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Chapter 30

In a village not far from the Shangjing military camp, there is a small courtyard with three peach trees, with lush flowers and leaves sticking out of the wall. Under the wall there is a mangy yellow dog, facing the morning sun, nibbling on a chicken bone.

The sound of gallop could be heard quickly approaching the courtyard.

The yellow dog jumped up nervously, guarding the bones, and howling frantically.

The snow-like white horse raised its hooves high at it and stopped.

The yellow dog arched its waist, its tail stood straight, showing its sharp canine teeth, drooling, and growling in a low voice.

The white horse neighed arrogantly.

On the horse’s back, the black cloak unfolded in the wind, wrapping the fiery red uniform. In a blink of an eye, she flipped over and dismounted. Her posture was lighter than that of a peach blossom, and she was more agile than an eagle in hunting. Her facial features are well-defined, and she has the unique look of someone from a different race. Her temperament was like an unsheathed famous sword, beautiful but stained with blood. It could fascinate and frighten people at the same time.

She glanced around with her head held high, her knuckles rattling with a black-tipped whip tightly in her hand.

When the yellow dog met her gaze, it shuddered instantly and didn’t dare to growl again. It obediently lowered its head, picked up the chicken bone on the ground, tucked its tail, and fled at the fastest speed.

The gate to the yard was pushed open, making a creaking old sound.

The gray-haired old man who was dozing off by the door jumped up abruptly, and subconsciously reached out and grabbed the hatchet on the ground. His eyes revealed a battle-hardened murderous aura. After he had looked carefully, then he fully retract his aura, and let out a surprised exclamation: General, why are you here?

Ye Zhao asked coldly, “Where’s the old fox?

The general is looking for the counselor, the old man’s face became ugly, and his voice was distorted by being too frightened. While trying to stop her pace, he shouted in a loud tone:” General, the counselor is not at home!”

Ye Zhao pushed him away, strode towards the main room, and came to the study. Before she announced her arrival, she kicked the wooden door and shouted aggressively: “Fox, show yourself.”

There were seven or eight tall bookshelves in the house, countless books were piled on the desk, the ink in the inkstone has not dried up, the brush was thrown aside, the windows were wide open, shaking gently in the wind, and there seems to be the scent of human residue in the air.

Ye Zhao frowned: He ran.

The old man grimaced and rubbed his hands, not daring to stop or make a sound.

The speed of him escaping is really fast, did he grow a pair of long rabbit legs? Ye Zhao said to herself, then turned around and instructed: When he comes back, tell him that I have a score to settle with him.

The old man nodded desperately: definitely, definitely.

Ye Zhao glanced around the house again and left decisively.

The sound of gallop drifted away.

After about three or four quarters of an hour, the floor in the study moved, revealing a large black hole. A head cautiously protruded from it, and his slender eyes looked around to make sure that no one was there, and then he quickly stepped out of the hole. As he was loosening his stiff neck and was about to continue writing, he saw that the expression of the old man who was serving him outside the window was extremely distorted, as if he had seen a ghost, and kept winking his eyes.

Hu Qing’s expression changed.

Before he could react, a strong wind blew by.

Ye Zhao jumped off the roof, hooked her feet on the edge of the window, and flipped over lightly in the air. She landed behind Hu Qing, and put her hand on his shoulder. With a stern face, she said: Tricks that have been used before will not work again, do you think you can hide from me?

“No, No, I have been practicing the methodology of Tao.” Hu Qing put up an innocent smile, slender eyes curved like a crescent moon. I have been cleaning the burrow, I didn’t expect you to come, what can I do for you?”

“It’s no big deal,” Ye Zhao also displayed a evil smile from the corner of her mouth, and said in a low voice, “I just wanted to ask you a few questions.”

Hu Qing answered sternly: “Yes, General?”

