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Honey Butter Prince Chapter 2

Chapter 2


Feelings of the Prince

Rebecca, who ran breathlessly into the economics classroom, dropped her bag on Sharon’s front seat and waved at her.

-Sharon Dominic, you.

Sharon smiled and jolted, as if Rebecca, who had a moody look on her face, predicted that she would say something harsh to her.

-Becky, Professor Jordick is going to take a pop quiz this time, three or four sheets.

-What? Without warning?

-I just heard from my assistant, you should study fast!

-Uh, uh, I guess I should.

Rebecca, who opened her mouth in astonishment, hurriedly sat down and pulled out an economics textbook to study.

Instead of complaining to Sharon, it was more important to get good scores on the economics pop quiz.

It was okay to complain to Sharon about how she abandoned her in that situation after class later.

Rebecca, who spread out her handwritten notes along with the textbook, went over the concepts she had reviewed again.

-Which has a significant impact on prices…

Rebecca, who was muttering, raised her head, sensing that the surrounding area had become noisier, and found Prince Lance entering the classroom through the front door.


Rebecca, who bowed her head hurriedly, frowned.

“Don’t come this way…”

The sense of crisis she felt earlier still hadn’t recovered.

Fortunately, a group of girls shouted and surrounded Prince Lance as if escorting him and led him towards them.

-Prince! Can you take a look at this?

-Please, take a look at this. We did it yesterday…

Amid the loud noise, Rebecca tried to concentrate on the textbook.

-What is it?

At the peak of his sweetness, she tried to ignore Prince Lance’s voice.

“Why the hell are you talking like that?”

The other students at the academy were not so greasy. Some of them, who looked unique in their own way, thought Rebecca was fine.

Rebecca might shyly accept a boy like that asking for a date. The problem was that those guys wouldn’t ask her out.

Anyway, Rebecca tried to ignore Lance walking past her. The blond Prince, who always carries a book of poetry in one hand, wears a neat school uniform, wears a tidy tie, and smells fragrant of his thick hair waving gently in the wind.


It wasn’t until more than five seconds after that before Rebecca breathed holding her breath, but she felt nauseous again because she smelled a faint scent of orange.

She shook her head a couple of times to shake off the lingering odor at the tip of her nose.

“Let’s focus, Rebecca Zion.”

Even if you were about to flunk in art, it was important to take a good look at the economics quiz now.

Rebecca was able to write down all the answers on all ten questionnaires to see if concentrating for a while would work.

In the quiet conference room, only the assistant’s footsteps could be heard walking around with the assessment sheet. Rebecca, who sent him the assessment sheet, smiled in delight.

“I think in economics I can get an A+ at this rate. As long as I don’t screw up the finals.”

It felt so good that she was able to forgive Sharon. Thanks to Sharon telling her there was a pop quiz, she was able to check it out during the break.

“Yes. Even with Sharon, the situation wouldn’t have improved.”

Instead of complaining to Sharon, it would be better to talk about how she got through the crisis earlier.

She wanted to tell her best friend her useless story, but there is still 20 minutes left in class. And the old Professor Jordick always filled the class time.

“I want to hurry up and talk.”

Rebecca, who wanted to talk to Sharon, looked around the classroom.  The assistant skimmed through the assessment sheet and walked out of the classroom, and Professor Jordick was busy explaining the concept, and sat in the middle of the classroom, which had adjusted the spacing between desks according to the test formation.

Rebecca, who was looking around the room, tore a sheet from the notepad and quickly scribbled on it.

[I lied to the Prince earlier. XD]

She then pulled her hand back and laid the note on the desk touching the back of her hand.

Soon after, Sharon touched Rebecca’s shoulder with her index finger. Rebecca quickly pulled her palm back. Since the body was looking straight ahead, the professor would not have noticed that the two students were sharing their conversation.

Rebecca, who opened the note again, frowned.

A very simple answer came back.


“A question mark?”

