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Chapter 33

Formal attire is required for this kind of royal banquet.


    Xia Yujin felt that his official position was too low, and he refused to wear the green official uniform specially made for him by the emperor. So he wore a purple round flower uniform and jade belt hook, wearing a gold crown on his head, making him noble looking. Since the husband is the key to the wife, Ye Zhao should follow her husband and wears a princess uniform with matching flower hairpins, etc.


    Ye Zhao didn’t make any assertions and graciously sent someone to ask for the prince’s opinion: “Although her walking pace was a little broad, her movements were a little rude, and her behavior was a little off, she obeyed her husband’s arrangement and could wear whatever she wanted, there is no need to be afraid of being embarrassed.


    With a little selfishness in his heart, the prince was thinking that if she were to wear men’s clothes, others may not know that this person is his wife. So he replied :” Wear what you normally wear.”


    So Ye Zhao put on the same purple official uniform, she looks full of energy and heroic. When she stood beside Xia Yujin, they looked very matching.


    The maid who led the way was a newcomer to the palace, she hurriedly tried to please them: Duke Nanping, Marquis Xuanwu, what a coincidence for you to arrive at the same time.”


    Xia Yujin nodded: “Yes, it was a coincidence that we met each other along the way.”


    Ye Zhao coughed heavily.


    Bystanders snickered quietly.


    The poor mind of the little maid finally turned around, Marquis Xuanwu seems to be the wife.


    As they laugh along the way, they arrived at Taigui Pavilion. The building is two stories high, built around the water, and the peach blossoms were in full bloom. The maids hung countless glazed lamps between the branches. Under the shadows of the lights, the singers played and sang lightly with various musical instruments.


    The officials of the Ministry of Rites led everyone to the table, and the emperor told everyone to make themselves at home. He stayed for about half an hour, drank the wine toasted by the prince of Dongxia, chatted some gossip, and left with the excuse that he is old and incapable of drinking anymore and left the prince to be the Host. After another few cups of wine, the atmosphere became relaxed. Officials group together to drink wine, recite poetry, or lean on the railing to enjoy the peach blossoms.


    Xia Yujin stabbed his wife’s arm for the thirty-eighth time, and whispered: “Don’t drink too much.”


    Ye Zhao looked at his round and black eyes, and was stunned for a while, then answered cheerfully: Don’t worry, even if I’m drunk, I won’t go crazy in front of people.


    Xia Yujin said angrily in a low voice: “It’s not okay to be drunk and go crazy even behind people.”


    Ye Zhao secretly squeezed his hand under the table, his fair fingertips were very slender and beautiful, and then smiled and answered: “Yes, yes, I’ll listen to you.”


    Xia Yujin pulled out his hands in anger, almost growling: “If you continue to be naughty, I will …..”


    Ye Zhao turned her head to the side and asked softly, “molest me?”


    Xia Yujin wanted to cry but no tears could come out. Before coming, he went to Qiuhuo, an honest friend, to inquire about Ye Zhao’s alcohol consumption ability. But he forgot that the fine wine brewed in the palace cannot be compared with those drank by ordinary folks. As a result, he missed two toasts, and his wife was a little drunk again. If he was disturbed by her in public, he would have to jump off the Taigui Pavilion to prove his innocence.


    So he stubbornly stopped Ye Zhao’s from drinking anymore, and whoever came to toast would be pushed back by his murderous eyes.


    The scent made everyone sigh: “Who said that the prince doesn’t care about his wife, and wanted to be separated from her, aren’t they in a good relationship?”


    Prince Ino of Dongxia came over with a wine glass, stopped in front of Ye Zhao, and said with a smile: “The general is brave and good at fighting, and was invincible in battle. No one would have guessed that she is a woman. When the news reached Dongxia, the entire army was stunned. My uncle, who was released by you, was so embarrassed that he almost wanted to commit suicide. The good thing that came out of that you are a woman was that my sister, Yinchuan, fell in love with you at first sight on the battlefield. She was reluctant to marry, and she wanted to recruit you to be her concubine in Dongxia. When she heard the news, she hid in the tent and cried for three days. Finally, she got married obediently under the arrangement of my father.


    It has been known that Princess Yinchuan is talented and beautiful, and she is the number one beauty in Dongxia.


    Xia Yujin was so jealous that she pinched Ye Zhao hard.


    Ye Zhao was in pain, but her expression did not change, and she said indifferently: “At that time, I was forced by the circumstances, it’s so embarrassing.”


