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Four Ways To Get A Wife – Chapter 8 Part 2

Difficult Apologies (2)

At four in the morning the next day, Geon Hyeong automatically woke up from his sleep. All this time, he had never used an alarm to make him wake up in the morning. He was a very sensitive person, if he had intended to wake up at a certain time, then he woke up exactly at that time.

Geon Hyeong fixed the blanket of the sleeping boy next to him and when he came out of the room, he saw that the kitchen lights were already on brightly. Just as he had expected, there was Jung Won standing with her back facing towards him and was busy making something. Hearing the sound of someone’s footsteps, Jung Won immediately looked back.

“You don’t have to get up at dawn like this either.”

“You said you’re going far away, there’s no way I can sleep like that.”

The plane to France would leave at 6:20. Since he had to be at the airport at least an hour earlier, Jason was already on his way to drop Geon Hyeong off.

“Hm, Geon Hyeong ssi.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I want to apologize about yesterday.”

“Yesterday? It was my fault.”

Geon Hyeong asked surprised at Jung Won’s hesitant apology. Geon Hyeong actually wondered why he could behave like that yesterday. In fact, he is not the type of person who likes to read the situation simply and easily explode in anger like yesterday. Moreover, he was angry at the ring of a woman who wasn’t even really his girlfriend.

“It’s not that, but because yesterday I didn’t prepare a special breakfast for you. I did it on purpose. Because I was actually upset at the time.”

“I know.”

Geon Hyeong, who woke up from his reverie when he heard Jung Won’s confession, nodded his head. What he didn’t know was why she was upset.

“Yesterday… I felt like a housemaid.”


Jung Won muttered while lowering her head and avoiding Geon Hyeong’s gaze. Although apologizing for a mistake is quite simple, telling your heart honestly is not an easy thing.

“You really look like a guest. Or the owner of this house.”

“You said ‘sugohesso’ to me yesterday.”

“What? I didn’t understand what you meant.”

Jung Won glanced at Geon Hyeong sharply as if the irritation had returned, while the man frowned in confusion.

“When Shin Hee came here, you said ‘sugohesso’ to me, right.”

“Then, why is that a problem?”

“You shouldn’t say that to a fellow family member. Then, you came all of a sudden without telling me first, asked to make coffee, and just left. It feels like I’m the maid making coffee for you and your guests.”

Geon Hyeong, who was slowly starting to understand Jung Won’s lengthy complaint, now looked at the woman with an incredulous face.

“Since when did ‘sugohesso’ have such a bad meaning?”

“Anyway, it sounds like that to my ears.”

Geon Hyeong continued to stare at Jung Won’s gloomy face for a while. This woman must not know how hard he was trying to find a suitable word to say at that moment.

“Then, should I say ‘you’re bothering me’, is that it?”

“What? I’m bothering you? Because you’re with Shin Hee?”

“You’re really insensitive.”

Geon Hyeong shook his head in despair.

That afternoon, he still vividly remembered how Jung Won colored his nails with yellow flowers that he had never tried in his life. Therefore, when he and Shin Hee arrived at Jung Won’s house, from then on, he constantly paid attention to Jung Won. Although he knew that their sudden visit would make Jung Won panic a bit, if it was the only way to persuade Shin Hee and make her truly believe, then he was willing to do it.

From the beginning, he believed that his actions would make Shin Hee feel hurt. However, when Shin Hee sat across from Jung Won, the only person he was worried about was not Shin Hee, but Jung Won.

Even though he doesn’t understand why, he is increasingly uneasy seeing Jung Won’s stiff and uncomfortable expression when he pulls her hand. Geon Hyeong was really worried about her. He really didn’t like what happened that afternoon.

“I’m really apologizing to you and you’re swearing at me?”

“I didn’t swear at you. You, you really don’t know. Don’t you?”

Jung Won’s regret instantly disappeared and she wrapped her hands on her waist while looking at Geon Hyeong with emotion. Geon Hyeong silently looked at Jung Won for a while and muttered as he stood up to leave.

“I’ll be back soon. Next week.”

“Wait a minute, Geon Hyeong ssi.”

Hearing Geon Hyeong’s parting words, Jung Won, who remembered why she woke up so early that morning, immediately held back.


Jung Won hurriedly explained while handing over a small package that Geon Hyeong received while raising his eyebrows in surprise.

“As an apology, I made kimbap for you.”

“At dawn like this?”

Geon Hyeong automatically glanced at his watch. It was only past four o’clock. Then, what time did this woman wake up to make this kimbap? Geon Hyeong who had been silent stared at Jung Won then took the package from Jung Won’s hand and glanced at his watch once again. Jason still hasn’t come yet.

“From now on, I won’t starve you early in the morning.”

“Thank you. If I say ‘sugohesso, please make coffee’ now, will you get angry?”

“Of course. I told you, it’s not appropriate to say that to a fellow family member. You should say ‘thank you’.”

Jung Won smiled with a relieved face while glancing at Geon Hyeong. She was happy with the way Geon Hyeong apologized and consoled her.

“Then, thank you. But I still want to drink coffee.”

“It’s not good to drink coffee on an empty stomach. But, as an apology, I will make coffee for you today. I also want to drink coffee now. Because if I go to bed now, I don’t think I’ll be able to wake up.”