Rebecca smiled and quickly wrote an additional explanation.

[How can I tell the Prince he has a greasy face? I lied that I said I meant delicate. XD, he was greasier when I saw him up close. His way of talking is so cheesy. Butter Prince :((((((((]

Then she put her hand back the same way as before and left the note on Sharon’s desk.

Sharon touched her shoulder for a moment even after listening to the professor’s lecture with her hand on her chin. Rebecca returned her hand. The note landed softly in her palm.

[How can I tell the Prince he has a greasy face? I lied that I said I meant delicate. XD, he was greasier when I saw him up close. His way of talking is so cheesy. Butter Prince :((((((((]

There was a slightly nervous line of handwriting above a sentence.

Rebecca clicked her tongue inside.

“Sharon still disagrees with my opinion that the Prince’s face is greasy.”

Prince Lance was odd in her own opinion.

She shook her head slightly and went back to writing letters in the margin below it.

[ 🙁 It’s very greasy. Oh my. I didn’t draw a single thing in art class before. I’m in trouble. I’m going to fail. ;ㅁ; Ah!!! I just thought of this. Is there a portrait of the Prince in the market? Should I buy that and copy it?”].

After dropping the note on Sharon’s desk, Rebecca waited for a response in a hurry. She thought it would be nice if Sharon said she would go out with her later.

However, even though she waited, Sharon didn’t tap her shoulder. She leaned over and just sent her hand back to shake it, but there was no texture of the paper sitting in her palm.

Feeling curious, Rebecca looked back and found blue eyes.

The stars of those eyes are… It wasn’t her green-eyed best friend, but an expressionless Prince Lance!

It was shocking. She froze with her mouth slightly open.

“Sharon was definitely sitting behind me.”

Rebecca, whose eyes were shaking in a chaotic situation, soon found Sharon sitting diagonally in the back.

Sharon seemed more remorseful about what had happened in front of the bathroom. She lifted both shoulders and shook her head slightly.

Prince Lance smiled and whispered to Rebecca, who was stiff as a stone statue.

-Look straight ahead, Becky. You’re in class.


For her, still stiff, Prince Lance seemed more starry-eyed.

-Let’s talk after class.


Rebecca turned her head stiffly like an ungreased wooden doll and looked straight ahead.

Maybe because she was so shocked she didn’t even sweat anymore.

Her head was empty like a blank sheet of paper.

After that, the class continued.

As soon as Professor Jodic said, “The next content is,” with the sound of the bell, the students got up and left the classroom in an uproar.

-Prince, will you join me for lunch?

-We brought sandwiches today!

-We baked bread, too.

Coupled with the chattering voices of the students, the loud voices of the people overlapped.

-Prince, how about playing tennis together after dinner?

-Let’s team up with me. Colton wants to bet on his pony.

Prince Lance was always at the center of popularity.

Rebecca carefully got up from her chair, hoping that the Prince would leave the classroom with them.

She tried to approach Sharon standing at the front door, hoping that she wouldn’t stand out as much as possible, but a low voice called out to her.

-Wait, Beck.

Rebecca tried to pretend she didn’t hear it, but everyone heard the Prince’s voice.  She could feel a lot of attention on her back.  If she ignores the Prince’s words like this, everyone will be surprised.

Prince Lance approached her who was looking back awkwardly with a tearful feeling.

Rebecca stared at him.

-You pretended to draw my portrait, but what is that? I had no idea it was like that.

Rebecca was inwardly shocked.


She thought he would be offended by her curse, but he was surprisingly smiling.

-Why? Prince?

-What’s going on?

The students asked curiously. Perhaps aware of the people approaching him, Prince Lance whispered softly.

-Beck, meet me in the art room tonight. Without anyone knowing.

He added playfully, “If you don’t want to miss.”

Rebecca stared at Prince Lance’s back leaving the place with a group of nobles.


-I’ve never heard of the expression that I look greasy.

