.

In the original host’s memory, things were quite the opposite.

The original host was a gifted boy who graduated from the world’s top university, DZ University with a master’s degree in cyber security at the age of 18. Inspired to serve his motherland, he returned to China immediately after graduation and founded Sangshi Technology Company, which had won numerous awards since then.

The son of god in this world was called Zhou Lichuan, who was now the hottest top artist in China and the ex-boyfriend of the original host. In order to support Zhou Lichuan’s acting career, the original owner sank almost all the money he made on Zhou Lichuan.

But Zhou Lichuan was an ungrateful white-eyed wolf. After he was made popular by Sang Jiuchi, he immediately approached Song Qing, the young master of a three-generation chaebol family. In order to get together justifiably, the two even conspired to plot against the original owner.

Zhou Lichuan first gave the original owner some medicine to render him unable to move. Song Qing also spent some money to find two women to enter his room, then notified the paparazzi.

Soon, the news of the original host taking drugs took the top spot on the hot search list.

Zhou Lichuan immediately confronted him on the basis of morals and naturally proposed to break up.

But at this moment, Sang Jiuchi was not defeated. In addition to love, he had greater ambitions in his heart. His technology company was developing a new firewall at the time, and he quickly turned grief and anger into strength and reinvested his feelings into research and development.

Three months later, when his firewall was announced, a foreign X technology company sued him in international court.

This company had come out with their firewall a week in advance, and the core technology of that firewall was exactly the same as the core technology of the firewall developed by the original host.

Sang Jiuchi couldn’t understand. This firewall technology was the result of his team’s two years of effort, and the core technology was his own efforts; he had never stolen anyone else’s!

But the fact was that he had to rescind the release of the firewall, and lost a lot of money for it.

With this scandal, other rumors began to spring up like mushrooms after a rain. Overnight, the original owner became a drenched rat crossing the street ; All his previous honors disappeared.

Afterward, his company suffered heavy losses under Song Qing’s suppression and finally had to declare bankruptcy. On the day he declared bankruptcy, Song Qing found the original host and told him the truth.

Framing, spreading rumors, suppression. All of them were done by Song Qing. Only then did the original host know that his core technology was stolen by Zhou Lichuan a year ago and handed over to Song Qing, who then sold it to the X technology company.

On that day, the original host completely collapsed.

Seeing the collapsed expression of the former person who was always confident and sunny in the past, Song Qing actually laughed happily. He called himself a hunter, and always took pleasure in humiliating his prey.

Under the torment of the two, the original host lost everything, and the original host was like a stray dog ​​who could only survive in this cramped apartment.

One day after, the original owner looked back on the past and found that his ideals and aspirations could no longer be realized in this life. He wrote a book in despair and committed suic*de by overd*sing on sleeping pills.

The memory of the original owner ended here, and then the world plot reconnected.

The news of Sang Jiuchi’s suicide was suppressed by Song Qing. Later, with Song Qing’s help, Zhou Lichuan took his career to a higher level. He soon went from China to the world and became an international first-line movie star.

Walking out of the bathroom, Sang Jiuchi’s beard had been shaved off, revealing a pale face.

He looked around in the closet, and finally found a fairly neat shirt and jeans.

Putting his shirt on, Sang Jiuchi walked to the mirror with his slender legs, and buttoned it up one by one from the bottom up.

Sang Jiuchi looked at his body in the mirror while putting on his clothes.

The original host’s appearance was seven or eight parts similar to his previous self, and even if he was thin and gaunt, he couldn’t hide the original beauty of this face.

The original host was skinny all over, and there was no trace of blood on his skinny face.

He had a pair of eyes so bright that it was like the morning star before dawn, piercing the darkness and piercing the heart.

Sang Jiuchi frowned slightly as he looked at the thin young man in the mirror, [F001, this body is too weak, is there a way to solve it?]

F001: [The system can use 1000 plane points to strengthen the body to the most powerful stage. Since the host does not currently have any plane points, it needs to be overdrawn in advance. Interest is 50%.]

Sang Jiuchi cursed “scheming profiteers” in his heart, but still said in his mind: [Do it.]

F001: [Ok. Ding! Withdrawal of 1,000 plane points in advance for body repair complete. Once the task is over, a total of 1,500 points including interest will be charged.]

As the voice of the system fell, Sang Jiuchi suddenly felt a force flowing from the inside of his body, and the man in the mirror began to revitalize at a speed visible to the naked eye.

