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Honey Butter Prince Chapter 1

Chapter 1


Cheesy prince.

Rebecca, who came out of the bedroom, looked up at the sky. It was clear and dazzling weather without a single cloud.

However, to Rebecca’s eyes, it only looked like a sky full of dark clouds. She couldn’t enjoy the nice weather because she was uncomfortable.

There was only one reason. It was because she thought she would fail a course when she was about to graduate. That was also in the science of art that Rebecca always had confidence in.

“How much is tuition for a semester…?”

At the Royal Academy, she had to attend the entire semester to retake even one subject.

However, considering the letter she received from her mother some time ago, she couldn’t even dream of resuming the course.

Rebecca, the oldest of the five siblings, would either have to quickly get a job in a good place and earn money, or return to her hometown to care for her family.

The early death of Rebecca’s father had left Baroness Zion alone to care for her.

Baroness Zion was apparently a decent enough family to send Rebecca, the eldest daughter, to the Royal Academy in the capital, but in fact, she was barely making ends meet with the money she borrowed.

Rebecca, who described her situation, was sighing deeply and someone was shouting happily behind her.

-Becky! Let’s go together.

Looking back helplessly, she could see Sharon walking quietly, sucking on a lollipop.

Sharon spoke to her in a friendly manner.

-I guess you skipped breakfast this morning. I didn’t get to see you at the restaurant.

-Yes. I have no appetite.

Rebecca sometimes wondered how Sharon, a celebrity at the academy, was shyly close to Rebecca herself.

Sharon had been close friends with Rebecca since they stayed in a room next to the dorm when she entered the academy three years ago. There were seven girls sharing the same floor, and Sharon used to invite only Rebecca to her room.

Unlike Rebecca, who goes quietly to school as if she were there or not, Sharon was an attractive one who caught everyone’s eye. Sharon, who ties her red hair higher than the roses in midsummer, was very thin.

Of course, in Rebecca’s opinion, Sharon’s charm was more cheerful than her remarkable beauty.

Sharon was very relaxed and positive. She was often late for every class while she slept, and she didn’t mind at all obtaining a C on her grades because she hated the teacher while working late. Rather, when she saw that he gave her C’s, not F’s, the professor joked that he gave her very generous grades.

Anyway, troubled Rebecca and Sharon, who have opposite tendencies, cheerfully asked.

-More than that, Becky, it’s a good day. Why does it look like you’re going to die so early in the morning?

Rebecca, who was walking with her eyes fixed on the ground, calmly replied.

-Of course, it’s because of the art.

Sharon, who knew that Rebecca had been distressed about art lectures all this semester, shrugged and advised pettily.

-Why are you so sure? You can work hard now. Is drawing a portrait a big deal? You can draw it all the rest of the time.

-Today’s class is the last one.

-Yeah. Draw it all this time. What’s the problem? You have enough skill, Becky.

Sharon’s overly positive attitude did not help Rebecca at all.

Sharon laughed and added.

-If you fail art studies and attend another semester, I’ll attend with you. So I won’t feel alone.

Rebecca thought to herself depressed.

“This is Sharon’s friendship….”

Anyway, her feeling of despair did not improve despite her friend’s kind words that she would attend the additional semester together.

From Rebecca’s point of view, she was definitely doomed.

“How can I finish my partner’s portrait in such a short time when there’s only an hour left in art time?”

It’s not over, but there was no dot on Rebecca’s drawing paper.

-Oh, really, this semester is ruined. Why did you partner with Prince Lance?

Feeling desperate, Rebecca ran her hand over her face.

-But in the eyes of others, you’re the lucky one, aren’t you? You can look at Prince Lance’s face for so long.

Sharon’s calm tone lingered like a curse in Rebecca’s ear.

“Prince Lance.”

Just thinking about it, she had bad luck and misfortune.

Why did she become Prince Lance’s partner?

With “Prince Lance,” who is called Honey by all the people?

It would have been better to be paired with Thomas Letoma, who constantly evaluates all the spirituality of the academy as ugly. Then drawing a portrait would not have been a problem at all.

