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Four Ways To Get A Wife – Chapter 10 Part 3

Misunderstandings that are not misunderstandings (3)

A week has passed since the incident at the orchard. Jung Won’s anger that he thought would subside soon turned out to be longer lasting than he imagined and this made Geon Hyeong even more upset.

He has no regrets for hitting Jae Hyun. However, because of the violence, Jung Won seems to have no intention of easing her anger at Geon Hyeong. Of course, Geon Hyeong also had no intention of apologizing to Jae Hyun.

“How is this?”

“Who told you to hit that Jae Hyun,” Jason muttered under his breath casually as if he didn’t really care about the matter.

Actually, Jason was quite surprised when he heard about this problem. His friend who was usually always calm could also explode in anger like that. However, he thought this problem was actually not that bad.

“It’s all because of Kang Jung Won.”

The right words to describe his friend were ‘flat’, ‘rational’, ‘cold’, and rude’. Jason never thought Geon Hyeong could act that stupid and reckless just because he was carried away by his emotions.

Geon Hyeong is changing more and more because of that woman. His nature and his environment. Damn.

“Hurry up and apologize to Jae Hyun first.”

“No way.”

“If you don’t want to, then just let her be.”

Hearing Jason’s easy suggestion, Geon Hyeong just looked at him sarcastically. He had no problem apologizing to Jung Won. He had already done it several times when he lived with that woman. However, if he had to apologize to Jae Hyun, it didn’t seem like it would be that easy.

“Oh yeah, I just found out that the contents of family rule number 20 are very interesting.”

“What does it say?”

“If you make a mistake, apologize quickly and don’t delay. Apologizing is not the attitude of a defeated person. It can only be done by a brave person. So, if you apologize to Jae Hyun, I think Jung Won will also forgive you.”

Apparently, Geon Hyeong had heard of that rule. Then, not only brave people can apologize, but people who take advantage of the situation can also do so. After all, this doesn’t require money either. It’s okay to apologize once in a while for a better cause.




Unlike usual, the campus cafeteria was really crowded that day. Jung Won continued to work as usual, even though her mind was still occupied by that man.

She got the rice, smiled kindly, and sometimes gave extra rice to the students. It seemed better like this. When her mind was tangled like that, at least her body should be kept busy.

That guy. That guy hasn’t even contacted Jung Won in a week. As a result of Geon Hyeong’s behavior that only appeared for a moment, punched Jae Hyun, got angry at will, and then just left. It’s been a few days since Jung Won could really focus on her work.

Maybe telling him to apologize is impossible. No, of course it was an impossible request. Jung Won couldn’t imagine that man bowing his head in front of others.

The family rules in her house should only apply to that house. Jung Won realized that she had also made a mistake. While she was thinking about that, someone suddenly grabbed her wrist while she was getting rice. Jung Won, who thought she was overdoing it with the rice, raised her head.

The man was in front of her.

“Come with me for a moment.”

“What the hell, I’m working.”

Geon Hyeong held her hand tightly and pulled her out of the kitchen. Jung Won, who was shocked, immediately jerked her hand away. Geon Hyeong raised his eyebrows at Jung Won’s resistance and he followed Jung Won’s gaze looking around.

“I’m borrowing Kang Jung Won for a moment because we have something very important to do.”

As if he didn’t care about Jung Won’s warning, Geon Hyeong announced in such a loud voice that it could be heard throughout the kitchen, all the way to the students who were waiting in line with their trays.

Aigoo. Instantly, everyone in the kitchen stared at Jung Won. Seeing Jung Won seemingly being pulled out of the kitchen while still carrying a rice spoon in one hand and food tongs in the other, an ajumma rushed over and took the two objects from Jung Won’s hands.

I’m really going crazy because of this man. Her regret and guilt towards that man suddenly vanished.

“Are you crazy? What is this?”

“This is what you wanted.”

Jung Won, who still felt panicked and angry, whispered softly so that the people who were still staring at them wouldn’t hear. However, Geon Hyeong only replied briefly in a cold tone.

Crazy, crazy. What Jung Won wants is not something like this at all. After this incident, the story about the Unnie’s  lover who likes to get rice at the cafeteria will definitely circulate with various versions and embellished with other stories. Then, today’s incident will become an interesting gossip circulating throughout the campus.

Kim Geon Hyeong could be rumored as a thug and Kang Jung Won as the abused lover; or Kim Geon Hyeong as a pimp and Kang Jung Won as the woman he cheated on.

However, Geon Hyeong actually doesn’t look like a pimp who likes to sell women at all. Wait, but none of these people know that Geon Hyeong is the director of Goryo Group, right? No one should know. Instead of them knowing, it’s better for this guy to be considered a gangster or a pimp.

While Jung Won was busy thinking about that, Geon Hyeong’s car stopped in front of the Science Building. Geon Hyeong who opened the door for Jung Won still didn’t say anything and just moved his head telling her to get off.

What exactly is in this man’s mind, Jung Won thought.

“Why are we going to….”