Prince Lance lifted the corners of his mouth strangely.

-I was excited.

Rebecca, who still couldn’t grasp the situation, looked at Prince Lance, who was standing far away.

He held the penis in one hand and rubbed it slowly up and down.

Rebecca’s dark-adapted vision recognized what was in front of her eyes.

“That’s…that is, what I think I see?”

Prince Lance had a better physique than other noble boys, but still a penis that size. It didn’t go well with his handsome appearance at all.

The bulging penis stood firm, but looked more obscene due to the fluid dripping from the tip.

Lance masturbated slowly, applying the fluid that fell at the end of his penis in a wide round shape with his thumb.

Rebecca couldn’t take her eyes off the act she witnessed for the first time in her life.

Lance looked directly at Rebecca and made a satisfying voice.

-I asked a very intelligent person, “Sir Peliton,” two years ago. “There’s a cute classmate at the academy. But I think she’s very shy. How can I seduce her?”


-Then he told me to approach her slowly. And call her by a unique nickname. The way you speak is soft and friendly. Ah, he told me to bring my poetry book.


-There’s something a woman expects of me. There’s a typical Prince style. Polite, sincere and the like. An old-fashioned man.


-But what did Beck say when I did that? That it was greasy.

Rebecca hurriedly excused herself.

-Prince…it’s not that…I….

Lance smiled.

-You’re here to do something naughty. Why are you calling me Prince? Call me Lance.

-No, it’s not that. I… no, but how can I call the Prince?

-Call me Lance.

Rebecca answered Lance, who was smiling happily.


-Say my name.


Rebecca closed her mouth, promising not to say his name, but she was a little dissatisfied with Lance’s inability to understand.

-Why can’t you say it? It’s not like you don’t know my name.

She cautiously refuted in a voice that trailed off.

-The Prince doesn’t know my name…

-Your name? It’s Rebecca Zion.

Rebecca’s voice trailed with confidence.

-Why do you call me Beck?

-It’s not fun to be the same as everyone else.

Rebecca had nothing to say as he winked and smiled. A sudden physical reaction occurred in her stomach as she looked at Lance with unsteady focus.


Unknowingly nauseous, she belatedly noticed Lance.

Lance laughed absurdly.

-Beck, how can you vomit while looking at a person’s face?

He mumbled as if he was lamenting.

-Even when you want to throw up you’re pretty.

Rebecca gave more strength to the hand covering her mouth. She was not adjusted to Lance’s appearance, which is different from his usual look. Her heart was thumping with surprise.

-Even your surprised expression is cute. Beck.

He let out a chuckle and rubbed his penis with a more hurried touch.

Rebecca’s eyes widened when she saw the penis, which was stiffer than before.

She tried hard to pretend not to see, but it was hard to ignore Lance, who groaned deliberately as if he heard her.

-Actually, I’m a vulgar person.


-I’m just thinking about how wild, how it would be to get into Beck’s pussy, I always… think about that.

Rebecca’s face was warming up. Her heart was trembling and she wanted to run away somewhere. Her mouth was very dry.


Lance, who made a deliberate groan as if to provoke her, asked jokingly.

-Beck, ugh. Have you ever tried it?


Rebecca was so embarrassed that her eyes were blank.

Lance lowered his eyes halfway and whispered seductively.

-Do you want to try it?


-Don’t you like it? Do you think it will make you sick?

Rebecca’s chest was more tickled with his soft tone. Inside, about a hundred butterflies, no, a thousand, seemed to flutter all at once.

She was keeping her eyes only on the ground because she didn’t know what to do, but the auditory stimulation hit her.


Lance tilted his head and groaned as if trying.

Rebecca betrayed her will and kept looking at him.

That situation was so embarrassing and sudden, but she didn’t feel unpleasant, so it was strange to think about it herself.

Rebecca, who was looking at him, was caught by Lance at some point.

-Are you curious as to how it will taste?