Rebecca recalled without realization.

“I didn’t even say I liked it…I just stood still.”

The day three months ago was as clear as a nightmare in front of her eyes.

The classroom was noisy when the teacher told them to draw portraits of each other and they would be presented as final exams.

The students were busy looking for partners among themselves.

Rebecca only tried to accompany Judy, who sat next to her. Both were unpopular students with a shy personality who sat in the back row.

However, Prince Lance, who was sitting by the window in the distance, suddenly approached Rebecca and suggested.

-Beck, partner with me.

Others marvel that he is wonderful, but with a sheepish grin up to his eyes.

It’s a combination of the Academy’s top celebrities and ordinary women.

The noisy art conference room was silent for a moment.

Prince Lance said again as he closed his eyes affectionately.

-You agree to partner with me, don’t you?

Rebecca’s fatal mistake was that she had been embarrassed by the many eyes that had been on her for a moment and nodded her head.

She should have refused then.

Prince Lance, whether male or female, teacher or student, was the object of everyone’s envy. As a beloved Prince of the Kingdom of Bolten, he was a figure who would one day ascend to the throne when the time came.

A classmate with such high ranking royalty!

Rebecca was crazy when Prince Lance painted her portrait for three weeks.

Rebecca was the child of a Korean-American family. A family that could not enter the capital because they had no money and no power. A 19-year-old girl who could not even buy expensive dresses because four younger siblings were stuck one after another.

Still, Rebecca was able to attend the Royal Academy because the Baroness, who lost her husband earlier, invested a lot of money to raise her eldest daughter smartly with tears.

However, Rebecca was shy by nature, so she did not build good connections at the academy, where prominent aristocratic children of the Bolten kingdom gathered.

At the academy, which is famous not only for cultivating but also for secretly finding a future spouse, Rebecca built only small friendships with young children her age.

Anyway, what Rebecca thought was the reason Prince Lance proposed a partner to the commoner was because of the law of the land.

As the saying goes, “If you stand still, you’ll be in the way,” but other babies follow Prince Lance so intensely that the prince, who was tired of their support, praised Rebecca, who was not his fan.

Others may envy Rebecca, who became an art class partner with Prince Lance with a sweet personality, but it was the worst test for Rebecca herself.

-What does it matter? It looks like I’m going to fail.

Rebecca calmly confessed.

-Sharon, you know my family is poor. If I don’t graduate this time, my family will be ruined. Not long ago, I received a letter from my mother. The whole family is desperately waiting for me to graduate safely.


Sharon, who had been thinking hard about the heavy subject, spoke up.

-Why don’t you find a man to marry instead of going home? If you bite a decent man and leave, your mother will be satisfied. Is graduation a big deal?


-Honestly, everyone goes to an academy for that purpose. Look at Prince Lance. He can get expert education separately in the Royal family, but he doesn’t have to go back and forth to the academy for three years.

-It is not a situation where I can find my spouse comfortably with a Prince. I have to earn my academy diploma and somehow raise my family’s honor.

-Think about it. Why would you be in the academy of the capital city in such a situation? It is thanks to the mother’s desire to marry her only daughter as well as possible. Graduation is not the issue right now. You have to find a marriage partner.

Rebecca’s face became even more Parisian with Sharon’s appearance as if she was catching a cloud.

Somehow, Rebecca, who was beginning to feel nauseous, was dark in front of Rebecca’s eyes because of Sharon’s cheerful opinion that followed again.

-Well, Becky. I’ve been thinking…maybe, really, maybe Prince Lance chose you as the future Princess.

She didn’t think a reasonable reason would come back even if she asked her why she thought that, but Rebecca asked out of politeness.



Rebecca thought to herself.

-It’s okay. You don’t have a good reason, do you?

Sharon, who was struggling, said as if passing lightly.

-No, wait and see. The Prince might propose to you. We’re supposed to be waiting for the graduation ceremony.

