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Chapter 31

The actual purpose of the general’s visit was to discuss with Hu Qing the envoy from Dongxia.

Daqin is a country of dignified etiquette. The emperor had ordered to show the celestial momentum to the barbaric country. The Ministry of Rites has finalized the specifications and treatment of the Dongxia prince and his party. As Dongxia is close to Manjin, there were very few diplomatic relations in the past. The customs and languages ​​of the two countries are very different. Time is a little tight to find someone who is proficient in this matter.

Hu Qing is talented and intelligent. After following the army for eight years, he is proficient in the dialects of seven to eight countries near the Northern Desert, and he knows their historical backgrounds, customs, and taboos like the back of the back. Therefore, the Ministry of Rites specially sent Ye Zhao to invite Hu Qing to discuss the matter.

After Hu Qing listened, he was silent for a moment, and said calmly: “Fuck you.”

On the other hand, Xia Yujin, after being violated by his wife unwillingly yesterday, lay on the bed and wanted to forget the ordeal. But he was unable to do so. The aggressive stimulation and the thrill of panic seemed to remain on his body. He turned to the opposite side, his mind was full of the other party’s devilish smile. No matter how he try to forget it, he just couldn’t sleep, so he secretly cursed the bastard Ye Zhao a hundred times.

When dawn came, he finally managed to close his eyes and fell asleep.

Unexpectedly, the emperor sent a decree in the morning to ask the Minister of Rites to lead Jing Zhaoyin, the inspector of the censor, and a few other departments to jointly complete the task of receiving the Dongxia entourage. Lao Yang recieved the order. For as long as he waited, Xia Yujin did not come. Unable to wait any longer, he went straight to the Nanping County Prince’s Mansion, but he was not there. Then he went to An Prince’s Mansion, with the help of Concubine An, they dragged the censor of the city who was lying on the bed pretending to be dead.

Xia Yujin yawned and felt resentful, but was forced to go to the Ministry of Rites for the meeting.

The Minister of Rites opened his small eyes that were no bigger than a mouse, touched the three strands of a goatee, and arranged a task for him with a smile: “The envoy of the DongXia will arrive in the middle of next month and will stay for about fifteen days. The reduction of disturbances and petty thefts would be much appreciated. We request Nanping County to look into this.”

Xia Yujin nodded like a chicken pecking at rice.

The Minister of Rites outlined more tasks: “The mission will pass through Xuanwu Street and Shuntian Street. The roads must be kept clean and tidy, and there should be no rubbish and sundries. Please ask the Prince of Nanping to supervise the cleaning.”

Xia Yujin continued pecking at the rice and nodding. After a while, he woke up from drowsiness and asked, “You want me to sweep the streets?”

The Minister of Rites said no: “The prince’s statement is not right. It is not for you to sweep it yourself, but to supervise the sweeping of the street. And the emperor doesn’t want his nephew to get tired.”

Xia Yujin had an epiphany: I am to supervise Lao Yang personally, and let Lao Yang personally supervise the sweeping of the street.

“That’s right!” The Minister of Rites finally felt relieved and no longer worried that the Demon King of Chaos would screw things up and implicate his own job.

Xia Yujin finished his errand and was about to go back to the inspectorate to make up for his sleep. On the way, he accidentally glanced at the Hall and saw two figures sitting on the mahogany chairs, discussing something. The general on the left has a stern face, showing loyalty, filial piety, righteousness, and uprightness. Although he doesn’t speak much, every word is decisive and convincing. The military advisor on the right is neither humble nor arrogant. He is eloquent, humorous, and witty.

It’s a pair of good partners.

Xia Yujin looked at the shameless bastards with the sharpest eyes possible, trying to make Ye Zhao understand the anger in his heart.

Ye Zhao felt his warm gaze, stunned, overjoyed, and asked Hu Qing in a low voice, “My man is giving me a wink?”

Hu Qing took a serious look, thought about it, and affirmed: “That’s right.”

