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Four Ways To Get A Wife – Chapter 12 Part 2

The Face of the Secret (2)



Even though the examination can be done with just a few strands of hair, Jung Won insisted on doing a blood test. Jung Won said that she wanted the results to be completely accurate and Geon Hyeong just nodded quietly in front of her.

On the way out of the gene testing lab, Jung Won smiled at Geon Hyeong who still looked tense. But Geon Hyeong still didn’t smile back at her.

“When will the results come out?”

“He said tomorrow.”

“Can’t it be right now? In American movies, this kind of DNA test is usually quick.”

Jung Won tilted her head in surprise. Apparently movies were different from reality.

“It’s not that easy.”

“Even if you force them?”

“I’ve never done anything like that.”

Geon Hyeong could have urged the laboratory to see the test results right now. But he did not do that. No, he couldn’t do it.

Even though Jung Won insisted that they were not related by even 0.1%, Geon Hyeong was still not convinced. Therefore, he didn’t want to know the real truth.

“Just watch out if you come to this place yourself tonight and check the results.”

“I won’t do that.”

Jung Won warned him in a threatening tone. Geon Hyeong still looked worried, while Jung Won didn’t look that way at all. Her mom would never betray anyone. But why would her mom send such a message?

“If you were my sister……”

“I wouldn’t.”

“Listen first. I’m not a super optimist like you.”

Hearing  Geon  Hyeong’s  unreasonable  assumption,  Jung  Won  shook  her  head  firmly. However, it seemed like Geon Hyeong ignored her words.

“Alright. Think of me as your younger sister.”

“Who said that? No, no.”

Geon Hyeong, who seemed to have forgotten that he was the first to make that assumption, wrinkled his forehead. Meanwhile, Jung Won laughed with a surprised face at his reaction.

She thought Geon Hyeong was back to the old Geon Hyeong, but the man’s face was tense again. Maybe Geon Hyeong would stay like this, until the results of the examination appear.

“That’s right. It’s impossible. So far, I’ve been overwhelmed enough taking care of my two younger siblings and one of my uncle’s children. I can’t afford to take care of a brother like you.”

“Yes. I don’t need a sister like you either.”

Geon Hyeong doesn’t need Jung Won as his sister, but as his partner. Kang Jung Won. He needs that woman as his lover.

However, in contrast to his true heart, his words just now sounded very cold in Jung Won’s ears.

It was a very clear statement to Jung Won who couldn’t know his heart.

If I were his sister, of course I would be with him sometimes.

If I wasn’t, I would probably be completely separated from him.

Jung Won knew that she couldn’t have any feelings for this man. The crescent moon that was only as big as the tip of a fingernail slowly grew bigger and tonight seemed like it would be a long night for Jung Won and Geon Hyeong.




The work at the campus cafeteria looks more relaxed during the holiday season. In fact, Jung Won wanted to work busy that day. If she had more time like this, she would have had all kinds of thoughts running through her head like now.

When she got home, her homework wasn’t too much. It felt like the day just passed by without doing anything. He said the results would come out today, but Geon Hyeong didn’t call her until the sun went down.

What’s going on? Am I really that person’s younger sister? Or is he not contacting me because there really isn’t any relationship?

The impatient Geon Hyeong couldn’t have forgotten that the results came out today.

But why didn’t he call me?

Even  though  Jung  Won  had  warned  him  not  to  look  at  the  results  alone,  there’s  no mistaking it, that guy must have checked the results and let Jung Won die of curiosity like this. Geon Hyeong must not know that Jung Won was also waiting anxiously for the results.

He must have broken his finger again to be unable to call her like this. Jung Won played with the ring hanging around her neck. The ring.

Despite her trust in her mother, however, this ring had made her uneasy. Her feelings told her that the owner of this ring engraved with a bouquet of flowers was her father and this disturbed her thoughts all night.

Finally, the night passed without any news from Geon Hyeong. Jung Won couldn’t sleep peacefully that night. Either because of the hot air that didn’t cool down at night, or because of the events that awaited her related to the results of the examination.

Then, at dawn the next day, Geon Hyeong came to her house.

“Where have you been? Why didn’t you call me?”

“I was busy.”

That’s right. His excuse was short and simple, but it was the truth. That afternoon, before the results of the investigation came out, his grandfather and grandmother kept pressing him. Then, suddenly, there was an investigation from the prosecutor’s office into his foreign company.

This was followed by the revocation of his partners. Without having to be told, he knew who was behind all this. How dare they attack him in the middle of a situation like this. What a bold and provocative act. They must not know that Geon Hyeong has been waiting for this day to come.

“How did it go?”

“This time even your belief won.”

This time Geon Hyeong said quite calmly to Jung Won who looked curious. According to Geon Hyeong, this woman didn’t need to know how relieved he was when he saw the piece of paper from the lab that said they were not related.

Jung Won nodded as if she had guessed the result as she breathed a sigh of relief and glanced back at Geon Hyeong.

“I knew it. But, do you know that you betrayed my trust? Don’t you have a phone? Why didn’t you call me?”

“Problems like this must be conveyed directly. To avoid misunderstandings.”

What kind of misunderstanding? He could have just said ‘you’re not my sister’, that’s all and I would have understood what he meant, Jung Won thought.

Does this guy think I don’t understand Korean? Or did he completely forget about me? Even though my name was written on the examination paper.

“Apparently you didn’t think about me anxiously waiting for the results.”

“Who says, of course I think about you.”

Geon Hyeong replied again as if there was nothing to Jung Won’s grumbling. This woman must not know that Geon Hyeong has been thinking about her since he found out that this woman might be his sister. She must not know why he bothered to come to her house early in the morning like this, instead of just calling or leaving a message.

“Then why didn’t you call me? Anyway, thank goodness it turned out that way.”

“Yes, thank goodness.”

Jung Won gave a small smile to Geon Hyeong who was in front of her. Their faces both looked relieved. Then, she looked at Geon Hyeong’s face who slowly approached her and pulled her into his arms.

Jung Won couldn’t move an inch, as if her gaze and heart were completely sucked in by this man.

Being near the body of the man who made her romantic hair stand up made Jung Won unconsciously gulp her saliva secretly. As soon as his lips came close, Jung Won closed her eyes.

Although she didn’t know for sure when her younger siblings would wake up and run into the kitchen, Jung Won’s heart was only filled with Geon Hyeong. Her thoughts about this man’s other woman disappeared. She couldn’t do anything, couldn’t think anything.

Geon Hyeong’s large hand gently held Jung Won’s small cheek and slowly took over her lips. He approached and kissed her carefully. As if it was his first time kissing her.

He traced the line of her lips gently and this made Jung Won unable to open her eyes. As their warm breath deepened, Geon Hyeong and Jung Won’s heartbeats quickened.

Unlike their first kiss at Hwaniwon, this kiss started very slowly. Unlike their second kiss under the starlight, this kiss was very gentle.

The kiss that started soft and sweet was now deepening and made them even more eager to  dominate  each  other.  Jung  Won  slowly  began  to  stagger  backwards  which  was immediately caught and held tightly by Geon Hyeong.

It was really crazy. It felt like they were about to go crazy. It was really unbearable. It seemed like it would be unbearable. Their bodies remained fused together for a while. Falling in love with each other.


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