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Honey Butter Prince Epilogue



Rebecca, who was in a sweet, deep sleep, opened her eyes at some point.

“Oh? Where is this place?”

She tried to rouse her distracted mind as if smoke had risen hazily.

This was not her bedroom.

The room she first saw was decorated with colorful chandeliers and was filled with luxurious items.

It obviously exceeded the rich family, nay, wealthy standard. It didn’t seem to be a general assumption.

“Where am I?”

Furthermore, the very soft and comfortable bed where Rebecca was lying was big enough for three people to lie on, and the person sitting on the edge and looking at her…

-You must have been tired. You slept all day, Beck.

Rebecca shuddered at Lance’s playful touch on her nose. Lance looked at her as though she were cute.

A pleased smile hung from his mouth. Rebecca, who was avoiding his gaze because she was somewhat embarrassed to look at Lance smiling at her, remembered a belated question.

-Did I sleep all day? How about school?

She jumped up and cried out like a scream.

-Art homework!

In the end, she couldn’t submit the assignment. So, the final exam score is naturally zero, and since she failed a subject, she won’t be able to graduate this time due to lack of credits.

Lance hinted at her in a relaxed tone.

-Don’t worry. I suggested something to the art teacher and he changed the criteria for evaluation to final evaluation. We will pass all assignments as long as we give them. That’s why Beck passed the subject.

-I… I didn’t do my homework.

-I paid for it.

Lance added as if he was joking around with Rebecca with a bemused look on his face.

-I sent in a portrait of myself drawn by an artist from the Royal Museum of Art. On your behalf.

-… Is that okay? Won’t you get caught?

Rebecca was on high alert.

“Maybe he’ll get sanctioned for tampering with her assignments? Maybe he’ll get expelled, let alone graduate!”

Lance smiled slightly at her frightened appearance.

-Who cares if I get caught? It’s the Royal Academy. My father is the one who will give me the diploma, and he’ll graduate me with the future Princess.

-What? King… Princess?

Rebecca squealed and asked again.

-What do you mean Princess? Me?

Lance tilted his head as if he didn’t catch her meaning anymore, answering that he didn’t understand.

-What? You vowed on it yesterday. We’ ll only do it together from now on.

Rebecca smiled awkwardly at the embarrassing memory that came to her mind clearly.


Lance smiled oddly as he lowered his long eyelashes.

-I guess you don’t remember, so let’s try something delicious again, Beck.

Lance familiarly grabbed Rebecca’s chest after tilting her blanket.

Rebecca closed her eyes tightly at the gentle twisting of the slightly swollen papilla after being stimulated overnight.


-I’ll feed you a lot until you’re satisfied.

Lance tilted his head and said comfortably, sucking lightly on her other breast.

-I’ll try the delicious Beck first…..


She was barely awake, but her mind was fuzzy again. In the midst of a flood of stimulation, Rebecca again felt that her judgment was not wrong.

-How can it be so delicious? It’s like eating sweet candy.

Apart from the feelings she had for him, the Prince must be greasy.

Not the face, but the personality.

“Honey Butter Prince” Fin.


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