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Four Ways To Get A Wife – Chapter 9 Part 5

Things That Woman Doesn't Know (5)

When she got home, Jung Won realized that something was wrong. Geon Hyeong who parked his car and came down with her also immediately realized it. The gate was wide open and Duldul looked scared. Geon Hyeong immediately grabbed the arm of Jung Won who rushed into the house in a panic and immediately pulled her behind his back. After that, he opened the front door carefully.

“Oh my.”

From behind Geon Hyeong’s back, Jung Won exclaimed softly looking into her house which was in an incredible mess. The inside of her house really looked like a post-war condition. Wait, where are her younger siblings?

“Sung Won! Hee Won! So Hee!”

Just as Jung Won was shouting for her siblings, she heard her siblings’ voices from the entrance. Hee Won, who rushed in to hear her sister’s panicked voice, immediately looked shocked at the chaotic condition of their house.

“What’s going on?”

“Noona, it looks like a thief broke into our house.”

It’s a good thing Hee Won took her siblings out earlier and only came back now for dinner. Thank God. Jung Won was really thankful that her younger siblings weren’t hurt, but was it true that the house was burglarized?

Even though this area is in the suburbs, in the 20 years she’s lived here, this house has never had a burglar. Jung Won didn’t dare to imagine what would have happened if her younger siblings had been home.

Suddenly her knees felt weak. Jung Won who shuddered in horror staggered and Geon Hyeong immediately held her arm tightly.

“It’s okay. The important thing is that no one gets hurt. After all, there are no valuables either.”

How subtle this man’s words were. Maybe the man really meant to comfort her, but Jung Won who heard it suddenly felt angry. The problem wasn’t whether or not there were any valuables that could be taken, but the fact that someone had broken into this house was truly terrifying. Does this person actually realize that? Wait… Jung Won suddenly remembered something and immediately looked at Geon Hyeong suspiciously.

“This is all your doing, right?”

“Why would I do things like this?”

“That time you said that to your grandparents, that it’s dangerous now because there are often thieves.”

Geon Hyeong furrowed his brows in surprise at the woman’s accusation, but Jung Won still looked serious. She still remembers Geon Hyeong’s reason for living in this house. She also remembers the conversation that day. Geon Hyeong really looked like a caring lover in front of his family.

“That’s just an excuse. After all, there’s nothing to steal, and even if I did it, it would be much crazier than this.”

Geon Hyeong muttered while staring at the chaotic room in the house.

“Try checking whether there are missing items or not. So, if the police come, we can explain in detail later.”

“Nothing seems to be missing from our room. Even though everything has been messed up.”

Hee Won suddenly emerged from her room with So Hee and reported to Jung Won.

“My toys are still there, Ajusshi’s laptop is safe too.”

“Family rule book?”

“No one will take that book. How could the thief leave the laptop alone and take a book like that instead?”

Geon Hyeong shook his head as he walked after Jung Won who ran frantically to her room. He then looked around the house with a suspicious look.

The clothes in the closet were scattered on the floor. So were the books on the bookshelf. Even the paintings and photos hanging on the wall were taken down so easily that the glass of Hee Won’s childhood photo was cracked. However, nothing was missing.

There was something strange. If a burglar got into this house, then there was something he wanted from this house. If the thief was really smart, he shouldn’t have chosen this old house that clearly had no money in it. However, if the thief had entered the house, there was clearly something he wanted.

If the purpose of entering this house is not the treasure of this house, it could be that the purpose is Geon Hyeong himself. Many people have been targeting him. There are also many people who are interested in the information he knows. However, if it was such a thief who entered this house, the thief should have known that Geon Hyeong had moved out of this house. Or at least, there’s no way that the laptop that Geon Hyeong left behind was left unattended.

Of course, Geon Hyeong did not store any information on his laptop. All the important information was already neatly stored in his office or on the external hard drive that he always carried everywhere. So, the laptop is actually just an ordinary electronic device.

However, regardless of whether the thief had such a goal or not, he should have taken Geon Hyeong’s latest laptop. What’s going on? Then, why did the thief enter this house?

Meanwhile, Jung Won looked around her house in confusion. It feels like there’s no part of her house that the thief didn’t touch, right down to Goliath and Romeo’s cage. His cats who used to run around happily wagging their tails now don’t even dare to get out of the upturned sofa. Then, Chi-chi was also nowhere to be found.