He cajoled Rebecca in a subtle voice.

-Try it.


-We’re the only ones who will know about tonight. I’m not going to tell anyone what Beck did either.

He grabbed Rebecca’s motionless hand and placed it on his penis.

Rebecca was shocked by the volume touched under her palm.

It was too hot.

However, unlike its horrible appearance, the texture was not bad. It was definitely hard, but the skin was elastic.

Rebecca squeezed it lightly with a restless mind.


He tilted his head back, spitting out an urgent groan.

The distinctive curvature of Adam’s apple was clearly revealed.

The penis, dripping wet fluid, was so large that she couldn’t hold it with one hand. Rebecca summoned up a little more courage and grabbed it with both hands.

“I must be crazy…”

She was bold in her opinion, but Rebecca liked the way she gasped as if she were out of breath.

-Mmm… ah….

Each time Lance groaned, Rebecca’s breathing also grew weaker. Her heartbeat became very intense.

She looked at Lance’s face as if possessed. He reacted very sensitively. Every time Rebecca slightly lifted the pillar with both hands, he would tremble. As she used to do before, Rebecca rubbed his ears lightly with her thumb and her chest heaved a lot.

-Ahg… ah….

Rebecca, who was a little afraid that her influence on him seemed too great, pushed his penis away.


Lance looked at her with regret.

Rebecca blinked rapidly because she didn’t know what to do.

Lance, whose eyes turned red, pleaded with her.

-Lick it, Beck.


-Please, lick it with your mouth, okay?

The broken voice felt terribly sexy.

Rebecca’s heart dropped.

-What do you mean, lick it…?

Rebecca felt troubled, but in the meantime, her curiosity grew.

-What do I have to do?

Thinking about it, she got down on her knees.

She really didn’t know why she was doing this, but she wanted to see more of Lance’s reaction. When she saw him sensitive to her actions, she felt satisfied.

It was more like the Baroness herself succumbing to Lance, who had a high status as a Prince….

Rebecca’s thoughts remained in her head as if she knew something or not.

-Hmm… Beck.

Lance lovingly said affectionately in a voice full of anticipation.

-First, lick it lightly with your tongue.

Rebecca grabbed the thick penis he showed her with both hands and licked the tip lightly with her tongue.


He immediately raised his voice and moaned.

Rebecca also felt excited by the spicy moan that echoed in the empty classroom. Her lower abdomen tightened and her underwear became wet.

-Uh, like this…

Rebecca’s tongue tasted a little salty. She licked her lips lightly and looked carefully at Lance’s expression.

He seemed to be enjoying himself very much. His eyes slowly closed, and his pretty lips opened slightly and let out a sweet moan.

Rebecca stretched out her tongue and licked the hard pillar from bottom to top.

Rebecca, who wanted to stimulate him more, decided to keep the penis in her mouth.

-Oh my.

But it was so big that it didn’t fit. Even though she opened her mouth as wide as she could. She wanted to shove it deeper into her throat, but it hurt like it was going to rip her mouth open.

-Uh, good. Beck, like this, ahhhhhhhhh.

Still, Lance’s behavior of holding her long hair was good, so Rebecca licked the penis as enthusiastically as she could. Saliva flowed from the corner of her mouth. Every time she moved her head, she heard a sound.


The penis, which seemed to be inflating more in Rebecca’s mouth, stiffened at some point and hot liquid gushed out.

Rebecca swallowed it instinctively, filling her mouth. The liquid she couldn’t swallow flowed to the tip of her lips.

Lance smiled at her, slightly embarrassed.

-Isn’t it good?


Having made eye contact with him, she habitually avoided eye contact.

Lance lifted Rebecca from her seat and gently wiped her mouth.

-Why won’t you look me in the eye?


The tone given to her, who avoided his gaze the whole time, was very affectionate.

-Look at me, Beck.