Ye Zhao increased her strength a little, ignoring his distorted expression, she asked slowly: We grew up together, you knew that after defeating the enemies in the north of the desert, it was also your idea, that I wanted to use the 500,000 strong military might as bait to lead the emperor to marry me to Xia Yujin, thus fulfilled my long-cherished wish and keep me safe for the rest of my life. Why did you stab me from behind?”

Hu Qing was confused: “When will I stab you from behind?”

Ye Zhao said angrily:”While I was worried about how to realize my father’s wish after the war, you cried and swored, saying that one should not shit on your own backyard, and anyone can sacrifice, don’t ask you to sacrifice. I’m so angry that I want to hammer you to death. Now that I finally married him, the relationship between us is going through a difficult time, but you are making rumors everywhere, making everyone think as though we are having an affair. Are you trying to punish him or are you trying to punissh me? Do you believe that I will hammer you to death today?”

Hu Qing was puzzled and said, “What kind of rumors did I put out? I just mentioned that the woman I liked got married. Back then, my father betrothed me to a beautiful and virtuous girl. During the war, she thought I was dead and married someone else. Am I not allowed to sound out my anger? What are you thinking? It must be a misunerstanding.”

Ye Zhao half-squinted her eyes and observed his expression: “You really didn’t say anything that might ruin my reputation?”

Hu Qing said decisively: “I just mentioned about the wars we fought together in the northern part of the desert.

Ye Zhao asked again: “Why do Qiuhua and Qiushui also think so?”

Hu Qing pondered for a moment: “Probably when Qiuhu forced me to marry his daughter, I wasn’t able to fend him off, so I used you to prevaricate him, saying that the general has not married yet, as a younger brother, how could I be so shameless and marry first. “Probably he had a misunderstanding and didn’t force me to marry his daughter anymore.”

Ye Zhao angrily rebuked:”It’s just ridiculous.”

Hu Qing spread out his hands helplessly: “It’s not like you don’t know about Qiuhu’s bandit temperament. If I say I don’t like his daughter, He would have twist my head off.”

Ye Zhao finally breathed a sigh of relief, and then saw that the guy still looked innocent and unscrupulous. She was still angry and punched a few times lightly, scolding: “You bastard, if you don’t give me problem for a day, you don’t feel comfortable is it?”

Hu Qing smiled and begged for mercy: “Who asked you to tease me every day when we were young?”

Ye Zhao stopped, let go of him, and asked seriously: “Are you really just joking?”

A dim light flashed across Hu Qing’s eyes.

Eight years of fighting side by side, following each other through life and death , from the initial mutual disgust to mutual support, how can there be no feelings?

She is the domineering eagle in his heart, the domineering tiger, the blood-soaked Shura, the star of the sky, and the only faith.

Don’t think too much about things you shouldn’t think about, and don’t reach out for things you can’t touch or take.

When you can’t control your emotions and accidentally say something wrong, you have to laugh it off, and then use countless lies to bury the truth.

He can do it.

Hu Qing cleared his mind, loosened his clenched fists, and quickly smiled: “Of course it was a joke, I just wanted to see how affectionate the general was to his wife.”

Ye Zhao reacted quickly this time, she tapped him on the head, and reprimanded: “He is my husband and a man.”

“A small slip of the tongue, no need to be angry.” Hu Qing was still smiling. “Your man is good for nothing, but he is beautiful. Although he has a fuck type character, but compared to your, he is no where near. A little hooligan meets a big hooligan, I’m afraid he must be in a lot of troubles. The General must be having a lot of fun now.

Ye Zhao remembered what happened last night, stroked her lips, and smiled ambiguously: It tastes good.

Hu Qing sighed: “Really shameless.”

Ye Zhao: “A pot do not call a kettle black.”

Hu Qing was speechless, and suddenly felt that he must have done some evil things in his previous life to know this woman in this life. He began to feel a little sympathetic for Xia Yujin. He married a wife who is more rogue than a rogue. How much debt is recorded in the life and death book of the King of Hell? When I see that poor child in the future, should I play lesser tricks on him?


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