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IBDOW Chapter 1

“I’ll go ahead and wait for you at the high school.”


Ichika-senpai said and went to the high school.

Ichika-senpai was my favorite senior. She had a very cute smile and was full of energy.

I confessed my love to her once, but she gently avoided me.

But she told me she would wait for me.

So I took the entrance exam to the same high school as Ichika-senpai.

The high school Ichika-senpai went to was a very difficult school to get into if you didn’t work hard.

But I liked her so I studied hard and was able to enter the same school.

I was able to keep in touch with her at first, but from the end of summer, I could not get a read on my messages, but I thought that she was trying to keep me busy so that I could concentrate on my studies for the entrance examinations.

“I’m going to the same school as Ichika-senpai tomorrow. I have to get myself in high spirits.”

I went to bed after simulating confessing my feelings once again.


I woke up at six in the morning.

It’s a habit I’ve gotten into over the years of studying for the entrance exam. It’s a habit I can’t seem to break.

I put on my new school uniform, fix my hair, eat a hearty breakfast, and leave the house.

“I’m off.”

I say to my sister, who is probably still sleeping.

She is a college student who lives alone, and since this spring she has been living with me because she is close to my high school.

I was a little nervous going to school.

When I get to school in the morning, the first thing I have to do is to put a letter in my senior’s shoe box.

All I wrote in the letter was to come to the rooftop because I want to meet her in person and confess my feelings.

I haven’t seen her in a while. So I’m a little nervous.

But Yuya Omine, be brave!


After that, we had a morning meeting, then classes and after school.

I asked my senpai where Ichika-senpai’s shoe box was and left a letter in it.

I was anxious during class.

“Yuya, let’s go somewhere and have fun.”

A new friend at high school? Natsuki Kanzaki, calls out to me. He is someone I started talking to because we happened to be in a committee together.

He is well-groomed and has a beautiful face. Even I, a guy, think he is cool.

As for me… I didn’t want to be negative before confessing, so I stopped.

It’s not that I am ugly, I have a normal face.

But compared to this guy, I’m not as good looking.

“I’m sorry. I have something to do today. Let’s go tomorrow.”

“Oh, okay. I understand.”

I have to go to the rooftop.


I opened the door to the rooftop.

There was already senpai there. She was still the same beautiful senpai that she was a year ago.


I called out to her.

“Yuya, you got into this high school?”


“Then why did you call me?”

“Well, Senpai. I like you, please go out with me.”

“Sorry, I have a boyfriend.”


“Senpai, you said you would wait for me, right?”

“I did. But I told you because I thought Yuya couldn’t enter.”


“To tell the truth, Yuya was a pain in the ass, so I entered the place where I thought Yuya would never enter.”


“I’m done with the business here and my boyfriend is waiting for me.”

Huh? Wait. I tried to stop her, but I couldn’t speak.

Senpai had gone.

Had I been mistaken all along? Was it a one-way street for me?


All I could do was laugh dryly.

And the ground was wet with tears.

I cried for about 10 minutes after that, and I felt like a fool.

Ha, life is not like this. A girl is not like this. I’m not like this.


Let’s go home, take a bath, and go to bed.

I ran out of the entrance and was about to go through the school gate when,

“Wait a minute. Yuya-kun.”

I turned around when I thought I heard my name called.

“Huh? What is it?”

I was quite irritated, so I used a little stronger language.

There was a very beautiful and pretty senior student there.

As I recall, Natsuki had said that the most beautiful girl in school was someone like this senpai.

But I don’t think anything of it now.

“Yuya-kun. Um,”

I wonder if you can do it sooner.

“I love you. Please go out with me.”

…………… What?

“I’m sorry. Can you say that one more time?”

“I like Yuya-kun!”

Huh? Huh? I don’t understand at all.

I don’t understand why such a beautiful person likes me.

But my answer is always the same, no matter who confesses it to me.

“I’m sorry.”

I ran away.


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