Rebecca somehow felt like crying. She replied, feeling in trouble because Lance wouldn’t let go of her face.

-I don’t want to see it…

-Why? Because you feel like throwing up?


-Look at me all the way. It’s just the feeling. The feeling of vomiting may be an illusion.

Rebecca replied shyly.

-I could really throw up…..

Lance stroked Rebecca’s soft cheeks and laughed.

-It’s okay if you throw up.


Rebecca felt her heart racing. She kept wanting to hide somewhere. However, she couldn’t run away because of Lance, who was hugging her tightly.

-Open your eyes. Beck, don’t avoid me.


Rebecca opened her eyes, which she had closed silently.

Lance was too close.

She looked at him blankly. The color of his eyes was not distinguishable because it was dark, but the warm young feelings in his eyes were transmitted to her.

Rebecca, who found Lance’s affection and affection for her in his eyes, suddenly felt something inside.

Lance whispered.

-I’m sure you’re wrong. Beck, you said it was greasy, right?


He confidently blurted it out.

-No, Beck, you like me.

His palm pressed hard on Rebecca’s swollen breast. At the sudden contact, she swallowed her saliva hurriedly.

-Your heart beats this fast.

Lance, who found the evidence he was looking for, smiled with his eyes as he looked at Rebecca’s forehead with a satisfied look.

-Your body temperature is this high.

Rebecca’s heart began to beat too hard. She looked at him with confused eyes.

Lance smiled with satisfaction.

-Your face turns red when I talk to you. I know you’re secretly looking at me. It was so cute I almost died.


-What do you think? You don’t want to vomit, do you? You really want to kiss me, don’t you?

Rebecca exhaled feebly.

“It really doesn’t make sense. I can’t believe I fell in love with Prince Lance.”

It was clear that Lance was wrong.

“But… What if the person who misinterpreted your feelings is me and not Lance?”

“Why isn’t it unpleasant?”

“I feel nauseous, but I’m not throwing up, I’m short of breath, I have no trouble breathing, and I’m embarrassed to face Lance so up close that I’m… it was good.”


Rebecca’s body shuddered with joy.

“So, is it really the Prince? I’ve been feeling nauseous… Why do I like the Prince?”

Rebecca soon acknowledged her feelings.

-I guess so…

The Prince wasn’t greasy, but cool – she liked Lance!

Lance opened his eyes wide and kissed her on the forehead with a smile.

-Beck. You are so loving.

Lance, who hugged her tightly, spoke to her softly.

-I’ll make you feel good too.


Rebecca was surprised by the sudden lifting of her skirt.

Lance’s touch was gentle, but she definitely felt it was a man’s hand. She shivered like a bird in tension at the touch on her thigh.

He whispered, pushing his soft finger into Rebecca’s underwear.

-You’re already wet, Beck.


The finger, slowly exploring the already wet spot, soon found the vagina and gently rubbed it.

-Uh huh

Rebecca naturally closed her eyes and enjoyed his touch. She was out of breath and out of her mind, but somehow she felt satisfied. She was embarrassed, but she didn’t want to pull away from him.


The movement of his fingers, which gently circled the vagina using the fluid coming out of the hole, gradually accelerated.

-Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm.

Rebecca gasped breathlessly at the surge of pleasure.

-We can go all the way.

Lance urged her on, breathing hot air in her ear. Rebecca could not come back to her senses with the pleasure he was giving her. Her back twisted instinctively and an embarrassed moan escaped her mouth.

-Ugh, ouch, ouch.

Rebecca soon peaked with rhythmic stimulation on her swollen clit.


Rebecca shuddered with her eyes closed at the sensation she felt for the first time. She felt dizzy in front of her eyes and quickly contracted and relaxed underneath.

-You’re good, Beck.

Rebecca was even more embarrassed by Lance’s low smile.


Rebecca, who was relieved that it was all over, was nervous again.

Lance gently probed Rebecca’s vagina and pushed his finger into it.