    Prince Ino laughed heartily a few times, raised his glass, and said: “Now that Dongxia and Daqin are reconciled, we shall not fight anymore.”


    Friends should have a drink together


    This toast cannot be rejected.


    Ye Zhao hesitated for a moment, then raised her glass.


    Seeing that the situation was not good, Xia Yujin quickly took action and snatched the wine glass from her hand. After hesitating for a moment, she couldn’t think of how to call her wife, so he could only smile with difficulty: “Azhao is not good at drinking, let me do it for her.”


    Prince Ino was stunned for a moment, but also laughed: “The prince and his wife are really deeply affectionate, so caring and considerate.”


    In front of the foreign envoys, family ugliness should not be made public, Xia Yujin could only grit his teeth: “This is what a husband should do.”


    Prince Inuo praised: “We Dongxia people always say that a hero must ride the strongest horse and marry the strongest woman. The Prince of Xia Jun seems to be weak, but he can subdue the strongest woman in the whole of Qin. He must definitely be a hero. We must never judge a book by its cover.”


    Ye Zhao tried to keep a low profile and did not speak.


    Xia Yujin had no choice but to continue pretending to be graceful: “Thank you.”


    He felt his face freeze from all the laughing.


    Prince Ino remembered and said: My mother can also wield a hard bow, ride a horse, pierce through the center of a target at a hundred paces away, and killed a bear with her own hands when she was young. The sons she gave birth to, except for me, who are slightly inferior, are all heroes who stand up to any foe and respond to every call in the army. Presumably, the son of Prince Xia Jun and General Ye will not be inferior to my mother. However, now that our two countries are on good terms, we do not have a chance to battle and learn from each other.


    The prince listened quietly beside him, maintaining the same smile on his face.


    Ye Zhao’s heart tightened, and suddenly she felt that there was something wrong with his seemingly affectionate words. The Dongxia royal family had already changed two queens, the latter queen had wanted her son to inherit the throne, but they were all eliminated by the sons of the first queen headed by Ino. Now, in front of the prince, he first mentioned her martial arts and military power, and then the heir, suggesting that her son could have the ability to take over the throne. If the seeds of suspicion are planted in the prince’s heart, it will be very bad for them.


    She looked suspiciously.


    Prince Ino’s face was full of honesty, as if he didn’t understand what he had said wrong, he was just trying to persuade her to drink.


    “Come on!” Xia Yujin had already drunk three cups of wine and said a loud, “Ah Zhao is in good health, but I am not. After all the adding and subtracting, I am afraid that my son will not be strong. My mother is afraid of blood, war, and death. She will not let her precious grandson go to the battlefield, it is better for him to learn knowledge and become a romantic talent in the future.”


    Ye Zhao couldn’t help but hammer him: “romantic?”


    Xia Yujin glared at her with the effect of wine and said angrily: “Let me warn you, if you dare send your child to the battlefield, I will divorce you immediately.”


    This drunken remark made everyone laugh.


    Prince Ino said regretfully: “Isn’t General Ye’s martial arts skills going to waste?”


    Ye Zhao said with a smile: “My mother’s family has two nephews. In the future, they will be loyal to the monarch and serve the country.”


    The prince echoed: “Ye’s family is loyal and faithful, and her nephew must be good.”


    Prince Ino gave Xia Yujin a thoughtful look, nodded, and said, “That’s right.”


    When they were far enough.


    Ye Zhao whispered to Xia Yujin: “Thank you.”


    Xia Yujin seemed stunned: stupid, “what did I do?”


    Ye Zhao was also a little unsure whether he was pretending to be confused, so she could only say: “Prince Dongxia is very dangerous.”


    Xia Yujin glanced at Ino’s back and agreed: “With such a big fist, he is really dangerous.”


    Ye Zhao shook her head: “I think he has bad intentions, you should stay away from him.”


    Xia Yujin was a stubborn donkey who will do the opposite of what his wife said, he immediately scoffed, “It’s ill-intentioned when people praise me. A woman is always so narrow-minded.”


    Ye Zhao laughed wickedly, slowly approached him, sighed, and gently dropped a shocking sentence, in his homeland, there are rumors that he has the habit of breaking people’s arm, husband, you really want to get close to him?”


    Xia Yujin shuddered and asked weakly, “Are you lying?


    Ye Zhao shrugged: “It’s up to you to believe it or not, I believe it anyway.”


    Xia Yujin looked at the Prince’s muscular body and his eyes that looked over from time to time.


    He hesitated for a long time.


    Safety first, he shall believe it.



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