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Honey Butter Prince Prologue



Rebecca carefully opened the door to the art room.

It was the first time she had visited a classroom in the middle of the night while attending the academy for all three years. She usually didn’t leave the dorm after 11 p.m. She was not usually out at night.

Some girls with lovers secretly go out at night, but unfortunately, no man has asked Rebecca out for the past three years.

Anyway, Rebecca walked into the darkened classroom holding the sketchbook tightly with excitement.

The more she thought about it, the more unexpected Prince Lance was.

“As expected, is he generous because he will become King…?”

If she were a Prince, she would be ashamed of a girl who considered herself greasy, but he even went beyond forgiving to help complete the task.

“I’m so sorry.”

It felt like a mistake that she had only thought of him.

Rebecca, who was fumbling with her hand against the wall to find a switch in the dark art room because the light wasn’t on, stopped when she heard a voice calling out to her.


-You were already here?

Rebecca, who was trying to press the light switch that touched her fingertips, pondered for a moment.

“Wait. If I turn on the light, someone might see me outside, right?”

Originally, it was a principle to complete art assignments within a specified class time. Someone might raise the issue of unfairness if they discovered that they had taken the time to meet separately.

“So the Prince probably didn’t turn on the lights either, did he?”

Another question popped into Rebecca’s head as she was leaving the switch.

“Wait. So I can’t see because it’s dark. How do I draw the Prince’s face?”

Rebecca hesitated whether to turn on the light or not.

-Beck, come here.

Rebecca thought hard about the voice calling her and decided to approach Prince Lance for now.

When she got used to the darkness, her vision was not dark at all. Besides, moonlight was vaguely peeking in through the window.

Rebecca approached Prince Lance with an awkward, clumsy gait.

Prince Lance was sitting at a desk, not in a chair.

He was also somewhat disorganized. He used to wear his shirt well, but now he had a couple of shirt buttons undone.

She was surprised to see him like that for the first time, but Rebecca pretended not to see.

For his face was as it always was.

Feeling a little queasy, Rebecca frowned.

“How can Prince Lance smell so good?”

It was so fascinating.

Prince Lance spoke to her, who approached him with the sketchbook in his arms.

-Come closer. That’s how you can see my face.

Prince Lance’s voice somehow held a subtle laugh.

Rebecca wiped her mouth, trying not to care about his orange smell.

-Hey, when did you get here?

-30 minutes ago.


Rebecca didn’t know how to respond, so she pouted.

Prince Lance, who was looking at her, suddenly crossed his legs. Then he asked in a soft, friendly tone.

-Beck. Did you tell your best friend that you would meet me here?


-You know that red-haired friend. The one you hang out with every day. Fortunately, she was friendly, so she swapped seats with me in economics class before.


Rebecca shook her head slightly when she realized the person he was referring to was Sharon.

-No… you told me not to tell anyone.

Feeling overwhelmed by Prince Lance’s interested look, Rebecca fixed her gaze on the ground and stuttered.

-In fact, it doesn’t seem good for others to get together and do art assignments in addition to regular classes, so I don’t think it’s necessary to tell Sharon…

As she spoke, she realized that the thank you greeting was late and hurried to give a belated greeting.

-Oh, yes that. Uh, Prince… Thank you.

Prince Lance asked lightly.


Rebecca hesitated to answer.

-You said you’d take your precious time to model more portraits.

As if amused, he narrowed his eyes and laughed.

-You shouldn’t have said that. I don’t want to be a model.

Prince Lance looked at her calmly and crossed his legs.

-I called you because I wanted to do something daring.


Rebecca thought it would look very awkward to ask a second later.

Prince Lance whispered huskily.

-Didn’t you hear that? I want to do something daring with you.


-Why did you secretly come out to me at night? Didn’t you go out because you liked me too?

-Oh, that’s not…

Rebecca’s face turned red.

Realizing that the situation had become awkward, she displayed her sketchbook in her arms.

-I thought you were going to let me let him draw a portrait…..

-I have no intention of sitting still in a chair. It’s not fun.

Prince Lance grabbed her sketchbook and threw it away.

Rebecca vaguely looked at the sketchbook that was thrown away.

“I have to do my art homework. If I don’t, I will fail…”

Prince Lance spoke slowly.

-Beck, you can tell everyone later. Prince Lance seduced me into going out at night. I thought he was a gentleman, but he was insidious.

Rebecca felt embarrassed and wanted to bow.

“You’re definitely testing me, aren’t you?”

She shook her head with her hands clasped together.

-No. I’ll never tell anyone…

-Why? You can talk about me seducing you.

-I won’t… I won’t tell anyone.

Prince Lance, who was looking at Rebecca expressionlessly, soon smiled satisfactorily.

-All right. Then let’s keep this night a secret between the two of us. Only you and I know what we did here.

-Yes I’d like that.

Rebecca nodded up and down stiffly, lifting the corners of her mouth awkwardly.

She thought Prince Lance, satisfied with her constant attitude of secrecy, would let her go soon.

Strangely, however, she hears the sound of unbuttoning his pants.

-So, Beck, can we do something really daring here? Because no one will know.

Seeing Prince Lance’s menacing genitals between his legs, Rebecca wondered if she was dreaming. However, even if she closed her eyes tightly and opened them, that oversized one didn’t disappear and remained in front of her.


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