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Four Ways To Get A Wife – Chapter 13 Part 1

In Love (1)

In Love



Jung Won sat with a serious face on a garden chair in Hwaniwon. The sunlight that day was quite strong, but the air under the shadow of the zelkova tree was cool.  Even under the bright blue sky and the beautiful field of wildflowers, her heart still felt uneasy.

Geon Hyeong had not contacted her since the incident that day. Was he really busy with his work as usual? Or was there another problem?

Jung Won played with the necklace that Geon Hyeong put on her last week. It was really a romantic ring with the symbol of the woman he loves.

Geon Hyeong’s father was looking for his wife like crazy. Although many things were incomprehensible in this world, Jung Won really didn’t understand why the two people who still loved each other had to separate.

What secrets were hidden between them?

Despite the love of his playboy father and the wishes of his careless mother, in Geon Hyeong’s eyes, his parents were still parents who didn’t really love their own children.

His father always ignored him, while his mother traded him for money. However, even though they had acted like that, the reason why they had kept this secret for life remained a question. Maybe one day Geon Hyeong would find out the answer.

“Jung Won ssi?”

“Oh, Shin Hee ssi.”

Jung Won who was daydreaming just noticed Shin Hee’s gaze who had been looking at her. Shin Hee still looked perfectly beautiful as always. The woman wearing orange overalls with a short jacket looked good with the beautiful wild flowers in Hwaniwon.

“The person at the cafeteria told me to look for you in the greenhouse or here, but you were right here. If you were in the orchard, I would have given up already.”

“What were you looking for me for?”

“I just met with the dean. Starting this semester, I’ll be teaching at this college. I suddenly thought of you and stopped by to see you. It’s okay, right?”

“Ah, yes.”

So, now this woman was a lecturer who would be teaching at this university. Her family background was good, her looks were attractive, and she’s also friendly and kind to her ex- boyfriend’s new girlfriend. The woman who had everything was now in front of Jung Won. God really doesn’t seem fair.

“This is a present for you. You like flowers, right? I also gave this to the dean and because I thought of you, I prepared another one for you. Do you like it?”

“Yes. It’s very pretty.”

Jung Won gratefully accepted the handful of chrysanthemums Shin Hee handed over. The yellow chrysanthemums wrapped neatly in dark colored felt looked simple yet beautiful.

Shin Hee, who put her bag on the chair next to Jung Won and sat down beside her, looked happy.

“You know, Geon Hyeong really likes this place too. Oh, yeah, I forgot. We first met at this place, right. When you were with Geon Hyeong.”

Shin Hee looked around Hwaniwon which was now filled with wildflowers and thick green grass.

“When he was little, he loved coming to this place. Do you know why he liked this place so much?”

“Not really…”

“I understand. That person won’t tell you about himself. Because in the past, every time we came here, Geon Hyeong’s father was always in this place. Even though he didn’t say anything to me, I immediately knew why he liked this place. That’s why I always took him to play in this place every day. And, even though he pretended to be unwilling at first, Geon Hyeong always followed me to this place.”

I see. So, that’s why he liked Hwaniwon. So, that’s why he liked Yoo Shin Hee.

And in the end Shin Hee also loved the man named Kim Geon Hyeong.

How could he not love the woman who understood his heart?

“Then, it seems like I got into the habit of coaxing and whining at him like that. All this time, he always fulfills and complies with what I want. If I asked him out, he would date me. If I asked him to wait for me, he would always wait for me. Even when I asked him to break up, it was like that.”

Jung Won knew that too. For Geon Hyeong, Yoo Shin Hee was still number one. Even when Geon Hyeong lived with her, this person was so busy that it was difficult to see him except at dawn and late at night. Even so, one phone call from Shin Hee instantly made him rush over to her.

“Does he act like that with you too?”

“No, he doesn’t. I don’t think he’s the kind of person to be that nice to everyone.”

Jung Won was surprised to hear Shin Hee’s question and shook her head slowly. Because her heart was slowly starting to ache, she wanted to boast that the man was also that kind of person to her.

However, in front of Shin Hee who shone like a precious stone, she couldn’t afford to lie like that. Lying would only make her look like a shameful coward.

“Oh yeah? But it seems that you are a very special woman to Geon Hyeong.”

“Seriously, it looks like you just heard the wrong information.”

Jung Won shook her head again, while Shin Hee just smiled as if interested in her reaction.

“Then, do you like Geon Hyeong? Or did I just mishear again?”

What should I say to answer such a direct and blatant question?  Seeing Jung Won’s panicked face, Shin Hee didn’t wait for Jung Won’s answer anymore.

Jung Won has always been unsuccessful in keeping her facial expressions. Even though she didn’t say it, Shin Hee must have known how Jung Won really felt. Jung Won felt really embarrassed and wanted to disappear from this place.

