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Four Ways To Get A Wife – Chapter 9 Part 2

Things That Woman Doesn't Know (2)

Jae Hyun, who was surprised to see that the three people knew each other, looked at Jung Won and Geon Hyeong in turn, then greeted Shin Hee. Then, he turned to face Jung Won with a confused face.

“You know hyung?”

“Yes? Oh, yes. A little.”

Realizing that the ‘hyung’ Jae Hyun was referring to was Kim Geon Hyeong, Jung Won nodded slowly with panic and weakness.

Hyung? What exactly is going on here?

“A little?”

“Well, yes.”

Jung Won immediately corrected her words as soon as she saw Geon Hyeong raise his eyebrows as if protesting at Jung Won’s answer. Although it sounded ridiculous when Jung Won said she knew the man rumored to be her lover a little bit, at least if the man was with Shin Hee, the man was someone she didn’t know.

Obviously, the two men are not happy to hear Jung Won’s answer, but suddenly Shin Hee bursts out laughing as if Jung Won had told a really great joke. Shin Hee really looked beautiful and charming at that moment. Meanwhile, Jung Won tries to straighten up her body which seems to be shrinking more and more in front of Shin Hee.

“I’m sad that you say you only know me a little.”

Geon Hyeong suddenly let go of Shin Hee’s hand and walked over to Jung Won. He put his arm around Jung Won’s shoulders and pulled her close to him while looking at Jae Hyun. Jung Won recalled how that hand had embraced her before. It still felt the same as before.

“This woman is my lover. I’m telling you.”

“No way.”

Jae Hyun muttered under his breath, while Jung Won who heard the conversation of the two people looked at them alternately in confusion. So, these two people really know each other?

“I sometimes think that too, but we really are lovers.”

Geon Hyeong showed his expensive smile to Jung Won. The tips of his lips are slightly raised while his eyes shine brightly at Jung Won. Geon Hyeong looked deeply at Jung Won as if he was only smiling for her.

Don’t smile like that. What if I’ll like you? Jung Won immediately lowered her face which was starting to blush a little…

Meanwhile, Shin Hee bit her lip at the two’s behavior. There was another woman beside her who made Geon Hyeong smile like that.

“It’s such a coincidence that we meet like this, how about we have dinner together today?”

“That’s fine too. After all, we all have to eat right.”

Geon Hyeong nodded quickly at Shin Hee’s suggestion. Jung Won really didn’t want to eat at that moment. However, for some reason, the situation seemed to force her to eat.

“Oh yeah, Jae Hyun, you still remember that restaurant you told me about? Let’s meet there later. This person and I still have an interview.”

Shin Hee returned to holding Geon Hyeong casually and threw a smile at Jung Won. This time Geon Hyeong didn’t let go of Shin Hee’s hand, but his face looked a little glum watching Jung Won who walked away with Jae Hyun.

Jae Hyun is already sitting in his car to go to the restaurant Shin Hee wanted to go to earlier. Now, he stares at Jung Won’s face intently, as if staring at a rose plant filled with weeds.

That’s right, her prince is also a human. He must also be curious and wants to know how a nutritionist at the campus cafeteria can get acquainted with Kim Geon Hyeong who is a company owner. However, Jung Won herself was surprised to find out that Jae Hyun knew Geon Hyeong.

“What exactly is your relationship with my hyung?”

“Your hyung?”

This time it was Jung Won’s turn to be surprised at Jae Hyun’s call to Geon Hyeong.

‘Hyung?’ He also called him ‘hyung’ earlier. What was the relationship between these two people? Senior-junior at university, or just acquaintances? Neighbors next door, or really family?

Right now, Jung Won is more curious about Geon Hyeong and Jae Hyun’s relationship than Geon Hyeong and that woman.

“You really don’t know that Geon Hyeong and I are siblings?”

“No idea.”

It turns out that they really are siblings. Hearing the unexpected truth, Jung Won was shocked and gasped softly. She couldn’t believe that the cuck and ice-cold Geon Hyeong was actually her warm and kind prince’s brother.

“We are not siblings. But he is indeed my brother.”

Jae Hyun laughed flatly. Among Geon Hyeong, Jae Hyun, and the people they called family, it turned out that no one was really related by blood to be considered a biological family. It’s just called ‘family’.

It seems like Jung Won doesn’t know that yet. After all, it’s not something to brag about to people outside their family. His brother wasn’t someone who would kindly explain the matter in detail to others.

“Wow, I really didn’t expect that.”

It was still hard for Jung Won to believe that they were siblings. There seemed to be a separate reason that was quite complicated from both his prince’s side and Geon Hyeong’s side. Is that why they are as different as light and shadow?

“I was surprised too. I didn’t expect you to be in a relationship with hyung at all.”

“That’s right.”

Inside, Jung Won couldn’t bear to deny all those words. But because of the things that happened between Jung Won and Geon Hyeong, she couldn’t help but say that she was dating Geon Hyeong, even though they weren’t really dating.

