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Four Ways To Get A Wife – Chapter 11 Part 5

More Precious than Light 360 Years Ago (5)


Before Geon Hyeong had time to accept the horrifying reality that drove him almost crazy, the atmosphere of his house was already completely chaotic.

His grandparents are now more concerned about Jung Won who could be the ‘illegitimate child’ of their dead son, but Mrs. Oh looks different.

She is not at all ready to accept the evidence of her husband’s infidelity. Just knowing about Geon Hyeong’s existence, her pride has been completely destroyed.

“This is all your doing, right? You did this on purpose, right?”

As soon as the couple left the room, Mrs. Oh immediately screamed and started blaming Geon Hyeong. The anger and emotion that she had been holding back was unleashed on Geon Hyeong just like that.

“How dare you do this to me. You want to make me suffer in this way?”

“There are many other ways to make you suffer.”

Geon Hyeong gathered the last of his strength and refrained from letting harsh words out of his mouth. Controlling his emotions and anger was already difficult enough for him. However, Mrs. Oh, who did not care about Geon Hyeong’s condition at that time, walked over to him as if she was going to eat him.

“You think this is the worst thing that could happen to me, right? How dare you say that after seeing that photo.”


Suddenly, Jae Hyun, who had arrived home and heard the whole story, appeared and was about to break up the two people. However, Mrs. Oh, who was already emotional, ignored her son’s words.

“That’s why you said you were going to marry that woman in the first place. Because it was obvious that there was no way you could marry her. How can anyone marry their own sister.”

“She’s not my sister!”

Geon Hyeong gritted his teeth and shouted in annoyance. They don’t know who was more surprised to hear Geon Hyeong shout. Himself who shouted or Mrs. Oh who faced Geon Hyeong who could not think rationally.

“You, by any chance…… So, you’re really……”

“We have to do a genetic test first to confirm this.”

Geon Hyeong cut off Mrs. Oh’s words. He didn’t want to hear the confirmation of his feelings through her. After all, before there were truly reliable results, he did not want to judge things hastily.

Before that, he didn’t want to admit anything about this matter. Jung Won is his younger sister. It was impossible to tell Geon Hyeong to believe such nonsense. No, he wouldn’t just admit that.

“Then, what is your plan? I never intended to accept that child except as a daughter-in-law.”

“No matter what, I won’t hurt Jung Won’s feelings. I hope you will too. Leave Jung Won alone……”

“Let me take care of Jung Won.”

Jae Hyun said, cutting Geon Hyeong off.


“Why are you taking care of Jung Won? Even though it’s impossible, she could be a member of our family. Let me handle it.”

Before Mrs. Oh could respond to Jae Hyun’s sudden suggestion, Geon Hyeong immediately said to Jae Hyun much more firmly than a few minutes earlier.

“Go ahead, as her brother. Because I want to be by her side as her husband.”

“Jae Hyun!”

Geon Hyeong’s face grew tense at Jae Hyun’s calm reply. Meanwhile, Mrs. Oh reprimanded her son sharply.

“Didn’t you want her as a daughter-in-law? That’s why you did this, right?”

“Don’t talk nonsense, you.”

“That’s what you wanted until now. Marriage with Jung Won, I’ll do it.”

Unlike Mrs. Oh who was almost crazy looking at her son, Jae Hyun looked very serious with his words.

“What are you talking about? If she’s my sister, then she’s your sister too. You still don’t get it?”

“I understand. That’s why I’m acting like this. Oh yeah, hyung must not understand, right? But you understand what I mean, right?”

Jae Hyun smiled regretfully at Geon Hyeong and looked at his mother coldly.

“You, what do you mean……”

“You know, right, that I’m not your biological son. Geon Hyeong’s father is not my father.”

The room was quiet for a moment at Jae Hyun’s confession, until Mrs. Oh’s shout broke the silence again.

“You…… How did you……”

Mrs. Oh staggered because she couldn’t control herself and ended up sitting on a chair, while Geon Hyeong just sighed softly.

Jae Hyun, who looked hurt by Geon Hyeong’s reaction, met Geon Hyeong’s panicked eyes for the first time.

Damn. Geon Hyeong didn’t think that Jae Hyun could know this. His head is now starting to hurt. The difficult times that used to haunt him are now coming back and bothering him again.

“Apparently Hyung knows too.”

“When did you know about this?”

Ignoring Jae Hyun’s words, Geon Hyeong asked quietly.

Geon Hyeong had known about this for a long time, but he had no obligation to tell him about it. He was already burdened enough with the ‘child born out of wedlock’ status that he was born with, so he didn’t have time to deal with this matter.

He just wanted to grow up quickly and live independently, apart from where he was now. Until he heard the conversation that day.

The conversation between Mrs. Oh and Director Oh who thought Geon Hyeong was not at home before he left for school abroad.

