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Four Ways To Get A Wife – Chapter 12 Part 4

The Face of the Secret (4)



Jung Won once again realized that Geon Hyeong was a really great person. He managed to find her long lost uncle in just two days.

Jung  Won  visited  Geon  Hyeong’s  office  to  meet  her  uncle  and  the  security  guard  who remembered her face immediately bent 90 degrees and greeted her. Seeing that the guard still remembered Jung Won even though it has been several months since she visited the office, it seemed like the security guard was really smart and really good at his job.

Jung Won who came to the reception desk with a confused face was immediately escorted to the elevator in a friendly manner.

They really don’t need to serve me like that, Jung Won thought.

Receiving  such  an  unusual  welcome,  Jung  Won  just  nodded  politely  and  got  into  the elevator.

As soon as the elevator doors opened on the 48th floor where Geon Hyeong’s room was located, the employees in the secretary’s room also immediately welcomed her kindly as if they had received a notice from the reception desk on the ground floor earlier.

After not seeing her uncle for almost a year, she didn’t know what Geon Hyeong said to him, but her uncle’s face looked calm and relaxed. He greeted Jung Won looking more neat and well-groomed than when he left home. Maybe it was also thanks to Geon Hyeong’s help.

“Jung Won, I’m really sorry to you. So Hee is okay, right?”

“Yes, she’s fine. Then, next time don’t use other people’s money. There’s no way out now.”

“But it’s because I used other people’s money that you met this rich man.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

Jung Won shook her head at her uncle’s unchanging nature.

“Do you remember what my father said? Rule number……”

“Yes, yes, I know. Rule number 18, the debt must be paid. Well, since your fiancé paid my debt, it’s settled now, right? You’re still my nephew, so we’re family, right?”

“We’re not engaged.”

“Oh yeah? Then it’s better to do it as soon as possible. Right?”

Jung  Won  was  surprised  at  her  uncle’s  shameless  behavior.  However,  Geon  Hyeong seemed to be quite satisfied with the word ‘family’ spoken by this man he met for the first time.

If he thinks about Kang Jung Won, Geon Hyeong didn’t mind paying that much debt, but Jung Won couldn’t just accept that help. Even now, she still felt uncomfortable and worried considering she initially got involved with this man because of money.


“Aigoo, I’m shocked. Why are you yelling like that? Even your mother never yelled at me like that. She used to be like an angel. You really look like your father.”

Hearing her uncle’s grumbling, Jung Won remembered why she went to see her uncle.

Why would her mother leave such a message to Geon Hyeong’s father? What exactly was the relationship between those two people? Jung Won took out the photo that was the source of the problem and showed it to her uncle.

“Do you know who the man in this picture is?”

“Oh, this is the person who lives downstairs.”

Her uncle who looked at the photo replied casually while nodding his head. Geon Hyeong and Jung Won looked at each other. Finally, they found someone who remembered the events of the past.

“The person in the room downstairs?”

“That time, your father was away at work and he picked that person up and brought him home.”

“Picked him up?”

“He said the man had nowhere to go, so he brought him home. Your father used to be like that.”

Apparently, Jung Won’s nature of picking up whatever is wasted was inherited from her father. Now, she’s really curious how her parents were able to pick up Geon Hyeong’s father.

“That guy doesn’t have a job and a lot of time, so he usually just helps out in the garden. But, he pays his rent diligently, so your mom and dad are happy with him.”

“But, why did mom say she wanted to give birth to a child that looks like this man?”

Jung Won was sure that she was not related to Geon Hyeong. However, she still couldn’t understand why her mother would leave such a message on the photo.

Her mother was a pleasant and kind person. However, her mother’s wish for her first child to look like another man and not her husband was still unreasonable.

“Because your mother used to be happy to see this man’s face. His face is quite handsome, isn’t it.”

“That’s all?”

“What else do you think there is?”

Realizing the suspicious tone in Jung Won’s question, his uncle asked back in confusion.

“No, I was just curious. He seems to be very close to mom, so I think he’s a member of our family.”

“No. That man is really a poor person, that’s why your mom feels sorry for him. Your mother is indeed a kind-hearted person.”

Hearing Jung Won’s uncle’s answer, Geon Hyeong narrowed his eyes for a moment. Jung Won also looked at Geon Hyeong with a confused face.

Geon Hyeong’s father was a son of a wealthy family. Why is he saying that he’s a poor person?

“What about that person?”

“I heard that his wife ran away when she married him. She took all his money with her. Jung Won, aren’t these clothes nice? They were picked out by your boyfriend.”

“Yes, it’s nice. But, why did his wife run away?”

“I don’t know. He said he’s been looking for his wife everywhere for a few days like crazy, but he only found out later that she ran away with another man. How outrageous is that woman? Even though the man doesn’t have any money, it’s really too much.”

Her uncle, who was no longer interested in discussing the man in the photo, now started showing off his new clothes, but Jung Won and Geon Hyeong had no time to pay attention to her uncle’s fashion.

The news about the divorce between the son of a wealthy businessman and a newcomer actress was talked about by many people at that time. However, this was the first time Geon Hyeong heard the story of his mother running away with another man and his father looking for his mother everywhere.

Is it possible that his grandfather hid this from the media? Ran away with another man?

All this time he thought it was his father who dumped his mother. But, his father was actually looking for his mother like crazy? Geon Hyeong once again squinted his eyes at today’s new story.

“So, his wife ran away with someone else because this man has no money?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know for sure either, but don’t you think so? If it wasn’t for that, how could the woman who had already performed the wedding ceremony just run away. Even though the man’s face is handsome.”

For Jung Won’s uncle who didn’t know the real identity of the man in the photo, maybe the incident didn’t really mean anything for him. But not for Geon Hyeong.

Although  his  father  was  a  notorious  playboy,  he  knew  for  sure  that  his  father  was  a descendant of a wealthy businessman and the heir of the company. However, it was his mother who left his father? There seems to be something more behind all this.


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