Rebecca was wise, so this time she didn’t ask, “Why?” She just nodded and carried her heavy feet into the art room.


Rebecca thought the “law of the land” was true.

-Hi, Beck. Good morning.

Prince Lance then smiles so brightly and treats herself kindly, the daughter of the Baroness who has no reason to mind at all.

Prince Lance slightly messed up his dazzling blond hair with his hands and sat on a chair in front of Rebecca.

-I think the hairdresser did something odd today.

Rebecca’s nose, which was on the wall, was also filled with his fresh scent, as if he had just showered, he smelled very pleasantly.

Prince Lance spoke affectionately, opening his eyes wide.

-Even if it’s a little messy, please draw a great one, Beck.

Rebecca looked at him awkwardly, nodded curtly, and quickly fixed her eyes on the empty drawing paper.

She couldn’t tell him anything.

She hadn’t put his face on the sketchbook in the last three weeks.

Or a more fundamental problem than that…

“My name is actually Rebecca.”

Rebecca was not happy with Prince Lance, who greeted her when he met her on campus and during art class.

People often shortened her name to Becky, and Prince Lance was the only one who called her Beck.

Once, she confessed to Sharon.

” -The Prince keeps calling my name differently.”

“-Beck? Isn’t that a nickname?”

“-No one calls me that…”

As she mumbled through the jelly in her mouth, Sharon comfortingly advised.

“-Then tell the Prince. Don’t say my name like that. Because no one calls me that.”

Rebecca murmured at the sight of a friend joking about someone else’s life.

“-How can I say this…?”

Sharon laughed at Rebecca, who was crying.

Prince Lance seemed to be confused about her name anyway, but Rebecca could bear it. Graduation was just around the corner anyway, and if they left the academy, there would be no point of contact for them. In other words, Prince Lance would never call her “Beck.”

Therefore, it seemed there was no need to ask for a name correction.

What would hinder Rebecca in the future was not that Prince Lance knew her name wrong, but that she was not completing any tasks to send soon.

Rebecca tried to resist the rising loom.

As expected, she was in bad shape today.

She tried to look at Prince Lance’s face somehow, but her nausea kept getting worse.

The Prince was comfortably seated in a chair opposite Rebecca. He was smiling all the time as if he wanted his portrait drawn with a smiling face, but it was like a hardship for Rebecca.

“I didn’t know you’d smile like that.”

Rebecca, who plucked up her courage and looked at the prince, quickly turned her eyes away. She felt like she was going to throw up.

“It feels real…”

She was desperate.

She skipped breakfast today because she might get nauseous because she’ll get bloated. However, even if she didn’t eat, she still felt nauseous.

Not surprisingly, the cause of the phobia was Prince Lance.

A high nose bridge that descended smoothly as if carved by a chef cutting hard butter with a bright blond that shone as if pickled in the finest honey. Blue eyes that were full of feeling.  In addition, the corners of his mouth gently rise as if applying a lot of butter.

Lance Bolten was the crystal of feeling.

Rebecca thought of something else in her head, pretending to draw a line with a pencil on the white drawing paper.

“Why do people express Prince Lance as cheesy? Is it because they are loyal?”

There was Prince Lance’s polar fan club, which was full of laughter. The girls described Prince Lance as possessing the greatest beauty in the world.

They liked to call Lance by the nickname “Prince of Honey.” It was because he seemed sweet as honey. The fact that he has a good personality and a soft tone and is great also contributed to his being called “the honey of all people”.

But Rebecca thinks Lance was the “Prince of Butter.”

The reason is because he is completely brilliant. He was glowing from head to toe as if butter, which had been left at room temperature, had been applied all over his body.

“-The Prince, isn’t he cheesy?”

However, when Rebecca carefully presented such opinions to her friends, they all seemed puzzled.

“-The Prince, cheesy? He’s not like that at all.”

Everyone spoke strangely, and even Sharon opened her eyes wide and asked back.

“-Prince, doesn’t he look cold?”

Rebecca asked Sharon, wondering if she is serious.

