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Four Ways To Get A Wife – Chapter 9 Part 1

Things That Woman Doesn't Know (1)

Things That Woman Doesn’t Know


It’s been 10 days since Geon Hyeong returned to his own home. From the beginning, Jung Won had known that he was cold-hearted, but it turned out that he was also really someone who didn’t care about people’s feelings at all.

How could he just leave without saying goodbye, even though they had been living together for over a month. That’s right, he really can’t stand being in this ugly house.

Maybe he had also contacted that woman again.

Jung Won sat on a chair in the garden in the shadow of the zelkova tree and silently poured out all her complaints to Geon Hyeong. That day the sun shone brightly in Hwaniwon and the fragrance of wildflowers wafted strongly.

She looked at the bunch of celandine flowers under the chair and regretted that she should have colored the man’s nails with water henna instead of this flower. So, every time the man looks at his nails, maybe he’ll remember Jung Won and call her again.

“Jung Won ssi?”

“Ah, yes, Sonsaengnim.”

Feeling a hand touch her shoulder, Jung Won gasped in surprise and stood up from her seat.

Jung Won immediately bowed in greeting to the man in front of her, just like a court lady who immediately ran at the sound of the prince’s voice calling her. She had repeatedly reminded herself not to behave like this, it’s called ‘court lady’s disease’, but somehow she still didn’t dare to look Jae Hyun directly in the eyes.

“I knew you were here. But, didn’t you promise not to call me ‘sonsaengnim’ anymore? Just call me Jae Hyun ssi.”

“Okay. It’s just that I’m not used to it yet…”

“You’ll get used to it eventually. No matter what it is, if you keep doing it, you’ll get used to it. Even lies are like that. If you keep doing it, one day it will come true.”

“Not really. Lies are lies, reality is reality.”

After saying that, Jung Won realized. Even though Jae Hyun was just joking with his words, Jung Won took it very seriously. She really doesn’t have a sense of humor.

Jung Won was so embarrassed that he wanted to disappear from that place immediately, but it turned out that Jae Hyun also took her words seriously.

“That’s right. Reality is reality. But, Kim Jae Hyun is really my name, you know.”

“Ah, okay.”

“Try calling my name. Jae Hyun ssi.”

“Yes? Ah, yes. Jae… Hyun ssi.”

Even so, it wasn’t easy for Jung Won to call him Jae Hyun ssi. Is it okay for an ordinary person like her to call her prince by that name?

Jung Won’s face turned red and she stammered. Meanwhile, Jae Hyun nodded his head with satisfaction.

“Professor Park was looking for you this morning, but it seems like you were busy earlier?”

“Professor? Did he say my graft was wrong? Oh yeah, I forgot to pull out the millet in the field!”

Jung Won, who had been busy thinking about Geon Hyeong to the point of forgetting her chores, began to remember one by one the work she had to do. Meanwhile, Jae Hyun laughed softly and shook his hand declaring that the woman’s guess was wrong.

“No, that’s not it. The professor gave you an award because even this semester you were very diligent in helping out in the greenhouse.”


Jae Hyun then handed Jung Won a green invitation with beautiful red roses embroidered on it.

“This is an invitation to a flower festival organized by the French Embassy. You can drink free wine and see various flowers too, want to come?”

“Is it okay if I go there?”

Jae Hyun immediately nodded quickly in response to Jung Won’s question who looked hesitant.

Jung Won felt that her head and heart that had been in turmoil because of Geon Hyeong needed to rest for a while. As if finding something else to distract her, Jung Won immediately buried her memories of Geon Hyeong in one corner of her brain.


The lounge of the luxury hotel was filled with beautiful lights and the fragrance of flowers. Behind the red and white table, the chefs were showing off their skills in preparing French specialties served in buffet form. Tiramisu cakes that looked sweet and delicate, chocolates that really looked mouth-watering, and several types of drinks including wine were served on the table.