Rebecca closed her eyes tightly at the first strange sensation.

Lance murmured with a groan of ecstasy.

-It’s too tight and hot, Beck. I can’t wait to put my cock in here.

Lance, who was moving his fingers slowly to open the tight passage, gradually began to speed up as Rebecca adjusted to a certain point.

-Eh, oh, Lance.

Rebecca, a little afraid to approach pleasure with a pleasure other than rubbing her clitoris, called out to Lance in a wet voice. He smiled softly as if Rebecca, who clung to him, was satisfied.

-You feel good, don’t you?

He quickly prodded Rebecca’s hole with his finger.

-Oh my!

Rebecca, who was moaning frantically, was again at her peak. Trembling with intense pleasure, she leaned on Lance as if she was going to fall over because her legs had gone completely slack.

-Beck, you are delicious.

Rebecca was confused by Lance’s delicious lick on his finger, which was poking her a little. Her face was burning with embarrassment.


-It’s definitely sweet. As sweet as you can imagine.

Lance sat Rebecca on the desk and stuck his face between her legs.

-Oh my God!

Rebecca closed her eyes tightly and tilted her pussy toward the hot wet tongue below.

-Ah, ah, ah, yes, ah.

-I really want to lick it all day long. It’s so good.

Lance hugged Rebecca’s thighs with both hands and made her gurgle underneath.

Rebecca cried out hoarsely at Lance’s lashing tongue, which stimulated her sensitively hot vagina. An uncontrollable moan erupted each time he thrust his tongue through a tight hole that had been loosened.

-Oh, hot, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!

-Ah, Beck. You’re driving me crazy. You’re so lovely.

Lance sighed and turned his face away.

Removing Rebecca’s blouse, he gently caressed her with his hands and mouth as he stared in bewilderment at her white chest.

-Everything is beautiful. How could this be?

He didn’t miss Rebecca’s expression, distorted with pleasure each time he lightly twisted her nipple with his thumb and forefinger.

After lusting after her breast for a long time, he couldn’t take it anymore and spread Rebecca’s legs. With a series of thrusts, the penis, which stood horribly before her wet, languid entrance, slowly pushed into her.

Rebecca’s forehead was furrowed from the huge penis that pushed its way through the tight hole. Lance showered kisses all over her face.


Rebecca let out a loud moan.

-Oh my.

Rebecca felt intense joy each time a huge piece of meat filled the tight passage that repeatedly entered and retreated. The hard one was so hot and fierce.


Lance, who let out a harsh moan, asked hurriedly, licking her breast as if he was going to bite her.

-Isn’t it good?

Rebecca nodded as if she were crying.

-Ah, yes, yes, yes, ah!

He found a place where Rebecca was feeling very sensitive and stabbed it intensely.

-Beck, tell me you’ll only let my penis in for the rest of your life.

-Oh, ah. Haha

-Speak in a beautiful voice. You’ll only let me in.

-Uh, ah, yeah, ahh!

Even if Rebecca sobbed, who couldn’t stand the overwhelming sensation, Lance didn’t stop talking. On the contrary, he pushed her over the edge, pushing her higher.

-Lance, ah, ah, ah, ah!

-Say it Beck.

-Ah, wait, ah, ah, hmm.

The hard penis thrust deep into her tight space. Rebecca shed tears at the explosive surge of emotion. It didn’t feel like her body was hers.

-I’ll only do it with Lance.

The point of contact, where each other’s fluids mingled and splashed, heated by friction. A massive penis

-Argh! -Ah, ah, ah, uh, uh, uhh!

Lance embraced Rebecca’s frail body and moved his hips fast and hard.  It seemed like the end was approaching. He thrust more violently inside her.

At last he poured his everything into her.

-Ah, uh, ah! Lance, ah! ah!

At her peak with him, Rebecca trembled all over. She was so happy she couldn’t close her mouth. There seemed to be a torrent of stars in front of her.


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