“I’m sorry.”

“Why do you have to apologize? You guys dated after that guy broke up with me. Besides, you don’t need to apologize for liking that guy.”

Shin Hee shook her head and said firmly to Jung Won who mumbled apologetically while lowering her head. She has no reason to interfere with Jung Won’s relationship.

Meanwhile, Jung Won, who knew the truth, couldn’t look at Shin Hee’s eyes who was acting like that to her. Then, she also felt even more guilty because her heart was completely given to that man.

“Even so… I apologize.”

“I’m actually happier that Geon Hyeong apologized to me instead of you. Whatever others say, I’m sure that Geon Hyeong still won’t change. What exactly did you do to that person?”

Jung Won didn’t do anything to him. The only thing she did was agree to the deal that Geon Hyeong offered back then.

That agreement. Even that was a choice he made for Shin Hee’s sake.

For Shin Hee’s sake, Geon Hyeong searched for the woman who would be his partner through the advertisement in the newspaper, kissed a woman he didn’t know, and then endured the discomfort of having to live in that woman’s house.

All for the sake of Shin Hee’s happiness. Jung Won and Geon Hyeong’s meeting from the beginning came from Geon Hyeong’s desire to make Shin Hee happy.

Even while they were living in the same house, he was always ready whenever Shin Hee called him.

Geon Hyeong never called Jung Won first even once. Ah, no. He called her once during his overseas appointment. Telling her to pack his things.

Then, were his feelings sincere when they kissed? Or was he thinking of another woman at that moment?

Even so, he was also worried about her. He fixed up Jung Won’s house and rented out a hotel room for her. However, if he was doing that just because he’s ashamed of others, it turned out that he really was a true playboy.

“Dare to bet?”


Shin Hee suddenly asked a question while smiling widely at Jung Won who seemed to be busy thinking about something. Jung Won, who thought she heard her wrongly, asked her back.

“Betting how…”

“To find out who is number one to Geon Hyeong.”

“Shin Hee ssi.”

“If Geon Hyeong chooses you, I’m ready to retreat and surrender.”

Shin Hee’s words seemed to ask Jung Won to do the same if Geon Hyeong chose her.

However, even without having to make a bet, the outcome of this bet seemed to be quite clear. After all, testing someone’s heart and feelings was not something that should be done.

“You should ask Geon Hyeong directly. If he says that he loves you, I’ll throw away my feelings for him. Don’t worry.”

“I’m not worried about that at all. Unlike you, I’m not someone who cares about other people’s feelings. You also know that Geon Hyeong is just as evil as me, right?”

“Yes. Ah, no, I’m not saying that you’re a bad person.”

“I know. Because I know that you are a very kind person.”

Shin Hee smiled bitterly as she looked at Jung Won who was stammering in panic.

Kim Geon Hyeong, how could you find such a kind woman? I was hoping that this woman wouldn’t care whether I was angry or bad at her. Too bad, this woman is too good to be an opponent.

“Hm, how about we become sisters regardless of Geon Hyeong’s affairs?”


“I like Jung Won ssi. You don’t like me?”

Hearing Shin Hee’s unexpected suggestion, Jung Won shook her head. Of course she didn’t hate Shin Hee. However, she also didn’t know enough about her to be sisters with her.

After all, there was a man named Kim Geon Hyeong in their midst. She didn’t know about Shin Hee, but Jung Won wasn’t sure if she could see Geon Hyeong getting back together with Shin Hee.

“Then, from now on we’re sister’s.”

Shin Hee didn’t care about Jung Won’s answer at all. She smiled contentedly with a face that seemed to say ‘I never imagined anyone would dare to reject Shin Hee’.

Apparently, this person’s mind and attitude really couldn’t be followed. Jung Won looked at her for a moment in confusion. Now she’s sisters with the lover of the man she loves?

“Then, Jung Won, my younger sister, how about I call Geon Hyeong first?”

“No, don’t be like that. I don’t think that’s a good way.”

“Oh, yeah? That seems like a good way to me. Well, then, you shouldn’t use that method. I’ll do it.”

Shin Hee immediately ignored Jung Won’s opinion that she was her sister and took out her cell phone. Then, without hesitation, she pressed 1 on her phone.

“Oh, yes. If Geon Hyeong chooses me first, I won’t let him go back. Therefore, you’d better be ready.”

As long as the dial tone on her phone was ringing, Shin Hee Unnie was declaring war on her.

The wind picked up in Hwaniwon. The small grass and white flowers swayed gently, while Jung Won’s already chaotic thoughts were now even more chaotic.

Suddenly everything felt shaky. Her heart was shaken, her trust was shaken.


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