He still clearly remembers the content of the conversation that he heard from the crack of the slightly open door at that time.


[“Geon Hyeong is going to study abroad.”

“That’s good. Even though he’s a child born out of wedlock, it still doesn’t look good to people. If that child wants to study abroad, let’s allow it. The possibility of accidents is greater in America than in Korea. Like that child’s mother, I mean.”

“We shouldn’t have caused that woman to die.”

Any fool would have realized that the ‘child’s mother’ referred to by Director Oh and the ‘woman’ referred to by Mrs. Oh were the same person. Also the fact that the woman they were referring to was Geon Hyeong’s biological mother.

“I know. But, if only she hadn’t intended to come to Korea, maybe she wouldn’t have gotten into an accident and died like that.”

“I don’t care about the others, I will definitely make this Goryo Group fall into Jae Hyun’s hands.”

Mrs. Oh’s determination was so strong. Director Oh’s threats were confidently involved. Their conversation made Geon Hyeong, who had closed himself because of his mother’s mistake, turn into another person. His parents’ mistake is now not a burden to him anymore.

“Don’t worry. Be careful not to get caught by your husband.”



From the end of the conversation, Geon Hyeong knew that something was fishy. Then, he only found out about his suspicions when his father’s will was announced.

He had expected his father to do something like that. That’s when he knew. That was the reason why Jae Hyun’s mother hated him all this time. Not hate, but envy, spite, and fear that her secret would be exposed.

“When did you know about this?”

Mrs. Oh’s trembling voice asking her son woke Geon Hyeong up from his reverie. Geon Hyeong did not expect that Jae Hyun knew about this too. However, he continued to watch Jae Hyun calmly even though he was also surprised to hear it.

“Ten years ago.”

“Ten years ago?”

If it was ten years ago, then he and Jae Hyun both knew the truth at the same time. Jae Hyun must have been as surprised as he was. Then, while Geon Hyeong was furious, the boy must have been frustrated. It turns out that living with a secret is not something easy.

“Hyung and I are completely different. I didn’t believe that Hyung was a member of our family at first.”

As a child, Jae Hyun thought that everyone was deceived by Geon Hyeong. Jae Hyun then felt that he had to comfort and take care of his mother who was suffering so much.

Without having to be told, he could feel that his father and mother’s relationship was not very good. He didn’t realize that he had an older brother. At that time, even though Jae Hyun was very young, without having to be told, he knew what his brother’s sudden appearance meant.

“At that time, I felt that hyung and I couldn’t possibly be related, and it turned out that I was right. However, there was something strange. Because now that I think about it, grandpa isn’t a person who easily accepts things like this.”

Jae Hyun found out that he was not related, and not Geon Hyeong, at his father’s funeral service. When everyone told Geon Hyeong to salute twice because he was a grieving family, that’s when Jae Hyun realized it.

Geon Hyeong resembled the picture of his father in the frame. No, other than the picture of his father, all of his family members looked similar to Geon Hyeong. All of his family, except for him, had similar faces.

“That’s why, it seems like blood relations can’t be lied about.”

“Shut your mouth.”

Geon Hyeong yelled at Jae Hyun harshly as if he was ready to kill him. Hearing that, Jae Hyun who had been looking brave this time looked scared in front of him.


“If you say this to anyone else, I will bury you alive. Watch what you say.”

“Bury…… me?”

“You think I can’t?”

Geon Hyeong answered firmly and coldly. Geon Hyeong looked really serious with his words.

“Wouldn’t you have buried me if I hadn’t said this? Isn’t this why you keep hating me?”

“No, I don’t. If you weren’t interested in Jung Won, I wouldn’t care about you. If I want to hold back your feelings for Jung Won, you have to be my brother, too. Someone who studied high like you wouldn’t do something stupid and instigate the woman who is now my lover, right?”

“Become your brother?”

“Yes, my younger brother. Therefore, you shut that mouth of yours. Mom, too.”

Mrs. Oh and Jae Hyun were surprised to hear Geon Hyeong use the word ‘mom’ in the midst of this chaotic situation. All this time, Geon Hyeong had never called her ‘mom’ at all.

“From now on, you guys keep quiet and don’t do anything. I won’t let you off the hook if you do useless things.”


“Where are you going?”

“To my lover’s place.”

Geon Hyeong said ‘my lover’ firmly and clearly while looking at Jae Hyun. Jae Hyun realized that Geon Hyeong meant what he said when he forbade anyone from approaching his woman.

But in this world, no matter how much we love someone, there are things that are beyond our control.

Jae Hyun let out a long sigh and looked at his mother who was sitting limply on the chair in the room.

From now on, it felt like they needed time to sort out their problems. Jae Hyun was now really curious about his biological father.


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