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Four Ways To Get A Wife – Chapter 9 Part 3

Things That Woman Doesn't Know (3)

The salmon steak with cream garnish that Geon Hyeong ordered for Jung Won really looked appetizing. Normally, Jung Won would have immediately enjoyed the delicious food and tried to figure out what the recipe was. But strangely, today she didn’t feel like eating that luxurious meal.

What did I eat this afternoon? There’s obviously something wrong with her stomach for her to refuse such a delicious meal…

“Why aren’t you eating?”

Geon Hyeong frowned at the food on Jung Won’s plate that was still intact. Jung Won didn’t really have a specific reason, but the reason that first popped into her brain was the reason Hee Won often said when eating together at home. Because she heard that excuse so often, it finally came out of her mouth.

“I’m on a diet.”

“What diet? Health is number one. That’s your family rule number one, right?”

“Being too fat isn’t healthy either.”

Geon Hyeong suddenly remembers Jung Won’s family rule that is most appropriate for this situation, so Jung Won can’t help but argue with the same reason Hee Won often uses.

Shin Hee and Jae Hyun stared at each other as if they didn’t understand the conversation.

“What are family rules?”

“That’s what it is.”

“Yes, that’s what it is.”

“Okay, fine.”

Geon Hyeong and Jung Won said simultaneously, while Shin Hee finally decided she didn’t want to find out more about it. Ever since she visited Jung Won’s house that time, she felt unfamiliar with Geon Hyeong’s much more comfortable and relaxed demeanor. Especially when she found out that Geon Hyeong shared a story about something Shin Hee didn’t know with another woman. This made Shin Hee feel strange towards Geon Hyeong, as if the man was someone else she didn’t know. Then, the way he ordered food for Shin Hee and the way he told Jung Won to eat were clearly different.

“You don’t need to diet, so just eat. You’re the one who nags Hee Won every day.”

“Okay. As long as you eat all the mushrooms too.”

“Geon Hyeong doesn’t like eating mushrooms.”

Shin Hee smiled a little while telling Jung Won, but Jung Won showed an attitude that she already knew that too. Even more surprisingly, Geon Hyeong immediately put a piece of mushroom into his mouth.

“I’m starting to like mushrooms now. They have anti-cancer properties, and it’s said that they’re good for people like me who can get old-age diseases at any time. Isn’t that right?”

“That’s right.”

Hearing Jung Won’s short answer, Shin Hee unconsciously bit her lip, while Jae Hyun looked at the two people in surprise. Shin Hee really disliked and felt sad seeing the two people sharing stories that only the two of them understood. However, even though Shin Hee felt that way, the two people seemed to have already entered their own world. Just like her and Geon Hyeong used to.

Suddenly, Shin Hee felt ashamed and angry at her attitude towards Jung Won in the bathroom.

Kang Jung Won, that woman was really a kind-hearted woman.

In fact, in her heart Shin Hee hoped that the woman was not a good woman. And, she felt more comfortable if that woman couldn’t make Geon Hyeong laugh casually like this. However, the person who put an ad in the newspaper to look for someone like Jung Won was herself.

Why did I do that, Shin Hee regretted. Why did Geon Hyeong even get to meet such a good woman?

After a while, their dinner finally ended. The four people who ate together at that time seemed to lose their appetite because they were busy with their own thoughts.

It’s a shame that the food was thrown away, Jung Won thought. If she had wrapped it for Duldul at home, the dog would have welcomed her happily. But right now, she didn’t feel like bothering to do that.

As soon as they got out of the restaurant, the parking attendant at the restaurant had the car they were driving ready and waiting for them in front of the restaurant. Jung Won hesitated whether she should take a taxi home or not. Geon Hyeong would definitely take Shin Hee and she didn’t want to trouble Jae Hyun in the middle of the night like this. Moreover, Jung Won doesn’t know where Jae Hyun lives either.

When Shin Hee walks confidently towards Geon Hyeong’s car, Geon Hyeong immediately holds her hand and holds her back. Then, he turned to Jae Hyun.

“Please take Shin Hee home.”