There were also some famous designers whose names Jung Won had heard before and celebrities who came in a very luxurious style. Jung Won panicked and felt embarrassed by her simple outfit that she thought didn’t fit the occasion, but Jae Hyun who came with her seemed to be taking it easy.

“You’re hungry, right? Do you want to eat first?”

“No, I don’t. Later. I think we should wait until at least one person has finished their speech.”

“Alright, then.”

Jae Hyun smiled widely at Jung Won’s eyes that were sparkling with curiosity and excitement. Jung Won felt that the room was one level brighter because of that smile. This prince of hers is really great.

Seeing his smile that was brighter and more dazzling than the summer sun, Jung Won couldn’t help but swallow her saliva. This person is more radiant than a celebrity, she thought.

After waiting for a while, a tall and handsome man who seemed to be the French ambassador came into the room with a few other people. One of them must be his bodyguard, and the other one must be his VIP guest.

Jung Won turned her gaze back to her desk, and suddenly caught sight of someone familiar. Her eyes widened. One of those people was Kim Geon Hyeong. The cold-faced man who only smiled a little by lifting the corner of his lips was Kim Geon Hyeong, the man who had left her house 10 days ago.

“What’s wrong, Jung Won ssi?”

“Ah, no. It’s nothing.”

No, it’s not ‘okay’ at the moment.

Why did it happen like this? Jung Won really didn’t expect to see the man she last met before he left for overseas duty, and they’re still ‘lovers’ in a place like this. At first, Jung Won thought she saw him wrong, but it turned out that the man was really Kim Geon Hyeong. Then, Jung Won’s face suddenly looked a little gloomy seeing the woman accompanying the man.

Shin Hee, who was wearing a white dress, looked very beautiful today, like a bride. The two people really looked harmonious and beautiful. However, Jung Won’s heart sank when she saw the couple. What’s going on here?

“You’re okay right?”

“Yes, I’m fine.”

Of course she had to keep saying ‘fine’ even though she wasn’t in the mood. However, Jung Won kept nodding her head automatically. Isn’t there no reason for her not to be okay? Even though she didn’t want to see Geon Hyeong and his girlfriend again, that man must have seen her too. It was the same when she saw him earlier. Geon Hyeong’s sharp gaze briefly went to Jae Hyun, then back to Jung Won.

Their meeting was completely unplanned. They just happened to meet like that. Geon Hyeong who was clearly the guest of honor at the event did look at her with a not-so-pleased gaze, but he didn’t pretend not to see the simple-looking Jung Won. Then again, his face didn’t look surprised by the unexpected meeting either.

“Why are you here?”

“The professor at the college gave me an invitation to this event. He said there was a flower exhibition here.”

Geon Hyeong who was just staring at Jung Won without even glancing at Jae Hyun who came with her tried to find out the reason for their unexpected meeting. Jung Won unconsciously glanced at Geon Hyeong. His face looks relaxed as if nothing happened. Well, even though his face always looks cold like that.

“Then, are you alone?”

“This is our company hotel. I’m working right now.”

Aha. Jung Won smiled faintly at Geon Hyeong’s answer. Of course, Geon Hyeong’s answer must not be an excuse and she had no right to ask why he was with that woman.

“Shin Hee also came because of work.”


Geon Hyeong suddenly said that as if reading her heart and before Jung Won could say anything, Shin Hee came near them and took Geon Hyeong’s hand. Jung Won looked stiff again at the sight, while Geon Hyeong frowned and removed Shin Hee’s hand from his.

Various feelings and actions seemed to happen in a very short time. This left Jung Won not knowing what to do, while Shin Hee looked unconcerned and Geon Hyeong remained with a cold face. Then, Jae Hyun’s eyes that witnessed it looked full of question marks.

“Hello. It turns out that we often meet too.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“But, did you come here with Jae Hyun?”

Hearing Shin Hee’s question, Jung Won remembered that she came with her prince. She was also a little surprised to learn that her prince knew Geon Hyeong’s female companion.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, Noona.”

“That’s right. It’s good to see you again.”

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