After saying that with such a cheerful face, Jung Won deftly prepared coffee for Geon Hyeong. From the small aluminum coffee pot, a glass of Americano suddenly appeared.

This woman seemed to have magic hands that could make rice, coffee, and even cheese omelets in just a moment. That woman had made a special cheese omelet for him in the middle of the night, and also made a special kimbap for him at dawn like this. Even to the coffee that really suited his taste. Geon Hyeong looked back at the small package on the table.

Initially, Geon Hyeong planned to eat as much as possible at the airport. After all, once on the plane, the food from the flight will also be served immediately. However, the food was definitely different from the cooking and coffee prepared by this woman.

Geon Hyeong lifted his coffee cup and sipped the bitter drink. Unconsciously, the look in his eyes seemed to grow a little softer.




That one week, Jung Won really felt something different during Geon Hyeong’s absence. In fact, he had only lived in the house for just over a month. Not a long time at all. However, Jung Won still prepared special white rice for breakfast, and always forgot to turn off the living room lights at night. And of course, there was not a single phone call from Geon Hyeong during that week.

“What’s wrong with him, did he break a finger. What’s so hard about calling just once?”

Jung Won grumbled at the innocent cell phone in her hand. How busy was he that he couldn’t make a single call during this week. Actually, Jung Won didn’t understand her waiting for that man’s call either. But, what’s wrong with calling home just once when you’re away from home like this?

“Well, what can I say, he’s that kind of person. What can I do?”

Jung Won put her cell phone on the table. Then, she was surprised when her phone suddenly rang. The screen read ‘caller ID restricted’.

Did he hear my rant just now? There’s no way he could have installed an eavesdropping device on this phone. Jung Won, who suddenly felt anxious, took back her cell phone and looked around.

Meanwhile, her cell phone is still ringing loudly. Worried that the impatient Geon Hyeong would disconnect the call, Jung Won hurriedly pressed the call button without having time to catch her breath.


“There’s no problem, right?”

As expected, the call was from Geon Hyeong. Then, he spoke very briefly. Without further ado, straight to the point. Fortunately, there was no problem as long as Geon Hyeong was not at home. The only problem was one of the family members who left the house for a while and didn’t give any news.

“Of course. You’re fine too, right?”


Jung Won’s tone sounded happy to get the call, but Geon Hyeong’s voice remained calm. Why did I wait for a call from this guy? There really wasn’t anything to talk to him about and she didn’t even know what to say. She was just curious, and wanted to hear how he was doing… no, she wanted to hear his voice.

Jung Won was again surprised by her own feelings. Why is she missing this person now? Does that person even think about her?

Jung Won immediately shook her head. However, even if her puppy left home, she would definitely miss him. So, isn’t it certain that she misses that person? Therefore, Jung Won was just curious about how the man was doing.

“We’re fine here too. Goliath and Romeo too.”

“I don’t really care about them.”

“They are also our family members.”

Geon Hyeong’s soft laughter interrupted Jung Won’s fierce words. The sound of his laughter, which she rarely heard, was pleasant to Jung Won’s ears.

Family. For this woman, family is all the living beings living inside her fence. However, the only person Geon Hyeong was truly worried about was Jung Won. Geon Hyeong also silently ignored his feelings of being happy to hear her voice and feel her breathing.

“You eat regularly every day, right?”


“Sometimes how? Did you forget that health is number one?”

“I know. Don’t worry. I’m not starving either.”

Hearing Jung Won’s voice, which again brought up the family rules, Geon Hyeong replied while holding back laughter. Jung Won once again smiled happily. Then a pleasant silence fell over their phone conversation. Jung Won, who felt like she had to say something for fear that the call would be cut off, finally opened her mouth.

“Oh yeah…”

“Oh, right…”

“You speak first.”

Geon Hyeong seemed to want to say something to her too. Jung Won restrained herself from saying ‘hurry up and go home’ and gave in to Geon Hyeong.

“Today my employee will come to the house.”


“I want to ask you to organize my stuff and give it to them. My house renovation is finished.”

Unlike Jung Won, Geon Hyeong was not one to wait for someone’s call or call someone for no particular purpose.

“Oh, okay. I’ll take care of it later. Don’t worry.”

“Alright then. Thank you. By the way, leave my laptop alone for now.”


Jung Won said yes to all of Geon Hyeong’s requests in a flat tone. ‘Poof!’ It was like having a balloon that had been painstakingly blown up and burst just like that. Geon Hyeong who didn’t know Jung Won’s heart was about to disconnect the phone after he finished saying all his business.

“Alright, then, take care.”

“Okay. You too.”

What the hell is this guy, so he called me just for that? Because he didn’t have time to stop by the house to tidy up his stuff and say goodbye? Suddenly Jung Won felt annoyed and pressed the ‘end’ button with emotion.

Geon Hyeong broke off the short conversation on the phone while scratching his head. In fact, that’s not what he wanted to say. In fact, the sentence he said was just because he panicked seeing Jason who suddenly entered the meeting room, and it seemed to be the worst sentence he had ever said.

Inevitably he had to leave the house without having time to say goodbye directly to the woman.

Home. Geon Hyeong was unconsciously surprised and frowned at the thought of that word. Home. It seemed like he was once familiar with that word.


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