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Chapter 32

The next morning, the DongXia envoy arrived outside the city. They unloaded their weapons, and then, accompanied by officials of ritual and eight hundred Daqin soldiers, they headed through Xuanwu Street to Chongwenmen.

The people were very interested in the barbarians from DongXia, and they showed their enthusiasm for gossip by occupying all the major restaurants and teahouses along the way, craning their necks to watch the excitement.

Xia Yujin was also curious. After checking the final cleaning of the street, he ran to the largest tea shop on the side of Ping’an Road and forced the boss to give a place to him. While chewing melon seeds, and drinking tea, he was anticipating the fierce look of the Dongxia prince. As for Ye Zhao, over the last half month, she has been finding excuses to see him now and then. Now that the soldiers accompanying the Dongxia Prince came from her barracks, she naturally felt uneasy about the Dongxia envoy and wanted to monitor whether the bastards would make any trouble. She pushed all the paperwork to Hu Qing, and also slipped into the tea shop, and sat forcibly beside Xia Yujin.

Xia Yujin didn’t want to attack her wife in front of so many people, and he also didn’t want to be insulted by her in public, so he could only smile from the corners of his mouth, and let her peel the melon seed, pour tea for him, and occasionally talk to her: “I heard that the Dongxia Prince kills without blinking, and his temperament is very violent. Have you seen him before?”

Fortunately, Ye Zhao was not interested in the matter of the Dongxia Prince and was only interested in the white sable jumping around in front of her. In order not to disappoint him, she thought about it and replied seriously:” Dongxia’s folk customs are tougher, and everyone wears a sword. They like to fight, and he is skillful and strong. The prince of Dongxia, Ino, lost his mother in childhood and was at odds with his stepmother. It seems that some things happened between them, and he was almost killed several times. He is very talented. He killed a wolf at the age of eight, killed his uncle who bullied him at the age of twelve, made military exploits at the age of fifteen, and then slaughtered his stepmother’s entire family. Thereupon he was labeled as brutal. However, the King likes him very much.

Xia Yujin shook her head and sighed: “They are all animals.”

Ye Zhao said softly: “Animals or not, you wouldn’t know clearly unless you are in it.”

After waiting for about an hour, the envoy finally arrived. In front were a dozen carts full of gifts, piled with animal skins of various colors, and several Dongxia special horses, dedicated to Da Qin. Behind the carts was the DongXia prince Ino, who was about nine feet tall and rode an extremely tall black horse. Dark skin, every muscle was as strong and powerful as a beast, the hair on the shawl was randomly braided, and the clothes were trimmed with beautiful animal skins, with many rough gold and animal bone ornaments. The outline of his face is as firm as iron, the bridge of his nose is high and straight, and his brown-yellow eyes are sharp and energetic, like an eagle soaring in the sky.

Everyone praised: “His appearance, his figure, his temperament, all are qualities of a real man. Standing on the ground, he is like a copper tripod iron block, ready to fight and kill.

Xia Yujin compared his thin body and his gentle appearance and was instantly jealous, envious, and full of hatred for him. He hopes that he can be as strong as Ino, so that he can take revenge on his bastard wife, and teach her a lesson. Let her have a taste of what shame feels like and teach her how to be well-behaved and sensible.

Fantasy is just fantasy, he gave out a long sigh. When he turned around, he saw Ye Zhaozheng looking at him quietly, couldn’t help asking: “Are you not interested in Prince Dongxia?”

Ye Zhao: “Nothing interesting about him.”

Xia Yujin was puzzled: “Why?”

Ye Zhao glanced at Inuo casually, and said disdainfully: “Just another loser to me.”

His fantasy object was instantly shattered.

Xia Yujin suddenly felt the urge to bite his wife to death.

In the evening, the emperor gave a banquet at the Taigui Pavilion, and all the civil and military officials were invited to attend the banquet.

Although the imperial censor of Xuncheng was just a minor official title, the Prince of Nanping County was not small, and he was also on the invited list. But the emperor did not care whether he attends or not and only emphasized that Ye Zhao must be at the banquet.

Xia Yujin didn’t really want to go either, anyway, he was sick of the emperor’s royal meal, and whenever he went out with Ye Zhao, there would always be people asking questions and wanting to make fun of them. In addition, he was insulted very hard by his wife, and he was feeling annoyed and didn’t want to be with her. But in front of foreign envoys, he had to protect Da Qin’s face no matter what, pretend to be affectionate, and save some face for the royal family. Otherwise, his uncle would pull out the Qinglong sword and hack him alive.

Ye Zhao also figured out all that and invited him over and over again.

Xia Yujin just refused.

Ye Zhao had no choice but to say: “I fought with Prince Ino on the battlefield, we are considered acquaintances. When I go for dinner this time, I will have to have a few drinks with him.

Xia Yujin said, “Just don’t come drunk.”

“Hard to say.” Ye Zhao gave him a meaningful look, then turned and left.

Xia Yujin shuddered.

After a while, Mrs. Yang hurried over with two maids. On the bright side, she came to filial piety to her husband with a newly embroidered handkerchief and a newly cooked tonic. But we have no idea what the hell is she up to.

Xia Yujin peeked out coldly and asked: Why are the leaves embroidered on the handkerchief?

Mei Niang rolled her eyes and explained: This is the latest style this year.

Xia Yujin let out a long sigh, looked through the tonics, tasted it, and then asked: “Isn’t donkey glue for women to nourish blood and health? Why did you put it in my meal?

Xuan’er said honestly, that this was originally intended for Yang Shi and Mei Niang alone, but she continued, “I brought it over to you to help you activate blood blow and remove blood stasis.”

Xia Yujin half-squinted her eyes and asked, “You guys know that I am so angry that my blood pressure is out of balance?”

Xuan’er said: yes

Back then, when Concubine An chose a concubine, the standard was to be pretty and honest, so that she will not cause any trouble in the backyard. Now Xia Yujin feels that it is not a good thing for a woman to be too honest, and sooner or later, he will die of anger.

Mei Niang hurriedly dragged Xuan’er to the side, and said with a smile,” My Lord, I heard that the emperor is giving a banquet and asked the general to accompany Prince Dongxia.” The way she says the sentence and the emphasis on the word accompany, it was as though there is a green hat on his head.

Mrs. Yang immediately condemned her sharply: The prince is a forgiving man, how can he be bothered with his wife drinking with another man, what gave you the idea?

Mei Niang immediately changed her words: “Yes, our prince is a forgiving man. Although the Dongxia prince is tall, handsome, and strong, plus he is an old friend of the general, so the general should accompany him to drink a few glasses of wine in person. The people who think crooked are the crooked ones themselves.”

Everybody started to chip in, every word was insinuated, and Xia Yujin finally remembered that no matter how bad Ye Zhao was, she is still his wife. Now that his wife is alone, drinking with a beautiful man in public and if he didn’t show up, it was as though he is shrinking like a green turtle. He will be ridiculed by the world in the future.

Xia Yujin asked weakly: “Ye Zhao wouldn’t misbehave, right?

Yang’s answer: “No, the general is just friendly.”

Although Xia Yujin felt that the concubine’s words were alarming, when he thought of Ye Zhao’s terrifying smile before she left, he felt that this threat was very possible.

So, he decided to go to the dinner party, stared at his wife, tell her to behave, and not allowed her to toast to other men.


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