His pale sunken cheeks became plump, his chapped lips became rosy, and even his skin became fair and tender. Sang Jiuchi looked at the man in the mirror again. The face that was only seven or eight parts similar before was now very similar.

The man in the mirror was handsome and remarkable, with a pair of bright eyes shining with the deep luster of black pearls. The delicate collarbone was hidden under the shirt, and the slightly raised shirt  revealed the man’s tight mermaid waistline.

Because the half-length hair that had not been trimmed for a long time was wet and stuck to his head, his whole figure appeared like a charming siren hiding in the deep sea, exuding an incredible charm that could easily take away reason from others.

Even the system couldn’t help but exclaim: [This damn temptation. Lord host, you are the most beautiful host I have found after so many rounds!]

Sang Jiuchi didn’t change his expression, “Can you wipe out my debt for the sake of my beauty?]

F001 immediately felt like he had met a great enemy: [Impossible!]

Sang Jiuchi looked at himself in the mirror with satisfaction, [F001, why is the original owner’s memory so different from the world’s plot?]

F001 hesitated for two seconds, but answered honestly: [In general, the memory is more accurate. In order to beautify the son of god, the world plot will erase or modify some details.]

After getting the answer he wanted, Sang Jiuchi did not continue talking to the system.

He looked around and found that this was a very tiny and cramped apartment, only 40 square meters in size, enough to accommodate a few necessary pieces of furniture.

But in this narrow apartment, the original owner built two huge bookshelves on the two walls, and the bookshelves were neatly stacked with books.

Books were neatly stacked from top to bottom and from left to right, which showed the original owner’s cherishment of these books.

There was a broken table in the hall not far away, and on the table laid a kraft paper envelope.

Sang Jiuchi paced to the table in the hall, picked up the unique letter, and read it.

The first line, with only seven words, read: “To my beloved country:”

These seven characters were written stroke by stroke, pious and sincere. After writing these seven characters, it seems that all the strength of the male protagonist had been exhausted, and the handwriting at the back gradually turned to scribble. At the end of the writing, the lines of the characters showed signs of trembling.

There was not too much hatred towards Zhou Lichuan in the letter, but more guilt towards his motherland. He was ashamed of his own bad reputation and how it had smeared his motherland. The scandal of a high academic talent was far more shameful to his motherland than the scandal of an actor in the entertainment industry. At the end of the letter, he still expressed regret for not being able to fulfill his wish to serve his motherland.

After reading it, Sang Jiuchi carefully folded the letter, stuffed it into a cowhide envelope, and placed it on the table.

Looking at this cramped but well-organized room, Sang Jiuchi sighed softly.

By the time of his death, the original owner had been viewed by the public as a villain. Promiscuous, greedy, insidious, and cunning. The public couldn’t wait to put all the vicious labels on him.

But in fact, Sang Jiuchi was still a young child when he died, and the photos taken by the paparazzi were just of those two women coming out of his room in a mess. Then there was the so-called promiscuity, which was only in text, without even photos for evidence.

False rumors can easily destroy a person.

F001: [Master host, I’m going to release the system task.]

Sang Jiuchi rubbed his eyebrows, [Okay.]

F001: [Ding! The system task is issued below: Please prevent Zhou Lichuan, the son of god, from becoming a world-class movie star. Mission Difficulty: D level.]

[Note: This is a mandatory task, and it is automatically accepted once it is released. It cannot be rejected or failed. After the task is completed, the host can obtain 1 million plane points and enter the next plane. If the mission fails, the host will be obliterated by the system.]

F001 paused for a second: [Master host, for your own sake, please complete the task.]

Sang Jiuchi smiled, and the corners of his eyes were stained with a charming evil spirit, [Of course, for Sang Jiuchi.]

When it came to tasks, the system was more active than Sang Jiuchi: [Master host, do you have any ideas for completing the task?]

Sang Jiuchi: [Do you have any good suggestions?]

F001’s tone was eager to try: [Frankly speaking, of course! That is to attack the opponent from the place that the opponent cares about the most. Let’s go all out! Depending on your conditions, you can definitely step on Zhou Lichuan’s head. At that time, we will slap him in the face and let him know what is meant by “the way of heaven is good for reincarnation, but your retribution is me”.]

F001 had already made up a big show of revenge and face slapping in the rich entertainment industry.

Sang Jiuchi’s head buzzed: [With your brain, this is all you can think of?]

F001: [Could there be a more shocking way than this?]

Sang Jiuchi: […]


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