“Yesterday you told me to apologize right?”

Jung Won asked Geon Hyeong while trying to match his wide footsteps on the way to the elevator. Meanwhile, Geon Hyeong cut off her question and replied briefly.

Jung Won couldn’t say anything else. When the elevator arrived at the third floor, Geon Hyeong walked slowly while holding Jung Won’s hand tightly.

“Hyung? Jung Won ssi?”

“I came to apologize. I’m sorry I hit you that time,” Geon Hyeong said very quietly while looking at Jung Won.

Really, this person. If he wanted to apologize, he should have looked at the other person.

Jung Won didn’t understand why this man was apologizing while looking at her, but Geon Hyeong kept looking at her and finished his words with a calm face.

Geon Hyeong is staring at Jung Won, while Jung Won is confused and feels like she has to look at Jae Hyun’s face.

“But, if you dare to touch Jung Won in the slightest, I’ll make you unable to get out of that greenhouse forever.”

After saying his apology that sounded genuine, Geon Hyeong then looked at Jae Hyun straight and blatantly threatened him.


“It’s actually……”

“I already apologized.”

In contrast to Jung Won’s face that looked confused and disbelieving, Geon Hyeong’s face really looked confident. Then, after feeling that Jung Won was satisfied with his attitude, he turned his gaze back to Jae Hyun.

“You’d better keep my words in mind. If you want to bother me, face me directly. I’ll be happy to serve you. So, don’t bother Jung Won anymore.”

“Geon Hyeong ssi.”

Jung Won reminded Geon Hyeong who kept talking in a threatening tone frantically. Meanwhile, Jae Hyun still looked calm.

Why apologize like this? No, is this what you call apologizing?

“Hyung has been using Jung Won all this time, right?”

“You did not?”

Hearing Geon Hyeong’s attack, Jae Hyun’s gaze momentarily looked doubtful. It was only for a few seconds, along with the scornful smile that glimpsed on Geon Hyeong’s face.

“Since when did you participate so actively in events at our hotel? Don’t you dare say that you were interested in Jung Won from the beginning.”

“What do you mean?”

Jae Hyun’s face stiffened even more at Geon Hyeong’s ridiculous-sounding insistence, while Jung Won was wide-eyed in shock.

“I’m sure you heard what I just said. Don’t ask so many questions. I’ve said it clearly enough.”

“Then, did you know from the beginning that I was dating Geon Hyeong?”


For the first time that harsh curse was heard from her prince’s mouth, and instantly the light surrounding him seemed to begin to fade.

Jae Hyun first saw Jung Won at Shin Hee’s wedding. Then, he immediately realized that Geon Hyeong’s partner was really like an angel.

“Then, you purposely asked me to come with you to the flower show? Because you knew that Geon Hyeong would be there?”

“I actually didn’t plan this from the beginning. It’s just that…”

“It’s just that you were curious to see her reaction, right?”

“Oh, I see,” Jung Won muttered to herself as she nodded her head.

That’s what it is. That’s right, there’s no way he wouldn’t know. Although the relationship between the two was not close, they were brothers and Kim Jae Hyun was definitely a person from the Goryo Group. Of course they knew each other.

Why am I only realizing something important like this now?

Why did she only remember that a prince wouldn’t really give his heart to his princess? Because a prince’s spouse must be a princess.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you,” Jae Hyun apologized while looking at Jung Won who looked confused.

“But, even though I was dishonest at first, I’m not that kind of person.”

“Oh yeah?”

Hearing Jae Hyun’s excuse, Jung Won smiled a little.

“I didn’t know anything and just wondered to myself why you were so nice to me. I almost misunderstood.”

“That’s not it. Jung Won ssi, that’s……”

“Never mind. That’s enough.”

Geon Hyeong cut Jae Hyun off. An apology is enough to be accepted as an apology. He had apologized to Jae Hyun and Jae Hyun had apologized to Jung Won. That’s it. He had no intention of letting Jung Won give Jae Hyun hope.

Jae Hyun was forced to undo his intention to see Geon Hyeong’s sharp gaze that seemed to firmly state that he would take care of someone who belonged to him.

Why am I always one step late? Why didn’t I quickly realize the woman’s smile that had only been intended for me?

“You don’t intend to drop out of my college then, do you?”

“Of course. I really learned a lot from Sonsaengnim. I’m really very grateful.”

Jung Won’s face returned to its usual look and she said while bowing politely. Geon Hyeong, who couldn’t stand to see her like that, hurriedly pulled Jung Won’s hand again.

“I remind you once again, don’t bother Jung Won. After all, she is my lover.”

Geon Hyeong didn’t forget to remind Jae Hyun one last time while pulling Jung Won out of the room. Meanwhile, Jae Hyun, who was left alone, sighed softly. He had made the wrong move from the start.

No matter what kind of excuse he made, Jung Won wouldn’t believe him anymore. There was no way for him to say that he meant it when he gave her the fingerose……

Love. Is this love?

Jae Hyun stared at the closed door in front of him and fell limp realizing that it was too late.



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