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Four Ways To Get A Wife – Chapter 11 Part 2

More Precious than Light 360 Years Ago (2)


His childhood memories of being locked up in the basement are really scary. His mother, who didn’t want her husband’s illegitimate child to be seen by others, finally decided to lock Geon Hyeong up in the basement. Then, after the party was over, they all forgot about Geon Hyeong.

Had Jae Hyun not remembered him, he could have died in the basement that had no light at all. Although it was hard for him to admit this, perhaps the reason he could still be patient with Jae Hyun was because of that incident.

After that incident, Geon Hyeong could not stand being in a cramped and pitch-black room at all. His memories of that time seemed to attack and kill him slowly. However, now the incident really felt like his bad memories of the past.

“It’s just an old story.”

“Right, it’s just an old story.”

Geon Hyeong mumbled casually to Jung Won, as if nothing had happened, while Jung Won replied while holding Geon Hyeong’s hand.

Geon Hyeong could feel his face reddening and his body temperature seemed to increase by several degrees in the dark room, but Jung Won still didn’t let go of his hand.

“You came all the way to this place, so you should see this too. Especially since the weather is so nice today for stargazing. We’ll look at them together in the observatory room with my younger siblings.”

Jung Won took Geon Hyeong, who didn’t like closed and dark places, to the roof of the observatory, where they could see the stars with their naked eyes. Jung Won invited Geon Hyeong, who didn’t seem too interested in the stars, to sit in a comfortable chair provided for visitors.

As Geon Hyeong approached and sat next to her, Jung Won could feel the man’s body temperature on her body even though the chair wasn’t too narrow. Unlike Jung Won who suddenly felt awkward, Geon Hyeong looked calm and leaned his body casually on the back of the chair.

Kang Jung Won, stupid. Even though this man didn’t do anything and just sat next to you.

In fact, she usually sits next to strangers, she has also eaten and lived with this man.

Why do I suddenly feel nervous around this man?

“Among the stars, it is said that there is one starlight that takes 360 years to reach the earth. It’s far away, isn’t it?”

Geon Hyeong who was sitting carefully next to Jung Won said nothing and just shrugged his shoulders at Jung Won’s explanation. He was even more amazed that he could see the starlight that took 360 years to reach the earth with this woman.

It was unbelievable that he and this woman were sitting next to each other and looking up at the stars.

Time passed quietly that night. The wind blew gently and the starlight continued to twinkle beautifully. Geon Hyeong who was sitting back on the chair without thinking about anything while enjoying the stars, the wind, and the fresh night air was suddenly startled by Jung Won’s shouting voice.

“What’s wrong?”

“There was a shooting star, but I didn’t have time to make a wish. Didn’t you see?”


Geon Hyeong replied to the regretful-looking Jung Won casually.

Wishing to a shooting star? So, that woman still believes in that kind of myth? 

Jung Won, who was now looking at the sky regretfully, seemed to really believe in that kind of myth.

“Did you make a wish?”

“No. It’s a secret. If you say it, your wish will not come true.”

Jung Won muttered quietly while shaking her head in response to Geon Hyeong’s question. However, seeing Jung Won’s very serious face, Geon Hyeong really felt as if his wish had come true.

“What is your wish?”

Ignoring Jung Won’s warning, Geon Hyeong asked Jung Won again. What was the wish of the woman whose dream was to become a plantation expert?

“Many. I hope Sung Won can watch his favorite Chicago Bulls game live, I hope Hee Won can grow up to be a graceful girl and not cause any more trouble. Then, I hope So Hee can go to school quickly and become number one in her class. That kid really has a lot going on. Oh yeah, I hope my uncle’s work is always smooth and successful, too.”

“And, you?”


“You also have to make a wish, right? Planting rice and gardening.”

Geon Hyeong didn’t like seeing Jung Won busy making wishes for her younger siblings, even her uncle, but forgetting about her own wishes. Although this woman loved to do good for others and take care of others, she still had to take care of herself.

“I can do that with my own efforts.”

Of course. From the moment Geon Hyeong met her, this woman was not the type of person who was used to asking help from others. She certainly wasn’t going to beg the stars in the sky for help either.

“What did you ask for? What did you ask for?”

“Something I can’t accomplish by my own efforts. That’s called a wish, isn’t it?”

“What kind of wish is that? Is there anything you can’t work on?”

Jung Won asked curiously at Geon Hyeong’s unexpected answer. All this time, Geon Hyeong always seemed to be able to do whatever he wanted.

“There wasn’t, but now there is.”

“What is it?”

“You said my wish won’t come true if I tell anyone else.”

Geon Hyeong turned Jung Won’s words back to her with a serious nod.

“Oh, yes. I forgot. Hm, then, I pray that your wish comes true.”




After reconfirming Jung Won’s answer, Geon Hyeong immediately approached her. Immediately, he pressed his lips against Jung Won’s. While holding Jung Won’s face with both hands, Geon Hyeong opened his lips gently and kissed her deeply. Meanwhile, Jung Won felt like her heart was captured by this man.

Her heart was beating hard and her veins felt like they were about to burst. When he felt like she was about to die because she couldn’t breathe, Geon Hyeong slowly released his hand that was holding Jung Won’s face tightly. Jung Won let out her held breath all at once.

“That’s my request.”



After Geon Hyeong released her lips, Jung Won muttered quietly still with her breath caught.

The kiss this time was completely unexpected, but Jung Won couldn’t get angry at Geon Hyeong. She was too busy calming her heart that was beating hard from the touch of Geon Hyeong’s lips and his hand that was still holding Jung Won’s hand. It felt like she could hear her own heart beating so loudly.

“I won’t apologize.”

“I know. You didn’t apologize to me in the first place either.”

Geon Hyeong said unconcernedly, while Jung Won, who was afraid that her flushed face and still beating heart would be discovered by Geon Hyeong, tried to reply casually while remembering the kiss. Her first kiss with Geon Hyeong at Hwaniwon.

This time was exactly like that time. A kiss that was sudden and deep like this time. Although it wasn’t as gentle as this time.

“That’s fine, too.”

“No need to discuss.”

Jung Won was surprised and shook her head, while Geon Hyeong laughed softly at that. His gaze was soft and a smile was on his face.

Looking at his unfamiliar figure, Jung Won felt like she couldn’t breathe and her heart started pounding again.

“I liked it then and I like it now.”

“I told you, let’s not talk about it.”

Geon Hyeong laughed again at Jung Won who looked panicked.

“Why do you keep laughing?”

“It’s okay.”

Geon Hyeong was actually very happy to see only himself in Jung Won’s eyes. He simply didn’t want to think about it and didn’t want to know why he felt happy because he seemed to be able to have this woman.

He was satisfied because the one in front of this woman right now was himself, not someone else. That was all.

That night, the roof of the observatory felt closer to the starry sky.


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