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Four Ways To Get A Wife – Chapter 12 Part 3

The Face of the Secret (3)



Jung Won prepared breakfast that morning while ignoring Hee Won who stared at the two with a suspicious look, and turned her face away from Geon Hyeong who had been looking at her warmly.

Sung Won and So Hee, then Chi-chi, Goliath, and Romeo welcomed Geon Hyeong happily, except for Hee Won. She looked suspiciously at her sister who was working busily but her face looked even more flushed and Geon Hyeong who looked more confident than usual.

“Ajusshi, why did you come here so early?”

“For breakfast.”

“Didn’t you come yesterday?”

“No, I didn’t. I was busy yesterday. If I knew breakfast was this good, I would have come yesterday.”

Without looking at the simple breakfast menu that had been prepared, Geon Hyeong said confidently while looking at Jung Won. Hearing that, Hee Won’s gaze sharpened and Jung Won’s face turned red.

Geon Hyeong’s answer that was too honest and straightforward made Jung Won’s face even redder.

“So, Ajusshi came at dawn earlier? Aren’t men and women not supposed to stick too close like that, let alone since dawn?”

“You should know that we are dating. Besides, your brother and I have a lot of business, we have a lot to talk about too. So, what can we do?”

“What business do you have at dawn?”

“If you knew, you’d be surprised.”

Huh. This guy is crazy. Just watch out if he dared to open his mouth even a little bit about what happened this morning, someone will die before he can even have breakfast. Just watch out if that person answered Hee Won’s question kindly while smiling cheerfully like that.

“Geon Hyeong ssi!”

Jung Won looked surprised at Geon Hyeong’s casual answer. Meanwhile, her younger siblings who were having breakfast stopped for a moment and looked at the two people.

“What’s wrong with you two?”

Hee Won ignored her sister’s warning and stared at the two with a curious look.

“Oh yeah, I wanted to ask you. It looks like Myong Hun has a new girlfriend, did he dump you?”

“Good, who says so!”

Hearing Geon Hyeong’s unexpected attack, Hee Won was shocked and exclaimed angrily at him.  Jung  Won,  who  knew  nothing  about  it,  looked  at  Geon  Hyeong  in  surprise  and disbelief.

Come to think of it, this guy was smart too. All of a sudden he managed to take control of the dining table situation that morning. Geon Hyeong was not an opponent that Hee Won could handle from the start.

“It looks like you just got kicked out. Did you know that Myong Hun’s new girlfriend comes to school every day?”

“You, you have no self-respect. Myong Hun doesn’t like girls who follow him around like that.”

Hee Won’s classmate from elementary school had been chasing after Hee Won for 10 years. Therefore, Hee Won was immediately shocked and panicked as soon as she heard the news that Myong Hun had a new girlfriend and her other siblings just giggled at her behavior.

Seeing this, Jung Won once again marveled at Geon Hyeong’s ability to control her younger siblings.

“He’s been officially dating since last week. Your brother said they used to be playmates.”

“That’s right. They’re still just friends now. There’s no relationship. Kim Myong Hun, that kid.”

“Myong Hun hyung finally came to his senses.”

“That’s why, Unnie shouldn’t go too far either.”

Upon hearing the sympathy and ridicule from her two younger siblings, Hee Won looked at Geon Hyeong with an annoyed face and stood up while pounding on the table.


“Unnie, do you think I have an appetite right now?”

“Health is number one. Did you forget the number one rule?”

Geon Hyeong suddenly reminded the family rule casually.

Hee Won gaped and looked at Geon Hyeong and Jung Won with annoyed and disbelieving faces. This time Jung Won just laughed softly at her behavior.




Geon Hyeong’s presence that morning to have breakfast together and going to the campus with him felt very special. The shyness and unfamiliarity mixed together made the music in the car not even audible to her ears.

Geon  Hyeong, who  was  driving  the  car, suddenly  reached  out  one  hand  and  without hesitation held Jung Won’s hand. Jung Won was silent and looked at Geon Hyeong. Lately, her heart has been beating fast without any time.

“How did my mom meet your dad?”

“I’m curious too. I sent someone to find out, but it was too long ago.”

Geon Hyeong frowned. Geon Hyeong regretted why he didn’t look into it when he saw the photo ten years ago. Although nothing had changed, at least he could have met Jung Won sooner. Jung Won back then must have been just as brave and smart as she was now.

“Oh yeah, my uncle probably knows about this.”


“My father’s younger brother. But their age difference is quite large. That’s why my mom always thought of him as her own son. He used to live in our house.”

Geon Hyeong racked his brain again hearing Jung Won’s explanation. The man who left Jung Won in debt. The irresponsible man who even left his daughter to Jung Won.

However, maybe Geon Hyeong should thank him too. If he hadn’t left that debt, maybe Jung Won wouldn’t have made a deal with him back then.

“Where is he now?”

“I don’t know. We separated last year. I don’t know how he’s doing now.”

Geon Hyeong couldn’t help but laugh at Jung Won who sighed softly and worried about her uncle. This woman must be upset that she couldn’t take care of her own family.

“Don’t frown like that, I’ll look for him later.”

Whenever she felt panicked or worried, Jung Won would bite the tip of her thumb with a serious face. Every time she did that, Geon Hyeong felt like grabbing both of Jung Won’s hands so that she couldn’t do anything and pulled his serious face.

In  fact,  if  he  kissed  her  for  just  a  moment,  she  would  forget  about  her  problems immediately. Jung Won, who didn’t know Geon Hyeong’s heart, immediately changed her expression and widened her eyes.

“Did I just wrinkle my forehead?”

“Yes. And your face became ugly for a long time.”

Geon Hyeong cruelly nodded at Jung Won who looked surprised. Jung Won, who didn’t notice the faint smile on Geon Hyeong’s lips and eyes, hurriedly looked for a mirror in her bag.

“Really? Did you see any wrinkles?”

“It’s nothing. When you get old, wrinkles usually appear like that.”

Jung Won, who was still busy looking for a mirror in her bag, stopped her movements and looked at Geon Hyeong with annoyance.

How dare a 33-year-old man call a 26-year-old woman old.

“Old? Am I that old?”

“You look old for your age. Hm, I don’t care if you have wrinkles either. The important thing is that you’re not my sister.”

Since he realized that he was handsome and not wrinkled himself, he could obviously say that. The man didn’t compliment her on her youth at all, even if it was just lip service.

Jung Won had been careful enough not to get any dark spots on her face from the sun. Now, this man was casually saying that there are wrinkles on her skin.

“I was sure from the beginning that I wasn’t your sister. So now you better find out what my mother’s relationship with your father is.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll find out about it right away.”

Geon Hyeong answered confidently. Finding one person who was in debt was easy. Finding out about events that happened more than 20 years ago was more difficult for Geon Hyeong.

What other problems await him now? After getting confirmation that Jung Won was not his sister, he was now ready to face any surprises from his past.


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