There really wasn’t even room to sit down and Jung Won didn’t feel like cleaning up the mess. However, she still had to do it, at least to prepare their place to sleep tonight. After all, she couldn’t just let her parents’ house fall apart.

“Let’s clean up first. You guys hurry up and clean up your rooms.”

Seeing Jung Won trying to encourage herself and give orders to her younger siblings, Geon Hyeong just narrowed his eyes with a slow shake of his head. This woman still wanted to live in such a chaotic place? Is she fearless, or is she brave? Or maybe both.

Geon Hyeong had known from the beginning that this woman was a brave person. But in his opinion, Jung Won’s choice was very reckless in the midst of a situation like this.

“Let’s move.”


“Move house.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

Seeing Geon Hyeong who replied casually, as if nothing had happened, Jung Won felt annoyed again and glanced at him sharply.

Moving, he said? Moving house is not something easy and not something that can be done immediately. After all, Jung Won doesn’t have much money to move and she can’t just move out. This house was a place filled with memories of her parents. Even though she doesn’t remember their faces very well, their touch and warm gaze still remain in this house.

Thieves had indeed entered this house that was precious to her, but that didn’t mean she could just let it go.

“Never mind. You’ve seen, there’s nothing to steal in this house.”

“Nothing how, you didn’t realize? Maybe you don’t feel anything, but what about your younger siblings? Three girls living in a house where the doors are old and the fence is just locked, you think it’s not dangerous?”

“So far, nothing has happened.”

Hearing Geon Hyeong’s scolding, Jung Won unconsciously muttered under her breath and started to reason. Imagining Geon Hyeong’s words, she was actually horrified.

“Today the proof is that your house was burglarized, right. Is it still okay too? Who’s going to guarantee that it won’t happen again tomorrow?”


“You’ve taken care of your pride enough. What do you think people will say if I let my beloved be in danger because of a thief like this?”

Geon Hyeong continued to press Jung Won. It was hard to convince her that staying in this chaotic house was a careless choice, but he couldn’t let her stay in this house either.

“Even now, many people are accusing me of being an ‘illegitimate child’ and now you want me to be looked down upon by others?”

“You won’t be looked down upon by others. Besides, you’re not really someone who cares much about other people’s opinions either. Why are you suddenly like this?”

That woman definitely knew Geon Hyeong’s nature. Geon Hyeong had guessed from the start that she wouldn’t just say ‘yes, okay’ and move on. She didn’t just take people’s word for it and there must be one of her family’s rules underlying her every action and decision. Therefore, Geon Hyeong must now try another way. Aren’t there Jung Won’s younger siblings who are more logical and smarter than her?


The elevator waiting to take them to the room alone was an unusual sight for them.

Actually, what was the purpose of this person’s actions?

When they reached the 35th floor, Hee Won, Sung Won, and So Hee immediately ran out of the elevator.

“Wow, it’s like a palace.”

High ceilings with ample lighting and a spacious living room, then the view of Seoul at night seen from the window. There was even a corridor in the hotel room.

There was a living room and a kitchen as well.

“Can I call room service?”

“You may.”

“No, you may not.”

Geon Hyeong and Jung Won answered Hee Won’s question together.

Jung Won looked at Geon Hyeong sharply while keeping a serious face and shook her head confidently. Staying in this hotel alone was too luxurious for her and her younger siblings. Plus all the room service? What conglomerate do they think they are?

“If you need anything, go to the convenience store downstairs.”

“Geon Hyeong Ajusshi said it’s okay!”

“Noona! Don’t be like this.”

Despite Jung Won’s prohibition, Hee Won and Sung Won still protested to her with resentful faces. Meanwhile, So Hee, who didn’t know what room service was, just looked at her two brothers who were insisting and wouldn’t budge. Even so, it seems like she grasps that room service is something good that costs money.

“It’s okay if you guys call room service, I’ll pay for it later. Just don’t overdo it, don’t make your Unnie surprised to the point of fainting.”

“Geon Hyeong ssi?”

“Thank you. This Ajusshi turned out to be good too.”

“It turns out that this Ajusshi is very compatible with me. Wow!”

Hee Won and Sung Won, who ignored Jung Won’s warning, immediately exclaimed happily at Geon Hyeong’s words. The man only wanted to do good for the ‘fans’ who liked him, but for Jung Won, it would only be a debt.

In fact, her debt to this person alone is already quite a lot and now she is forced to accept this man’s help again. Her younger siblings must not know how much she feels burdened by this. The younger siblings don’t seem to be aware of this fact.