“-Sharon, are you kidding?”

” -It’s true. I’m scared if he doesn’t smile.”

Meanwhile, Sharon told her what she heard.

One student said to the prince: “I think the prince has a very good personality.” When he said, “You’re always smiling,” Lance said, “When I don’t have an expression, people think I’m angry but I’m not. I don’t like to be guarded, so I try to smile.”

So, in short, everyone disagreed with Rebecca. Prince Lance was still the Honey Prince.

“It’s butter…”

It was so stressful that she couldn’t express this unsatisfied opinion to others.

Lance asked Rebecca if she found that she suddenly felt frustrated at the thought of Lance and had stiffened with a serious expression.

-Beck, are you sure you’re drawing my face right?

Rebecca felt nauseous again at the friendly voice.

“I really hope you’re not talking to me…”

Even the relaxed tone was too greasy. That aristocratic, no, regal tone.  Serious and elegant way of speaking.

It felt like pouring a bowl of sizzling butter in her ear.

Rebecca swallowed her dry saliva and suppressed the urge to vomit. Then she responded with difficulty.


-May I look?

She raised her head in surprise and shook her head quickly.

-What? Oh, no… not yet….

Prince Lance smiled back.

-So I weirded you out more, because Beck says no.


Rebecca let out an awkward laugh that was quickly cut off, then quickly put on a straight face and bowed her head.

-I’m sorry. I really can’t.

Because I didn’t draw anything.

The drawing paper was still blank.

It was fortunate she had her back against the wall.

The art teacher did not give his feedback on the midterm course and said that he would replace this art project with a final exam. The theory and commentary were given last semester, so the students must draw them autonomously.

“Let’s draw, Rebecca. I have to draw something. Tomorrow is the presentation date.”

Lance asked Rebecca again, who was solemnly staring at the white drawing paper.

-Beck, what do you like most about my face?

Since there was no teacher in the classroom, they used to speak loudly, but Lance’s low voice was well inserted in Rebecca’s ear, perhaps because their seat was close. She wanted to pretend she didn’t hear it, but it was too clear, so she couldn’t.

Sweat rose on Rebecca’s hand that held a pencil. It was truly a crisis.

“How do I put it? I don’t like it at all? Your face seems likes butter? It’s greasy like butter?”

There’s no way she can say that.

If one talks like that, you can fall into blasphemy.

Prince Lance, who is said to be sweet, can say this terrifying thing.

“-Really? Then Beck should be exiled. Because you can’t be in Bolton’s kingdom, that you would dare to assess me as greasy as the next King.”

Rebecca murmured, feeling her heart pounding with anxiety.

-The girls… say that the prince’s eyes are the coolest.  It is clear and transparent as if capturing the vast blue sea. Prince has a very high nose. Your skin is very smooth, too.

She patted herself on the back from the crisis.

Prince Lance said casually:

-Don’t think of them, but of you, Beck.

Rebecca’s heart dropped.

She felt nauseous as if she were about to vomit and her heart was pounding as if it would burst out of her chest.

She tried her best to pick out a few words.

-Uh, I’m…

It was so painful and hard that she put strength between her eyebrows.

Rebecca chose the easiest thing to say, thinking of her family in her hometown.

-Prince’s facial features…..

She told herself,

“You can’t say he’s greasy!”

A voice that did not sound like hers came out of her mouth.

-I think everything is harmonious, I can’t choose one.

Rebecca felt relieved after speaking.

She heard a laugh from the other side which was funny, so she thought she got over the crisis well.

-Beck is also beautiful.

At first glance, the soft tone was full of disappointment.

-In fact, I was worried if Beck thought I was ugly because you didn’t see me.

Rebecca felt intimidated again.

“Wow, he must have figured it out now.”

A person who doesn’t know if he had been told he was handsome from the time he woke up in bed in the morning until he closed his eyes in bed at night.

“What should I do? I am now forced to be exiled from the Kingdom of Bolton.”

Her hands trembled and her mouth went dry.

