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IBDOW Chapter 3

Go to the classroom and take a little rough breath.

Forget about what just happened. It’s for my own good.

I have to study for the morning quiz.


After that, I studied in silence, and before I knew it, quite a few people had arrived in the classroom.

“Good morning, Yuya.”

“Oh, good morning, Natsuki.”

He’s a refreshing guy from the morning.

“What’s up? You look a little gloomy. What’s wrong?”

“… No, it’s nothing to worry about.”

I wonder if it was on my face that much.

Or is Natsuki’s intuition that keen?

“If so, that’s fine. Then, let’s go have fun after school today.”

“Oh, sure.”

It’s nice to have a male friend to play with.

“Hey. Take your seats. We’re going to start the quiz.”

Another day of hard work.


Then I went to class, had lunch, and went after school.

“Natsuki. Where are you going to play today?”

“I haven’t decided.”

“What’s that?”

We headed for the school gate, talking about such trivial things.

“Oh, hey Yuya-kun!”

I think someone called my name, but I don’t care. It doesn’t matter.

I think it’s self-conscious to assume that someone is talking about me, even if they are waving their hands and looking at me.

Above all, I am not good with women.

Since that time yesterday.

What’s more…

“How about a game center?”

“Great, but… Yuya. You’re being called. That too, by that Reika-senpai.”

“That woman, her name is Reika?”

“Hey, come on, seriously?”


“She’s the most popular senpai in the school with the boys. She is very beautiful, smart, and has an atmosphere that keeps the others away. Well, she’s just an amazing senpai.”

“Really? I see.”

Keep others away?

… Oh, well.

“Let’s go to the game center sooner.”

“Oh, hey. Are you sure?”


“Of course, it’s about Reika-senpai.”

“It’s fine. It doesn’t matter. I don’t know her.”

“… If Yuya says so. It’s okay… Is it?”

“It’s okay.”

If you are the prettiest girl in school, why do you like me?

It’s too suspicious and scary.

You can’t afford to be fooled.

Let’s go to the arcade soon.

“Wait a minute.”

Oh, I remember when they added a new character in the fighting game. While I was studying for the exam.

I can’t wait to play.

“Really, please wait.”

“Oh, hey, Yuya.”

Natsuki forcefully stopped me and asked.

“What’s wrong with you?”


Yes, it is. Really nothing.

“Let’s hurry up and get going.”

“… Okay.”

“I won’t give up.”

I hear such voices.


But I can only doubt you.


  1. RKADE 14 says:

    I got distrustful vibes like certain other novels and couldn’t help but read this and it’s about what I was expecting, I know these kinds of novels when I smell them.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  2. Loving the info on this website , you have done outstanding job on the articles.

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