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Four Ways To Get A Wife – Chapter 13 Part 2

In Love (2)



Despite the prosecutor’s internal investigation, Geon Hyeong’s planned business trip to a foreign company would still take place. Fortunately, there were no problems.

Although he was not a law-abiding person, there were still many ways to apply the rules of the law. Kim Geon Hyeong was not a fool who would give excuses to his opponent and make himself a lawbreaker.

Right now, the one who should feel tense in this situation was not him. If Geon Hyeong was not in this place, those who were afraid would definitely move again.

Geon Hyeong knew exactly who their spearheads were pointing at right now, so he was now ready to face the attack that was waiting for him. He was just waiting for the right time now. Perhaps with his business trip this time, the time he has been waiting for would be closer.

Then, there was the matter of his mother, who he thought was banished by his father and dumped her. When the ring was combined with that past story, there must be something else.

The reason for his parents’ divorce that was reported in the newspaper back then was because of his mother’s desire and dream to perform on stage. Only now did Geon Hyeong understand the true meaning of the conversation he heard that night.

There must always be at least one person who knows the truth. Just as Jung Won was looking for her uncle, Geon Hyeong must also remember someone who could be a witness in this matter.

The person who stopped Geon Hyeong’s busy and urgent movements and heart was none other than Shin Hee. More precisely a phone call from Shin Hee.

Shin Hee. A person that Geon Hyeong could not just ignore. Then, the person he can’t just ignore. He must immediately settle his feelings and that woman’s feelings.




The restaurant located on the outskirts of the Gangnam area had a modern-style interior with large windows that showed the view of Seoul at night. That’s why Shin Hee liked this place so much and often came here with Geon Hyeong. However, this time she came with Jung Won.

Jung Won who was suddenly invited to that place just looked at Shin Hee in confusion. She had already said that it was not good to measure a person’s sincerity and also said that her family rules prohibited her from betting.

However, Shin Hee didn’t seem to care about any of that. For her, everyone around her had to obey and follow her wishes.

“Shin Hee ssi.”

“I told you, call me Unnie.”

“Okay, Unnie. I’ll be going home now.”

As soon as Jung Won was about to stand up, Shin Hee immediately held her hand.

“Geon Hyeong will be here soon. Well, if he doesn’t come, then you won. Don’t you want to check it out in person?”


Jung Won shook her head confidently. She wasn’t sure she could bear to see Geon Hyeong coming toward Shin Hee. But she also didn’t want to hope that Shin Hee would remain alone in this place.

From the beginning, testing each other’s love feelings was something unfair and untrue.

“I, I’m actually very scared right now. But if I don’t prove it right now, I don’t think I’ll be able to end this. Maybe you feel that way too. Avoiding something I’m afraid of is not in my nature at all.”

“Unnie’s words are true. I feel scared too. However, even if I could endure that fear, I can’t seem to endure that.”

Jung Won, who couldn’t finish her sentence, looked at Shin Hee straight on. Jung Won couldn’t bear to see the man’s backside. That’s why, she showed her own heartache.

“Anyway, it doesn’t seem necessary to have two people waiting for him in this place.”


“One of them will feel hurt anyway. I don’t want to show that. And I don’t want to see that.”

Even though Jung Won was sure that the one who would get hurt was her, she tried to finish her sentence calmly and left the place.

At that moment, Shin Hee didn’t hold back anymore. The woman she chose for Geon Hyeong, the woman Geon Hyeong loved, revealed her heart honestly.

Did the woman who just became her sister know that what she had to see later was the back figure of Yoo Shin Hee? Perhaps Shin Hee should feel grateful for Jung Won’s choice.




As soon as Jung Won left the place, a man wearing a neat suit approached Shin Hee who was sitting alone. Unfortunately, that man was not Geon Hyeong.

Shin Hee looked at the man who appeared at an inopportune time and silently felt grateful that Jung Won had left the place.

“It’s smart of you to hide. You think you can live quietly and happily after humiliating me like that?”

“Of course. I have no regrets. Then, why do you think I’m hiding from you?”

Shin Hee snapped angrily at the man who had blocked the view outside the window.

She must have been crazy back then, Shin Hee thought. How could she agree to just break up with Geon Hyeong and say she would marry this man.

She could be Juliet, but she wouldn’t let herself become like Jeanne d’Arc.

“Don’t be so arrogant and boast about a man whose status in the family is unclear.”

“I don’t care. The important thing is that thanks to that man, I don’t have to marry a man like you.”

“Did you think I’ll stay quiet after you humiliated me like that?”

“What the hell are you going to do? After all, it wasn’t me who stood alone at the wedding. I wasn’t the one who felt embarrassed.”

The man who was getting annoyed at Shin Hee’s haughty tone of voice couldn’t hold back his emotions and held the woman’s shoulders tightly while shaking her.

“Watch out, I’ll get back at you later.”

“Go ahead.”

Stupid man. How dare he forget my family’s kindness and threaten me now. Doesn’t he remember what made me agree to marry such a man?

Shin Hee, who wasn’t happy to get such a threat, frowned slightly. The man misinterpreted Shin Hee’s expression as one that scorned him so he vented his anger again.

Shin Hee closed her eyes when she thought he was going to slap her. Suddenly, Geon Hyeong’s voice was heard.

“What the hell?”

“Kim Geon Hyeong?”

Geon Hyeong immediately released Shin Hee from the man and pulled her into his arms. While looking at Geon Hyeong who appeared at the right time, Shin Hee smiled bitterly in Geon Hyeong’s arms.

This man had always come to her defense when she needed it. Now, who else would continue to defend her? Who else would continue to look up to her?

“Are you okay?”


“Director Kim, why are you in…”

“This person is the reason why I canceled the wedding. You should have known without me telling you like this.”

Shin Hee answered firmly, while Geon Hyeong did not deny it. He even put his arm around Shin Hee’s shoulders as if he was giving her strength.

“Director Kim doesn’t know about you yet, that’s why he’s like that to you. If he finds out…”

“Geon Hyeong knows a lot about me.”

Shin Hee replied confidently and looked at the man sharply. Geon Hyeong who glanced at Shin Hee nodded his head. Seeing that, the man in front of them immediately looked at them in confusion.

“That doesn’t make sense. So, all this time Kim Geon Hyeong and Yoo Shin Hee. What a crazy combination.”

“Of course, we have nothing to lose. However, it looks like there will be trouble in your company because of an incompetent successor.”

“What do you mean?”

“Tell your father directly. His company’s transaction with Goryo Electronics this time will be canceled. I don’t want to invest in a company that has no clear future.”

Geon Hyeong said solemnly with a cold expression. People who knew him would know that his words were not a bluff or a mere threat. The expression on his interlocutor’s face instantly turned pale.


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