She was embarrassed because she didn’t know how to respond, but just in time, the bell rang to announce the end of class.

-Thank you for your hard work!

Rebecca jumped up and packed her sketchbook and bag and tried to get out of the classroom as swiftly as possible.

-Beck, aren’t we going to the next class together?

Unfortunately, Prince Lance suggested going to economics class with him. He smiled brightly.

At the sudden suggestion, Rebecca accidentally looked straight at Prince Lance.

In an instant, the nausea in her lower abdomen rose to the end of her neck.

-No, I’m going to stop by the bathroom…..

With a strangled groan, Rebecca ran out of the classroom.

Sharon, who took a writing class in the next room, asked with wide eyes.

-What’s wrong?


She hurriedly answered and went straight to the bathroom.

Rebecca grabbed the toilet and threw up.


She threw up several times, but nothing came out because she didn’t eat anything.


Wiping the sweat from her forehead, Rebecca pulled herself together and exited the bathroom.


She was still feeling nauseous. It’s been so hard, but today has been the hardest day ever.

Rebecca, who came out of the bathroom as she wiped her face, said quickly as soon as she saw Sharon waiting in front of her.

-Sharon, I really thought I was going to die. I was staring at that cheesy face for 50 minutes. I wanted to puke my guts out.


Sharon was quiet for some reason.

When Rebecca saw Sharon’s complex and subtle face, she felt something cold run up her spine.

Sharon looked at Rebecca with pity, which seemed to be due to licking herself for her friend in a sad situation rather than sympathizing with her friend’s difficulties.

And ominously, behind Sharon’s red hair, she saw a white shirt.

Someone with at least a head larger than the slim Sharon was standing behind her.

When she looked up, saying, “No way,” the Prince with an interesting expression stood in front of her with his long eyelashes down.

-Beck, do I look cheesy?

Surprised, Rebecca looked at Sharon as if asking for help.

-That… you don’t. It’s not that…

However, Sharon puffed up her cheeks as if sad, shook her head, and ran off.

Rebecca felt it again.

“This is Sharon’s friendship…”

Prince Lance asked her interestingly, who was hardened like a stone statue.

-Beck, do you think I look cheesy?


-Is that so?

Somehow, she was sweating because she felt he was asking for an answer. Rebecca tried to moisten her lips with saliva.

-Oh, no… it’s not that….

-Yes, tell me.

Prince Lance smiled at her.

Rebecca stammered.

-Wow, the Prince… you’re a little different, I think, so you enjoy the sense of art… reading and poetry…. then….

Rebecca heard her voice in her head screaming, ‘Say it’s delicate!’ in a startled voice.

-I know, delicate, I wanted to put it this way.


The corners of Prince Lance’s lips rose strangely asymmetrically.

Rebecca, who saw his gaze lowered steadily, was in despair.

“It didn’t sound like an excuse.”

After an impressive silence, Prince Lance widened his eyes.

-That’s amazing. I always thought I was like that.

Rebecca looked at Prince Lance in surprise and immediately turned away. Her heart raced with trepidation.

Prince Lance’s tone was full of laughter.

-Thank you Beck for noticing. I feel good. I wanted you to know.

Rebecca answered him, feeling strange that the conversation somehow seemed to have gotten lost.


Prince Lance suddenly leaned his head down and whispered in Rebecca’s ear.

-I’m telling you. I’m very sensitive.


With his voice tingling in her ears, she seemed to have goosebumps all over her.

Rebecca felt Prince Lance’s breath on her ear and took a step back. Her stomach, which had barely calmed down, felt nauseous again.

Greatly embarrassed, Rebecca staggered, unable to find a place to escape.

-Aren’t you on your way to economics class?

Prince Lance smiled at her.

-No, I’m going to stop by the bathroom for a minute. To look in the mirror again. Beck, go ahead.

Somehow, there seemed to be a slight thorn in his voice.

-Yes, yes!

But Rebecca didn’t have time to look at his mood. She ran out of the place, thanking him for the opportunity.


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