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Four Ways To Get A Wife – Chapter 10 Part 4

Misunderstandings that are not misunderstandings (4)


Jung Won who was sitting on a garden chair in Hwaniwon looked very serious. Geon Hyeong also looked a little upset. Although his business with Jae Hyun was over, the fact that he and Jung Won still insisted on their respective opinions made Geon Hyeong even more stressed.

He didn’t understand why Jung Won insisted on listening to Jae Hyun’s lecture, when there were many other professors lecturing on fruit trees.

“Are you innocent or stupid? Do you still want to listen to that lecture?”

“I think it’s both.”

Hearing Jung Won’s quiet mumbling, Geon Hyeong looked at her in disbelief. It turned out that tears were already welling up at the corners of her eyes.

Seeing Jung Won who was covering her mouth tightly and trying to hold back her tears, Geon Hyeong felt like getting angry.

“Do you really like him enough to cry like that?”


“Then why are you crying like that?”

Seeing the tears that were not clear what the cause was dripping down Jung Won’s white face, Geon Hyeong didn’t know what to do. However, feeling that it could be an outburst of her pent-up feelings, he turned to look at Jung Won compassionately.

“I feel like a fool. Being used by you and your brother. Underestimated by your family too. I don’t know how it came to this.”

“If someone belittles you, you should belittle them back. If they use you, you just use them back. And, I didn’t take advantage of you. I’m asking for your help officially. We are not the same as them.”

Geon Hyeong felt a little relieved that Jung Won wasn’t crying because of Jae Hyun and flatly reiterated his relationship with this woman.

He and Jae Hyun were clearly different. His relationship with this woman was also clearly different. This point was very important.

“Well, that’s true too.”

“So, don’t cry anymore. You’re already ugly, what will you become if you keep crying?”

Geon Hyeong sighed lightly while still looking at Jung Won who was still sobbing softly. He didn’t like seeing this woman cry.

“Do you think your words can comfort me?”

“No, I don’t. I’m just telling it like it is.”

Geon Hyeong’s face looked as if he had no intention of comforting her. Jung Won glanced at his indifferent face for a while and wiped her cheeks with the handkerchief Geon Hyeong had given her earlier.

After Jung Won’s sobs stopped, Geon Hyeong breathed a sigh of relief.

“Anyway, nothing has gone well since I met you.”


Geon Hyeong looked at Jung Won who was grumbling alone and raised his eyebrows.

Nothing went well? Geon Hyeong felt that he had always tried his best for this woman. Paying her debts, fixing her house, being patient with Jae Hyun, even going so far as to let his nails be colored by the yellow flower liquid.

But now she says nothing is going well? This woman is really ungrateful.

“Why did you say that? You really don’t know?”


Hearing Geon Hyeong’s short, earnest answer, Jung Won exclaimed ‘wah!’ and sighed.

“I had to pretend to date you, my house was burglarized. Then, the stairs that were fine are now broken and now my prince’s light is just gone.”

“What? What’s wrong with the stairs?”

Geon Hyeong didn’t care whether he was really dating this woman or not. Then, that thief, it was basically the house that was unsafe and had always made him uneasy all this time. As for the prince, it didn’t matter because from the beginning the ‘light’ had to disappear from Jung Won’s eyes. However, this is the first time he’s heard about the stairs.

“Do you think you can still say this after getting angry in the orchard that time? The incident at the orchard was because the ladder I climbed was broken. I almost broke my neck because of that incident.”

“You didn’t say that to me.”

Unlike Jung Won who grumbled with an impatient face, Geon Hyeong looked at her with a serious face. In addition to the problem of his agreement with this woman, that other problem happened at the same time. In fact, Geon Hyeong is a person who does not believe in coincidences.

“Says who? I told you that Jae Hyun saved me. Did you forget?”

“But you didn’t tell me about the accident.”

“I fell down the stairs that day. The professor always said to focus and concentrate, but I lost my concentration for a moment.”

Jung Won explained casually, while Geon Hyeong couldn’t take the explanation for granted. Was the incident that happened to this woman after meeting him just a coincidence? Or, was it intentionally arranged like an accident?

Accident… Geon Hyeong suddenly remembered a conversation that he would never forget.

[“Even if it’s a child born out of wedlock, it’s still unpleasant for people to look at. If that child wants to study abroad, let’s allow it. The chances of accidents happening are greater in America than in Korea. Like that child’s mother, I mean.”]

Is this the accident they’re referring to that is likely to happen to someone close to me here in Korea?

The look in Geon Hyeong’s eyes that was thinking about that instantly changed.

“What are you thinking about?”

“Ah, no. Let’s go.”

“Do you want to stop by and eat at home first? My younger siblings must miss you too.”

“See you later, when I have time.”

Just then, Geon Hyeong remembered the schedule of activities waiting for him. Meanwhile, Jung Won felt a little sad that Geon Hyeong refused her invitation.

She also knew that Geon Hyeong was a busy person. But if Shin Hee had asked him, he wouldn’t have refused.

And, why am I making such an insignificant comparison now, Jung Won thought.

Geon Hyeong continued his words as if he knew Jung Won’s heart, who was still trying to look okay.

“I’ll stop by tomorrow. Let’s eat together tomorrow.”

“I can’t. I’m busy tomorrow.”


“I have an appointment.”

This time it’s Geon Hyeong’s turn to look glum because Jung Won rejected him, even though he himself had rejected Jung Won’s invitation earlier.

Jung Won, who saw Geon Hyeong’s gloomy face, laughed softly.

“Just so you know, I’m also a busy person.”

“With whom?”

Geon Hyeong raised his eyebrows still with a glum face and asked sharply.

“I promised to take my younger siblings somewhere.”


“Do you want to come? If you grant my request, maybe I can take you too.”

Hearing Jung Won’s suggestion that looked like she was joking, Geon Hyeong hesitated for a moment. It was unusual for Jung Won to ask him for something. However, he was curious about her request and finally agreed to Jung Won’s suggestion.

No matter where, he would try to follow her.


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