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I Need a Wife – Chapter 2 part 1

Blind Date (2)

Like what Sun-woo said, Eun-sung was venting her anger toward her. She had to spare her long-awaited weekend, sacrificing her chance to rest. In the early morning, she had already woken up and went to the hair salon she reserved where she got her hair done. Everything from head to toe was new for today. It wasn’t like she set high expectations on her date. She was just the type of person who had to plan and prepare everything without a flaw, she hated it when something didn’t go as she planned.

But above all, she vowed to herself that this was the last time she would do this, and that’s why she put more effort than before.

Eun-sung never hoped to meet someone who matched her effort. All she wanted was someone whom she could exchange opinions with and worthy of being a marriage partner, but who came was a woman instead. One said that if you’re unlucky, misfortune will come to hunt you, it was exactly what had happened to her. Then, at a bad time, Sun-woo laughed as if her plan was going well. It made her mood turn sourer.

Even so, Sun-woo did nothing wrong. In the end, Sun-woo was also the victim of the mistake by the matchmaking company like Eun-sung. She had no right to take it out on her even if Sun-woo’s day went better than hers.

Ah, I shouldn’t have said that. I’ve to fix it.

As soon as the waitress set their food and left, Eun-sung tried to apologize to Sun-woo. However, she outright avoided Eun-sung’s eyes by focusing on her food, wanting nothing to do with her. And clearly, Sun-woo didn’t enjoy her food. Eun-sung could see how she was stuffing food into her mouth at a fast pace so she could leave soon. Eun-sung became feeling more and more guilty at the sight.

She watched Sun-woo cut the steak on the plate while avoiding her. Sun-woo had brown long straight hair that reached the waist. Perhaps she rarely let her hair down, Eun-sung kept catching Sun-woo sweeping her hair back and gathering it. She was wearing a light pink dress completed with an ivory tweed jacket. It was the style that the shop clerk recommended when Eun-sung asked the clothes to wear on the blind date. The one-piece dress with soft lines and feminine, cute colors subtly showed Sun-woo’s slender yet curved body. A style that wasn’t suitable for the straight body type, too-tall, and sharp-featured Eun-sung. It suited Sun-woo who had a petite body, it made her look pure and pretty.

Sun-woo fits with the statement, “The style that men will like,”’ mused Eun-sung on her head.

On the other hand, Eun-sung always heard that her style was not something men would like, that even though she was independent and elegant it wasn’t something the men were looking for. Some people even crossed the line by saying “The style that intimidates the men.” It was really ridiculous and rude but she heard it quite often. As a result, Eun-sung felt conscious about it without her realization.

But well, since she’s a lesbian, she wouldn’t care less about what the style men would like. No, it’s not the time to think about this.

Eun-sung steeled herself to open a conversation with Sun-woo who was dodging eye contact.

“Hey, Ms. Sun-woo. I made a mistake just now…” She started by calling Sun-woo and then apologized for her slip of the tongue.

“Don’t worry. It’s true.” Instead of her head, Sun-woo waved her hand that held the knife to dismiss Eun-sung’s words. Her tone was flat as if it was something that didn’t matter.

“Still, what I did is wrong. I’m sorry. The meal is on me.” Eun-sung tried to apologize again. She thought it would be convenient to pay for her meal. It seemed like Sun-woo liked her suggestion since she nodded and said, “Yeah, sure.”

“Then, can I ask you something too?”

Suddenly, Sun-woo asked after she put down her tableware while Eun-sung was about to hold it. There was only half the food left on Sun-woo’s plate.

“Yes,” replied Eun-sung. She was a little nervous because she thought Sun-woo wanted revenge.

“Why are you in a rush?”



“Did I say I’m in a rush?”

“No. But earlier you said, ‘don’t have any serious intention about marriage’ and it hit me, ‘Ah, this person is in a rush to get married.’ Am I wrong? Isn’t that why you’re outraged?”

“It’s not that I’m rushing to get married…”


Eun-sung hesitated for a moment, she wanted to give an adequate answer. But she would feel guilty if she evaded it like a cunning fox after spoiling the mood, so she decided to answer truthfully.

“No, you’re right. I’m rushing to get married. I want to do it as fast as possible.”


“Why? I’m 32 years old. You’re here because of pressure from your parents, so I believe you understand. If you’re single and not dating anyone at this age, you’ll be told you’re the one with the problem.”

“Is it just because of that? Because of people’s opinion?”


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