With a troubled heart, Jung Won finally couldn’t argue and just turned her face away. That’s right, she should have taken her mother’s advice. The arrowheads of lies always point to ourselves. Jung Won remembers family rule number 55 and constantly sighs. Kang Jung Won, you really hit the rock this time.


Upon arriving at the restaurant, Shin Hee says that she has to wash her hands in the bathroom for a while because she shook hands with too many people at the event and looks at Jung Won while inviting her to go to the bathroom together.

In fact, they are no longer school students who like to go to the bathroom together and chat there. Jung Won has hardly done anything like that since she graduated from school. However, for some reason, Shin Hee’s invitation sounded like an order in her ears. Geon Hyeong saw Shin Hee’s stern, queen-like gaze, and probably knew that it was hard to resist her wishes. Upon closer inspection, Shin Hee’s nature is really very similar to Geon Hyeong’s.


Shin Hee looked at Jung Won through the mirror in the bathroom and smiled at her. This woman, how can she be this beautiful? Even her body smelled of flowers when she passed next to her. She must have used perfume, right? Should I do that too?

However, for fear of the fragrance of her perfume being smelled on the rice or side dishes that the students on campus would eat, Jung Won couldn’t carelessly use cosmetics like that either.

“Aren’t you curious why I came with Geon Hyeong?”

“Geon Hyeong told me earlier, it’s because of work he said.”

“The florist who came from France is my teacher. I worked hard to persuade her to hold an exhibition at Geon Hyeong’s hotel.”


Apparently, this woman is a florist. No wonder she knew so much about flowers. Apparently, this is the job Shin Hee was referring to earlier. Then, she also found out that the owner of the hotel is Geon Hyeong.

Why didn’t I know about all this, Jung Won thought. Oh yeah, I didn’t even know about Kim Jae Hyun sonsaengnim. Shin Hee must know that Kim Jae Hyun is Kim Geon Hyeong’s younger brother. Shin Hee really knows everything about Geon Hyeong, while Jung Won doesn’t seem to know anything about Geon Hyeong.

“But, you didn’t expect us to meet at that place either, right?”


Jung Won just nodded slowly in response to Shin Hee’s words who widened her eyes excessively, as if she was really surprised.

“How was it when you lived with Geon Hyeong?”

“Well, that’s how it was. It was normal.”

“Geon Hyeong is very fussy by nature, so I was a bit surprised when he said he was living with you. You must be overwhelmed with him, right?”

“Yes. We quarreled a few times.”

While drying hiler hands with a tissue, Jung Won snorted softly and smiled remembering when Geon Hyeong still lived in hiler house.


“Yes. We quarreled almost every day, so I’m used to his attitude.”

Jung Won smiled as if she understood Geon Hyeong’s behavior, but Shin Hee didn’t smile at her at all. She had washed her hands and finished fixing her makeup, but she didn’t seem to have any intention of leaving the bathroom. Of course, Jung Won, who was with her, couldn’t get out of the bathroom either.

“Geon Hyeong almost never gets angry with me. He’s always patient and gives in to me.”

“With me, he always gets angry, does whatever he wants, and is very stubborn.”

“Right, that’s why I feel annoyed. Because it makes me look worse.”

So, that guy only dares to get angry with me who has no ability? While Jung Won was grumbling inwardly, Shin Hee was openly grumbling in front of her. Jung Won, who couldn’t understand what Shin Hee was saying, just stayed silent and looked at her. She only felt that her grumbling was related to Geon Hyeong.

“Geon Hyeong always does what I want. No matter what it is. That’s why we never fight.”

Jung Won already knew about that without Shin Hee having to tell her. Jung Won even felt jealous of Shin Hee. Envious that he would give in to her every whim.

“But, I really don’t like that right now. Do you know what it feels like?”


How can Jung Won know that kind of feeling? Geon Hyeong was always trying to find fault with her. Even during the time she lived with him, he would grumble many times a day. In fact, he would get angry over trivial things. To Geon Hyeong, his master was only Shin Hee.

“Will he still be like that to you?”


Jung Won answered earnestly. However, Shin Hee didn’t seem to feel that way. As if she wanted to dig deeper, she looked deeply at Jung Won through the mirror as she straightened up.

“If he married me right after breaking up with you, what would you think?”

Jung Won really didn’t like this situation. She didn’t say anything and just smiled meaningfully. Hier heart was too narrow to say ‘no problem’, but if she didn’t say that, this woman would be sad.

“Well, I don’t really care what other people think either. This is my and Geon Hyeong’s problem. Let’s go out. I’m done.”

Before Jung Won could answer anything, Shin Hee said nonchalantly and stepped out of the bathroom, leaving a confused-looking Jung Won in her wake. Apparently, Geon Hyeong and Shin Hee both like to play games and treat people as they please. Including other people’s hearts.

Jung Won stares at Shin Hee’s confident back, and suddenly remembers the wedding venue. Hopefully one day Shin Hee and Geon Hyeong can walk on that magnificent bridal path hand in hand.

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  2. chinesefanreader says:

    Yeah now we see why they wouldn’t work as a couple🤔 He’s hinted at it too

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