“Geon Hyeong ssi, can we talk for a moment?”

“Of course.”

Jung Won looked around the place that felt unfamiliar to her and pulled his hand into a room near them.

That place… damn, it’s useless for her to enter this place. That was the thought that popped into Jung Won’s brain as soon as she saw the bedroom in front of her. The room looked luxurious and beautiful with an antique feel.

Just like So Hee said earlier, it was really like a palace. The carpet was beige with cream colored walls, the bed was mahogany and the pillows were golden and orange. The big bed with a canopy on the wall at the head of the bed was almost as big as Jung Won’s room.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Sit down. You don’t have to worry and get angry like this.”

Geon Hyeong sat casually on a leather sofa facing out the window and patted the sofa beside him while looking at Jung Won. From the window in front of the sofa, there was a beautiful night view of the city.

“Why are you doing this?”

The woman repeated the same question from earlier. Why did he do that? Hm, why? First, Geon Hyeong doesn’t like seeing Jung Won in an unsafe place. There are three women living in that house alone. One is a child, the other has a very pretty face, and the last one is the woman who is currently his girlfriend.

He really didn’t like seeing them living in such an unsafe place. Then, the second reason… there was no second reason.

“You said you didn’t want to move house.”

“Then you’re telling me to sleep in a hotel? Do you know how much this room costs?”

“Of course I know much better than you.”

“That’s the problem.”

Jung Won raised her voice impatiently at Geon Hyeong who kept responding casually. Jung Won already knew at a glance that this place was very expensive. Moreover, coupled with her pets that were left at the veterinarian, it must be very expensive.

“Take it easy. I’m not telling you to stay here forever. Just for the duration of the new security system installed in your house.”

“Security system?”

“You know, your house lock is actually very easy for people to break into. The windows too.”

Geon Hyeong was amazed that nothing happened to them while living in the house. He also regretted why he didn’t pay more attention to this during his one month stay in the house.

“Yes… that…”

“Be patient, it will only take 4 days and 3 nights at most. You were also willing to shelter me when my house was being renovated. So, I should at least do the same for you.”

“Is staying in this hotel the same as staying in our house?”

“So, do you want to live in my house? Please resist that urge. Because I don’t like noisy people in my house.”

“Who says I want to stay at your house? You can at least find a cheaper place.”

What a jerk this guy is. Jung Won glanced at Geon Hyeong who shook his head and muttered while looking around. However, it seems like she won’t be able to adapt to this luxurious place.

“But, to be honest, you’re actually more comfortable here too, right, than that old house?”

“Are you trying to pick a fight with me?”

It was always like this. She actually feels at home in that house and now he’s insulting it. Jung Won wrinkled her forehead in annoyance. Then, she shook her head as she looked at the luxurious room.

Jung Won got up from the sofa and walked to the bed and pressed the mattress. It was really soft and comfortable, but it all felt very foreign to Jung Won.

“Do you think I can sleep in a place like this?”

Hearing her mumble, Geon Hyeong also looked around the room. If he remembered Jung Won’s house which could be described as simple and rickety, it’s no wonder that Jung Won might be surprised to see this room.

However, since he managed to adapt to a very unfamiliar environment, Geon Hyeong is confident that she can adapt to a place like this, although he is not sure if Jung Won can sleep well in a place like this. Realizing that, Geon Hyeong waved his hand softly for her to come closer to him.

“What’s wrong?”

“I want to pay a debt.”

Debt? I’m the one with the debt, Jung Won thought. So much debt that she doesn’t know when she’ll be able to pay it all off…

Before Jung Won could ask anything else, she was suddenly in the man’s arms. Then, his big hands stroked Jung Won’s hair.

“Your mother’s spell really worked. Therefore, even now you should be able to sleep well.”

Jung Won’s heart was beating so fast, feeling the man’s hands and body temperature.

If it continues like this, she might have a heart attack. It felt like Jung Won could even hear the sound of her heart beating loudly.

My heart, calm down. Please listen to me this time.

She hoped that the sound of her heartbeat wouldn’t be heard by Geon Hyeong.

What the heck is this guy…? Jung Won won’t be able to sleep tonight.

What exactly is going on? What is Geon Hyeong thinking? Ah, no. What’s in my brain to just let myself be hugged like this?

For the first time, her mom’s spell didn’t work on Jung Won.


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