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I Need a Wife – Chapter 1 part 2

Blind Date (1)

“So, you’re telling me that the partner has been switched?”

At Sun-woo’s question, an employee of the matchmaking company responded with a very small yes.

“But, how?”

“There are male members who have the same name as you two… No, I mean, I’m not sure how this could happ–”

“Stop, what are you trying to say–Haa… Okay, I got it.”

Sun-woo ended the call not long after, the employee seemed unreliable.

“Have you figured it out?” asked Eun-sung after waiting for Sun-woo to finish the call.

“Yes, so… Honestly, I don’t really buy it. But first, listen to the explanation.”

“What did they say?”

“It’s because our names, Kim Sun-woo and Lee Eun-sung, are both neutral.”

“Right… I’ve heard a lot that it’s like a man’s name.”

“They said there was a mistake. There are members with the same name but different people. That’s why… Today we were originally supposed to meet the male version of Kim Sun-woo and Lee Eun-sung.”

“Ah.” Eun-sung’s exclamation came short, she understood the situation now. “Then, where’s the man of ‘Kim Sun-woo’ now…?”

“I’m sure he’s at home since he hasn’t heard of it.”

Haa…” Eun-sung heaved a sigh while rubbing her temple. “How could this happen…”

“I know. What a big oddity. How could there be such a coincidence?”

“Still, what a waste of time.”

“Tell me about it…”

Sun-woo stopped her sentence in mid, her face lay on the table and her shoulder was shaking.

“……Ms. Kim Sun-woo, are you crying?”

Confusion latched on Eun-sung’s voice as her arm stretched out to Sun-woo’s shoulder on the table.

At that time, Sun-woo lifted her head and burst into a fit of laughter after holding it back. Her current situation was absurd but at the same time reasonable it made her laugh.

“Ahahahaha… haha. This is crazy.”

“Why… are you laughing?”

“Just found it funny. Ah, my life is really like out from a sitcom…”

Sun-woo continued giggling with mumbling between it. Once she started laughing, she couldn’t stop it.

“What… are you laughing at?”

“Oh, me. In the first place, I’m not destined to have men in my life. Now I can finally say that heaven proves it, hahahaha!”

“You mean–”

“Yes, I’m lesbian.”

Eun-sung pursed her lips, surprised at her unexpected answer. Right at that time, a waitress came. A waitress wearing a black apron made eye contact with Eun-sung while making a perplexed face. It looked like she had unintentionally listened to the conversation. Eun-sung eyed the waitress and then at Sun-woo. Sun-woo shrugged her shoulders as if nothing was wrong, even though the second before she shocked both the waitress and Eun-sung.

“Excuse me… May I take your order?” asked the waitress.

“Oh, I’ll stay to eat. You can leave first,” informed Eun-sung to Sun-woo. She thought as her time had gone wasted, it was better to make the best of it by eating lunch and then leaving. She told the waitress to wait as she was going to order soon.

“Me either. I rarely come to places like this,” answered Sun-woo. But suddenly, she shouted “Ah!” to herself. “Then, I’ll get another table.”

“I’m fine with you staying, but do what makes you comfortable,” Eun-sung assured her.

“Same with me. I don’t even like eating alone. And not to mention, eating alone here is a bit…” Sun-woo trailed off while scanning around them.

Sun-woo was right. It would be more embarrassing to eat alone in such a restaurant. They finally reached an agreement to eat together and then place their order with their own preference. While waiting for food, Eun-sung observed Sun-woo. It was the first time someone bluntly come out at the first meeting.

“Ms. Kim Sun-woo.”


“Can I ask you something?”

“Sure. If… you’re curious about something.”

“On a blind date, why did you come out?”

As a lesbian.

Those words she wanted to add, died in Eun-sung’s mouth. Sun-woo would understand even if she didn’t explicitly point it out.

“Ahhh.” Sun-woo hesitated to answer for a moment.

“Oh, if you feel uncomfortable–”

“Because of my mom.”

“Your mother?”


“Doesn’t your mother know?”

Sun-woo’s lips turned into a thin line and shrugged her shoulders. It seemed like something Eun-sung should never have brought.

“I see, you were coming out the first time we met… Because you just thought I am open-minded.”

“Oh, that’s right. Almost everyone is open-minded. But not the parents.”

“But I still don’t understand.”

“What is it?”

“Although you don’t have to come out to your mother… It’s unnecessary to come out of the closet with your blind date. If you have no serious plan for marriage, it’s become a hassle for the other party. You should confess it when asked.” Eun-sung explained.

She wondered if there would be anything more ridiculous than the suitor being forced to come out because they couldn’t stand up to their parents’ rage.

Even so, this was already Eun-sung’s fourth blind date. Every week, she went on a blind date, and from the first to the third, no one clicked with her. That’s why she was thinking of giving it up altogether. However, she still tried to go to the fourth and vowed this would be the last time. To her surprise, the one who came for the fourth time was a woman. Eun-sung was beyond irritation. At this point, she felt dispirited.

On the other hand, Sun-woo’s smile fell at Eun-sung’s words. “Ms. Lee Eun-sung.”


“Are you taking out your anger on me now? This happened not because of me. I’m not asking you to judge my life. We’ll only see each other once, so let’s just have fun while we’re eating together.”

Sun-woo said with a cold tone.

Eun-sung was surprised. Although she wasn’t sure what to say, she tried to speak again but their food came at that time.

To everyone who read this because of the smut, I’m sorry but I’m doing the safe version of this series lol The spicy part is in the epilog. Am I going to translate the smut part? Probably? Depending on the demand ;p

Put that aside, you can see an illustration for our beautiful heroines {here} to give you a gist of what they look like! Look how cute they are together <3


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    Thank you for the translation! How long is the series total?

    1. CrumbsTryingtoTL says:

      The main story has 12 chapters (and the safe zone I’ll translate), with the 13th as the ‘true ending’ since in that chapter they get married and you know what’ll follow 😉 Epilog has 3 chapters I believe

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