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IBDOW Chapter 4

It had been two weeks since the after-school incident.

During that time, the senpai approached me every day.

At first, it was only on my way to and from school, but after a week, she started coming to me even during my lunch break.

And today was one such day, a Friday lunch break.

“Yuya, are you with Reika-senpai again today?”

“Natsuki, even you are abandoning me?”

“No, Yuya is ditching me, if you think about it normally.”


When that senpai visited my classroom for the first time, a girl I had never spoken to suddenly called out to me, calling for me, so I went out into the hallway.

“Ah, Yuya-kun. Let’s have lunch together!”

She said that to me in the midst of many spectators.

She’s really popular, isn’t she?

The stares from the boys were especially painful. The girls looked at me with interest.

“I’m sorry.”

“Are you going to have lunch with someone?”


Not particularly, though.

“I want to meet Yuya-kun’s friend too.”

Wow, what a hassle. I see what you mean.

I finally understand. She is trying to make a spectacle out of me.

I tried to leave without saying a word.

“Please Wait!”

“I won’t wait.”

That was the end of that day, but the next day, her behavior escalated.

While Natsuki and I were eating, she came over to us and said,

“Let’s eat together!”

Are you serious…

I have been trying to avoid seeing her since then, but she keeps showing up every time.


And so we come to the present…what shall I do?

Do I run away again today?

No, there’s no point in running away, so let’s eat in the classroom.

“Natsuki, let’s eat together today.”

“Yeah? Yeah, it’s okay. Don’t you have to run away from your senpai?”

“Because I know it doesn’t make sense.”

“Hmm. I understand.”

I put the desks together and spread out my lunch.

The hallway became a little noisy.


“Let’s eat together!”

After all, she came.

“I understand.”

“Uh, yeah.”

“But Natsuki, too.”

“Oh, yes. I’m totally fine.”

Then, she tried to start eating, but…

“Senpai, I have been telling you for a while that you are too attached. I heard that senpai has an atmosphere that keeps others away. You’re destroying such an image of yours.”

Then move the desk to the right.

“It’s all right. I only do it with Yuya-kun, and I have no reason to talk to others.”

Then she also moves to the right.

“Hey, Yuya. Do you need me here?”

“Very much so.”

Without you, I would have a mental breakdown.

It was close before. I try to read behind the scenes just by talking.

I think about it too much and lose track.

But just having you around makes me feel a little safer.

And so lunch break ended with the attack and defense, and classes were held, and then it was after-school.

I said goodbye and left as fast as I could.

This was because I had left school earlier than my senpai on two occasions and had not seen her.


“Yuya-kun, you’re early.”

She was there before me.


“Well, wait. Tomorrow is Golden Week, right?”

Oh, that’s right. I was so preoccupied with my senpai that I couldn’t think of anything else.

“Want to go out with me tomorrow? I’ll be waiting for you at the station… I’ll be waiting.”


… What shall I do tomorrow?

Unconsciously, my feet speed up. As if to dispel the haze in my mind.


“I’ll be waiting for you.”

I ran home.


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