Xia Yujin was still staring at his wife when he suddenly saw Ye Zhao turn her head and smiled at him. Her icy cold eyes turned gentle, and the corners of her eyes are smiling, how warm is it?

He was stunned. He doesn’t understand why even though he is looking at her so fiercely, she is still so good-natured

A person normally doesn’t slap a smiley face. Although he has a lot of resentment, he felt embarrassed and wanted to leave quickly.

Ye Zhao hurriedly sent someone up to spread the word:” Please stay and wait for the general to leave with you.”

Xia Yujin nodded hurriedly, turned his head, and ran as fast as he could.

Ye Zhao looked at Hu Qing sadly and asked: “ What…?”

Without waiting for her to finish, Hu Qing explained: “He’s shy.”

Ye Zhao looked at his fading back thoughtfully.

She thought, maybe the act of being drunk and molesting was too impatient. She remembered that when she was a child, she forcibly kissed a relative’s little girl on the face, causing her to cry incessantly. She was afraid of being scolded by her parents, so she had to go up the tree to pick flowers and pretended to be a monkey playing tricks, bought candied gourd, and apricot cake, and lots of promises. It took three days of coaxing before the other party turned around.

However, Xia Yujin is not a woman from a good family, not a courtesan, but her husband, a big man. Even if he was violated by her, there is no need to lose sleep over it.

Hu Qing’s analysis: “He thinks that those people you violated previously weren’t him, so he’s jealous.”

Ye Zhao grabbed him by the neck while no one is looking and asked: “ Do you want to try the latest Dongxia wrestling moves

Hu Qing immediately changed his tune: “How could a man be happy when a woman violated him?”

Ye Zhao quickly gave the answer: “Brothel.”

Although all these are nonsense, Ye Zhao thinks that Xia Yujin is really cute when he is awkward, and it feels really good when kissing him, especially the pair of frightened eyes, which are exactly the same as a ferret being hunted and chased.

Attacking too fast will scare off the prey.

Got to use bait to lure him out step by step, and slowly rope it in.

Xia Yujin’s self-esteem is very strong, the relationship between husband and wife must not be too strong, it must be willing to both parties. Love is like a battlefield, there will always be uncontrollable accidents, and the most important thing is to regain control of the situation back into the palm of your hand.

Ye Zhao was calm most of the time, she quickly redoes the deployment, suppressed the urge to violate him again, and wanted to find Xia Yujin to re-cultivate her relationship.

Xia Yujin was in trouble. When he was molested by the bearded Haike in the small shop, he only felt nauseous, and every time he thought about it, it felt like a nightmare. But when he was violated by Ye Zhao, the faintly sweet kiss didn’t have any disgusting feeling, it only made him feel excited and shocked.

Maybe it’s because Ye Zhao is a woman, or his wife.

Perhaps it was because although Ye Zhao acts like a man, she is good-looking.

Maybe it’s because of her attitude towards others and towards herself, in comparison, it’s really not bad.

But none of this constitutes a reason for him to forgive the other party.

It is absolutely unacceptable for a wife to act like a hooligan and violate a man.

So Xia Yujin ignored Ye Zhao and rushed to the inspectorate every day, dozing off and sleeping in the morning, rounding up his men in the afternoon to give them lectures, staring at Lao Yang and leading people to sweep the streets, then checking the streets three or four times, and not returning home until midnight. Everyone was in tears, burning incense every day and begging the Bodhisattva to let the emperor quickly remove his duties and let him go home to face his wife’s food.

Ye Zhao was in a bad mood because of this. Although she had strong self-control and would not take anger at others, the soldiers in the military camp saw their general’s terrifying face and thought of what she had done in the past, and they felt very uneasy. There were several officers who knew Xia Yujin, they were entrusted by the rest to express hints and teach various methods of coaxing their wife. Trying to get him to give in to the General. Spare everyone the chance to see the stinky face of the living Hades again.

Messy family, and busy work schedules, half a month passed in the blink of an eye.

The Prince of DongXia will be arriving with a delegation of 143 people in the capital tomorrow.


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