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Four Ways To Get A Wife – Chapter 10 Part 1

Misunderstandings that are not misunderstandings (1)

Even so, I Love You


Her marriage forecast is poor and her face is mediocre. She is haughty and stubborn.

Coupled with his strong instincts, he immediately turns his head if he sees a woman wearing a miniskirt.

Even so, why do I like you?

Marriage prophecy? What nonsense. Don’t worry, I won’t make you a widow.

As for the face, plastic surgery has advanced nowadays anyway. I’d be more grateful if you called it high decision-making ability, not stubbornness.

It’s natural that I turn my head when I see a beautiful woman, it’s human instinct.

Nonetheless, the place where I’m anchored for the last time…… The person I want to be with forever is you.



Misunderstandings that are not misunderstandings


Although Shin Hee’s marriage was annulled and Geon Hyeong was appointed as the director, the one who was most surprised to hear that Geon Hyeong is still dating Jung Won who works at the campus cafeteria is Mrs. Oh.

She doesn’t like seeing Geon Hyeong who is very smart in a serious relationship with a woman who has nothing. However, the two of them remained in that relationship for quite a long time. Geon Hyeong must have had some reason to stay in a relationship with that woman.

“Did he really lend her a hotel room?”

“Yes, that’s the case.”

Director Oh handed the envelope he had received to his sister with an incredulous face. He still remembered how the two people left for work from the hotel and returned home together.

This photo could definitely cause a horrendous scandal, but now was not the right time to create gossip like this. Let’s hope this scandal can actually turn into reality.

“Is Geon Hyeong really going to marry that woman?”

“Is it possible that a man as smart as him would do such a thing? But, now it seems like Shin Hee’s family is urging President Kim to marry Geon Hyeong.”

Director Oh said impatiently to his sister. The Shin Hee family who had rejected Geon Hyeong outright because of the child born out of wedlock, now suddenly supported Geon Hyeong’s marriage. Director Oh really didn’t understand why the Shin Hee family would suddenly be kind to Geon Hyeong like that.

“But that won’t happen, right?”

“Of course. They won’t let that happen just like that. They won’t let the company fall to Geon Hyeong just like that.”

“Father seems to be having trouble with this Geon Hyeong problem.”

“Don’t worry. Because no matter what, we will win in the end. You just take care of Jae Hyun. What exactly is that kid doing in the middle of a situation like this?”

Mrs. Oh just sighed softly at his brother’s protests to his nephew. When she told him to come work for the company, he firmly said that he had no interest in interfering in Goryo Group’s affairs.

Why does that boy look so much like my husband and not like me at all, Mrs. Oh wondered. Her husband at the time said the same thing. He had no ambitions in this company. He said he was happy enough with alcohol, women, and plants. He was a womanizer and a knowledgeable horticulturist.

Aside from alcohol and women, Jae Hyun was really like him. No matter how scolded and forced, Jae Hyun really wouldn’t change his opinion.

Really stubborn. Her son was really similar to her husband. Her husband, who was usually always crazy about women, suddenly seemed to spend almost all his time in the garden that he made. Eventually, he became the chairman of the university committee.

However, Mrs. Oh had no intention of making her son a professor who worked constantly in the greenhouse. For her, her son had to be a different person from her husband.

“Or you could just marry him off.”

“That’s a good idea. Yoo Shin Hee doesn’t have to marry Kim Geon Hyeong. The important thing is to marry one of President Kim’s grandchildren.”

Mrs. Oh’s eyes lit up at Director Oh’s suggestion. That’s good advice too. If it was like that, the committee would definitely reassess Jae Hyun. After all, if Jae Hyun had his own household, he wouldn’t have shirked his responsibilities like this. Now it’s time for Jae Hyun to go back to where he belongs.

Mrs. Oh could no longer let her son behave as he pleased.




It’s been three days since Jung Won was forced to stay at the hotel. Finally, she returned to her house. However, the house that she had lived in for three days now looked like it wasn’t her old home.