“I want you to drive me.”

Hearing Geon Hyeong’s request, Jung Won and Shin Hee both looked surprised. However, Geon Hyeong didn’t care and immediately approached Jung Won who stood stiffly and held her hand tightly.

“I can’t. Jung Won’s house and your house are in opposite directions. Besides, your house is close by, after crossing the Hannam Bridge, it’s straight there.”

“So, you want to take Jung Won…”

Shin Hee couldn’t seem to say anything in response to Geon Hyeong’s stern words. It felt like she already knew the answer by looking at Geon Hyeong who was still holding tightly to Jung Won’s hand standing next to him. Geon Hyeong didn’t release his grip as if he was afraid Jung Won would run away from him.

“Never mind, hurry up.”

Hearing Geon Hyeong’s stern words, Shin Hee looked at Geon Hyeong once again and couldn’t help but get into Jae Hyun’s car with a resentful face. Only then did Geon Hyeong let go of Jung Won’s hand and approached Jae Hyun who was about to sit in the driving seat of his car.

“Please take her home. Don’t think about what is not.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know that your mom wants Shin Hee to be her daughter-in-law. But you can’t be with her.”


“Because you won’t be able to handle it.”

Hearing Geon Hyeong’s confident-sounding answer, Jae Hyun actually wanted to answer something but decided against it and got into his car.

As soon as the car Shin Hee and Jae Hyun were riding in left, Geon Hyeong opened the car door and signaled to get in with his chin to Jung Won who had been silently watching him.

“What are you doing? Hurry up and get in.”

“Is it okay that you didn’t take Shin Hee?”

“You saw earlier. She must be doing well with Jae Hyun.”

Geon Hyeong replied curtly and closed the door where Jung Won was sitting. Why didn’t this man take Shin Hee home? He was the one who would do anything for Shin Hee, and Jung Won knew that.

Even after getting into the car, Jung Won feels a bit confused by Geon Hyeong’s treatment that she can’t understand. She couldn’t believe that she was with Geon Hyeong right now. Jung Won was surprised by the strange pleasant feeling that secretly filled her heart. She didn’t even dare to raise her face as if she was afraid that her feelings would be caught by others. Actually, what was this man thinking?

“Shin Hee could have misunderstood.”

“Misunderstood what?”

“You and me. About our relationship.”

“You seem to have forgotten, but the purpose of us dating is to make her misunderstand. Why do you think I’m willing to spend so much money to pay someone else’s debt?”

Geon Hyeong brought up their old transaction again. Of course Jung Won didn’t forget about it. No, actually she almost forgot. Sometimes she felt that this man’s unexpected kindness seemed to have another purpose.

That desire and passion can be very dangerous. He could want to take someone else’s love. Kang Jung Won, you really suck. Jung Won’s face reddened with guilt remembering her shameful wish.

“So, your prince is Jae Hyun?”

“Mm… yes.”

When Jung Won was introspecting and feeling guilty, Geon Hyeong suddenly asked as if he had just remembered it. Hearing the unexpected question, Jung Won hesitated for a moment before finally answering honestly.

“Your taste sucks. Where is the prince from.”

“You didn’t see the light coming from that person?”

“I didn’t. Do you remember what Sung Won said back then? A person who glows is a dead person.”

“That’s why he’s a prince, because he shines even when he’s alive.”

“Never mind.”

Geon Hyeong finally stopped the debate about Jung Won’s prince with an annoyed face. He didn’t want to hear this woman praising Jae Hyun. He didn’t want to hear another man’s name come out of her mouth.

When he first saw the two of them walking together at the hotel and when she turned away from him on the way to the restaurant, Geon Hyeong constantly felt uncomfortable seeing the two of them.

Then, when going home from the restaurant, when he saw Jung Won automatically move away from him and approach Jae Hyun, his throat felt choked. Even though Jae Hyun was just her partner for the occasion, even though it looked like it from the outside, the man Jung Won was currently dating was him, not Jae Hyun. However, this woman seemed to forget that. Of course, Geon Hyeong won’t let Jung Won forget who her current lover is.


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