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Four Ways To Get A Wife – Chapter 11 Part 3

More Precious than Light 360 Years Ago (3)


The kiss that day left Jung Won confused all day. A huge sense of guilt. Excitement and overwhelming palpitations.

That night, Jung Won repeatedly changed her sleeping position and repeatedly told herself to sleep. However, the sound of her heart beating was too loud and disturbed her brain so she really couldn’t sleep.

How could she put her heart into a man who loves another woman, she’s really gone crazy. Hopefully, they were just carried away by the starry night.

However, why is my heart beating so hard like this? I can’t even control my own heart.

Meanwhile, Geon Hyeong also seems to have no intention of returning his heart.

That weekend night, Jung Won was busy washing the white rice and putting the pot on the gas stove as soon as she received Geon Hyeong’s call. Even though she had to adjust the flame of the stove, Geon Hyeong really liked the rice cooked like this.

Seeing Geon Hyeong who after a long time came back to the house, starting from Duldul to Romeo who was usually haughty also spoiled Geon Hyeong. Maybe soon Romeo will catch a live mouse and give it to Geon Hyeong. Hopefully the man will not be surprised to see a sign of love from Romeo.

“What are those boxes? Those people didn’t clean it up?”

After finishing dinner, Geon Hyeong noticed that the living room had been cleaned up and pointed to the boxes that were still piled up at the end of the room.

He had ordered people to tidy up and clean all the rooms in the house. Geon Hyeong can’t stand seeing things that aren’t put in their proper place.

“Those are the items that they said they were confused about where to put.”

“Just throw them away.”

Geon Hyeong said lightly while glancing at the boxes.

In his eyes, the boxes only looked like old trash.

“They’re not trash, they’re all filled with memories, you know.”

“Unnie, if all those boxes are memories, let’s just put this frame there. Does it match this house?”

Hee Won asked resentfully as she held up the faded plastic picture frame containing Jung Won’s picture.

“Don’t. It was my mom who made it.”

“Then, at least replace the frame.”

Hearing Hee Won’s suggestion, Sung Won and So Hee nodded their heads. Meanwhile, Geon Hyeong looked at Jung Won impatiently.

Okay, if you just change the frame.

Jung Won nodded slowly and Geon Hyeong immediately received the old picture frame from Hee Won’s hand.

Jung Won as a child was smiling while looking at the camera. It seems like this woman has been smiling since she was a child.

“Can’t we replace the photo with something else? It’s too campy.”

“Why, it’s pretty.”

Geon Hyeong couldn’t take his gaze off the figure in the photo and muttered under his breath. The child’s cheerful eyes were staring back at him.

Jung Won’s younger siblings sounded as if they wanted to vomit at Geon Hyeong’s mutterings, but the man was completely in love with the figure in the photo.

“Ajusshi has never seen a picture of a beautiful woman, huh? Look at this. I’ve definitely been prettier since I was a kid.”

“Me too.”

Hee Won and Sung Won said proudly while nodding in satisfaction at their respective childhood photos.

That’s right. When they were little, Hee Won and Sung Won were very beautiful and cute children, and this time Geon Hyeong couldn’t help but admit it.

From the photo alone, it was clear that the two children were sisters, while Jung Won looked a little different. Her nose, eyes, and lips are similar. But her face looks different.

“Who do you look like?”

“We’re curious about that too.”

Geon Hyeong’s joking remark was met with sympathetic laughter from Jung Won’s siblings.

“You really…… If you keep acting like that, I won’t make coffee for you. You guys too, no snacks for you.”

“I didn’t say you weren’t pretty.”

“But Unnie has really changed now.”

“I see.”

Geon Hyeong nodded his head again at Hee Won’s unclear words, whether it was a compliment or a curse. Even though Jung Won had threatened them, they continued to look at Jung Won’s childhood photo and talked about it endlessly.

“Never mind, stop it. Do you want me to make coffee now?”


When Jung Won was about to walk to the kitchen, Geon Hyeong stood up and followed her. He missed the smell of coffee that filled the small kitchen. He missed Jung Won’s beautiful backside as she turned her back to him to make something for him.

Suddenly, Hee Won’s voice called out to Jung Won.

“But, Unnie, who is this Ajusshi?”


Jung Won stopped her steps and looked at the photo that Hee Won held out. Geon Hyeong also looked at the photo from behind Jung Won’s shoulder. Actually, he wasn’t too interested in the photo at first. It was just curiosity. But immediately, he fell into a stiff silence.

Geon Hyeong tilted his head to look at the photo and his eyes lit up angrily, while Jung Won didn’t notice Geon Hyeong’s reaction because she was busy looking at the photo.

“Who is it? So handsome.”

“Is it the person mom is secretly dating?”

“Don’t talk carelessly. Geon Hyeong ssi?”

Jung Won who reprimanded Sung Won’s original remark only realized something was wrong when she saw Geon Hyeong’s face suddenly serious. His gaze was suddenly cold and his body that had looked relaxed now looked tense.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing. I have to go now.”

“The coffee?”

“No need.”

Geon Hyeong refused his favorite coffee and quickly grabbed his jacket. Instantly he turned back into the Kim Geon Hyeong who said the things he wanted to say and left.

What’s going on? Why is he suddenly angry like that? Or is it possible that his cell phone rang without my knowledge?

Jung Won frowned at Geon Hyeong’s back, who ignored Duldul who wagged his tail to greet him and got into his car in a hurry.


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  1. Kittywinks says:

    The child…. The other child Geon Hyeong’s dad had… Or maybe one of Geon Hyeong’s dad’s illegitimate child is Jung Won??? They can’t be siblings but definitely half siblings…….. Right?

  2. chinesefanreader says:

    😱😱 His stepmom was remembering that her randy husband stopped playing around and settled down to gardening at the University… that very expensive ring… but there’s no way they’ll end up half sibs!!! I think he loved her mom but she was already married. But the accident maybe was not an accident if that cow thought they were lovers😳

    Thanks for the chapter

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