Electronic locks and several padlocks had been installed on the front door and fence. The windows had been replaced with thick double-paned windows. There were even sensors and alarms on the walls surrounding the house that were constantly monitored by the security company. Even so, Jung Won still tried to tolerate it to that extent.

However, Geon Hyeong had actually transformed the house in 4 days and 3 nights.

The rooms, floors, and living room remain the same, but the walls have changed to be prettier. The same goes for the lamps and some of the furniture in the house, including the dining table in the kitchen and the small sofa in the living room, the bunk bed in Hee Won’s room and the wardrobe integrated into the wall in Sung Won’s room.

Seeing this house that was probably worked on for days and nights, her younger siblings exclaimed with joy. Meanwhile, Jung Won could only be surprised. She finds it difficult to thank or protest to the person who has transformed her house like this.

She hurriedly called Geon Hyeong who turned out to be in a meeting and finally she was forced to talk to Jason. Apparently, Geon Hyeong was out of town on an assignment. Then, Jason reminded her to call again later and assured her that Geon Hyeong would definitely be happy to receive her call.

Hearing his nonsensical remarks, Jung Won could only laugh and finally ended their conversation. Jung Won then looked at her cell phone and after reassuring herself, she pressed Geon Hyeong’s number again.


“It’s me.”

“I know. What’s wrong?”

His tone was flat and straight to the point. Does this sound like someone who’s happy to receive a call from her? Jung Won momentarily blamed Jason for misjudging his own friend and finally said what she wanted to say.

“You said you’re just going to change the door handle.”

“I didn’t say that. You can see the condition of your house yourself. It’s not just one or two parts that need to be fixed.”

Jung Won’s stern voice that came from the other side of the phone was answered by Geon Hyeong casually as if he didn’t understand what Jung Won was saying.

That’s exactly what Jung Won meant. She knew for sure that there were more than just one or two places to fix in her house, and it wasn’t Geon Hyeong’s job at all.


“I feel strange too. Why did a thief break into your house? Just looking at the gate, the thief should have known that this house has nothing.”

“That’s not what I meant. Why are you being nice to me?”


Geon Hyeong hesitated for a moment at Jung Won’s question. Then, silence fell over the phone conversation for a while.

Jung Won thought the call was disconnected because Geon Hyeong was silent for a long time. It’s not impossible for this man to disconnect his phone at will.

“Hello? Geon Hyeong ssi?”

“Yes, I heard.”

“I thought it was disconnected,” Jung Won said in a calm tone.

“No, I didn’t. Why would you think that?”

“That, you’ve been good to me all this time. Renting out hotel rooms, fixing my house, treating me. Why are you being nice to me like that?”

“I’m not being nice to you.”

“Geon Hyeong ssi.”

“Shin Hee is still unmarried. Until she gets married, of course you have to be by my side.”

That answer made all of his behavior make sense.

“I already told you. If there’s any trouble, I’ll be the one in trouble.”

“Okay. Thank you then.”

Jung Won expressed her gratitude half-heartedly and immediately turned off the phone. She then sat down weakly.

Kang Jung Won, what did you expect? Did you misunderstand all his kindness and warmth, thinking that it was really sincere from him?

His kindness was just a debt, and she remained his fake lover. She suddenly felt ashamed of herself for forgetting that she was just a substitute for Yoo Shin Hee. It was useless for her to hope like this. Even though she knew this from the beginning, sometimes re-checking the known truth is quite painful.

After finishing talking with Jung Won, Geon Hyeong unconsciously frowned. He shouldn’t have brought up their agreement.

After the meeting was over, he was actually happy to hear from Jason that Jung Won had called her earlier. For the first time, she called and looked for him. However, for some reason he answered the phone with a cold tone.

He could have said that he kept thinking about her, worried about her family, and felt uneasy if they lived in such an unsafe place.

Geon Hyeong frowned again remembering Jung Won’s thank you which sounded sad. He then stood up and straightened his clothes.

His work is now done, all that’s left is for Jason to clean up. He also seems to have to take care of his own business now.


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